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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

ashcake cornmeal bread.
azym azyme unleavened bread; Passover cake.
bagel beigel a hard, leavened, ring-shaped roll. [Yiddish beygel].
baguet baguette bagnette a long French loaf.
bannock bonnock a flat unleavened loaf of bread.
bap a large flat breakfast roll.
beigel see BAGEL.
biali bialy an onion roll > BIALIS; BIALYS or BIALIES.
bloomer a large loaf with a rounded diagonally slashed top.
bonnock see BANNOCK.
boule a round loaf of white bread.
bread food made of a baked dough of flour or meal, usu. with yeast or other raising agent; (verb) to cover (a cutlet, etc) with breadcrumbs before cooking.
breadberry bread steeped in hot milk.
breadless without bread.
breadlike .
breadstick a stick of bread.
breadstuff grain, flour, or meal of which bread is made.
bready pertaining to bread.
brioche a kind of soft roll, made with eggs, butter, flour and yeast.
bruschetta toasted ciabatta or other bread coated with olive oil and topped with grilled tomatoes etc > BRUSCHETTAS or BRUSCHETTE.
chalah braided egg bread for Shabbat and holidays > CHALOTH or CHALAHS. Also CHALLA, CHALEH, CHALLAH, HALLAH.
chaleh braided egg bread for Shabbat and holidays > CHALEHS. Also CHALLAH, CHALLA, CHALAH, HALLAH.
challa braided egg bread for Shabbat and holidays > CHALLAS. Also CHALLAH, CHALEH, CHALAH, HALLAH.
challah braided egg bread for Shabbat and holidays > CHALLAHS, CHALLOT or CHALLOTH. Also CHALLA, CHALEH, CHALAH, HALLAH.
chapati chapatti chupatti chupatty a thin flat piece of unleavened bread.
churro a Spanish dough stick > CHURROS.
ciabatta a kind of bread made with olive oil > CIABATTE or CIABATTAS.
cobloaf a rounded loaf.
cornbread bread made of the meal of maize.
cornpone a cornbread.
croissant a crescent-shaped roll.
crostino a piece of toasted bread served with a savoury topping > CROSTINI.
croustade a case of fried bread or pastry for serving game.
croute a slice of fried bread served as an entree.
crouton a small cube of fried bread, used in soup or salads.
damper a kind of unleaven bread.
flatbread flatbrod a type of thin unleavened bread.
focaccia a kind of Italian bread.
fougasse a kind of bread made with olive oil.
frybread Native American fried bread.
graham bread made of unbolted wheat flour.
granola a kind of bread.
griddlebread bread made on a griddle.
grissino thin crisp breadsticks > GRISSINI.
gyro pita bread, filled with meat (lamb), onions and tomatoes > GYROS.
hallah braided egg bread for Shabbat and holidays > HALLAHS, HALLOT or HALLOTH. Also CHALLA, CHALEH, CHALAH, CHALLAH.
hero a long sandwich, a HOAGIE, in which sense it takes pl. HEROS.
hoagie hoagy a long sandwich.
hushpuppy a snack of deep-fried cornmeal bread.
injera an Ethiopian bread made from soured TEF flour.
jalebi jallebi an Asian snack of deep-freid dough covered with syrup.
jannock oaten bread.
johnnycake jonnycake a kind of bread made of the meal of maize (Indian corn), mixed with water or milk, etc., and baked.
lavash an Armenian flat bread.
laverbread a kind of bread made from seaweed.
limpa rye bread made with molasses.
manchet fine wheat bread.
matsah matza matzah matzo matzoh unleavened bread. Plurals: MATSAHS, MATZAS, MATZAHS, MATZOS, MATZOT, MATZOTH.
muffin a thick round baked yeast roll, usually toasted and served with butter.
naan nan a kind of Indian bread.
panary of or pertaining to bread; (noun) a bread store.
paneity the state of being bread; normally in a religious sense e.g. the paneity of the eucharistic bread.
panini a kind of sandwich > PANINIS.
panino a kind of sandwich > PANINI.
panko a variety of breadcrumb from Japanese and French cuisine used to create a crunchy coating for fried foods > PANKOS.
paratha a flat round cake of unleavened bread, traditionally eaten as an accompaniment to Indian food.
piki maize-meal bread in the form of very thin sheets, made by the Hopi Indians of the south-western US. [Hopi].
pita pitta a type of slightly leavened bread, originating in the Middle East.
poboy a New Orleans sandwich.
poori puri in India, a small cake of unleavened bread fried in vegetable oil > POORIS, PURIS.
pumpernickel a kind of rye bread.
puri see POORI.
rooty (military slang) bread; (adj.) having many roots > ROOTIER, ROOTIEST.
roti a cake of unleavened bread.
rowie a bread roll made with butter and fat.
ryebread bread made from rye.
sammie a sandwich
sango a sandwich > SANGOS. Also SANGER.
sarney sarnie sarmie a sandwich.
schnecke a sweet bread roll, containing nuts and flavoured with cinnamon > SCHNECKEN.
shawarma a sandwich of lamb or chicken, veg, and often tahini wrapped in pita.
shewbread showbread twelve loaves placed every Sabbath beside the altar in the Jewish Temple and eaten by the priests at the end of the week.
sippet a small piece of something, especially a crouton or piece of bread to dip in gravy.
sourdough leaven; a piece of dough kept to leaven a new batch.
stollen a rich sweet German bread made with raisins etc. and coated with icing sugar. [Ger. Stollen, prop, strut, from the shape].
stottie stotty a wedge of bread cut from a round loaf and stuffed with meat or cheese.
tartine a slice of bread and butter with jam.
toastie a toasted sandwich.
toasty like toast > TOASTIER, TOASTIEST; (coll.) a toasted sandwich.
toebie a sandwich.
touton a deep-fried round of bread dough.
wastel sweet flaky bread made with fine flour and butter.
zep a long sandwich.