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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

affogato a dessert made by pouring espresso coffee over ice-cream.
baclava baklava baklawa a Middle Eastern dessert made of layers of filo pastry, honey, nuts, etc.
banoffee banoffi as in banoffee pie, a sweet pastry case filled with bananas and soft toffee or caramel and topped with cream.
barfi burfi an Indian dessert made from milk solids and sugar.
bavarois a cold dessert consisting of a rich custard set with gelatine and flavoured in various ways.
betty a kind of fruit pudding.
blancmange an opaque jelly made with isinglass or gelatin and milk or (now usu.) cornflour and milk, often flavoured and sweetened.
bombe a dessert, usu. ice-cream in a melon shape.
cassata an ice-cream containing candied fruit and nuts.
charlotte a kind of pie or pudding made by lining a dish with slices of bread, and filling it with bread soaked in milk, and baked.
clafouti clafoutis a French baked pudding.
clootie as in clootie dumpling, a suet pudding, containing currants, raisins, etc, steamed or boiled in a cloth. No —S.
cranachan a traditional Scottish dessert, usually made from a mixture of whipped cream, whisky, honey, and fresh raspberries topped with toasted oatmeal.
custard a mixture of milk, eggs, etc, sweetened or seasoned, thickened with cornflour and poured over puddings.
custardy pertaining to custard.
dacquoise a layered dessert of meringue with nuts, with a buttery chocolate or mocha filling.
dessert a final course of a meal, pudding or other sweet item; fruit, sweetmeats, etc served at the end of a meal.
dolci sweet things.
doucet dowset a savory tart baked in sweet dough.
flam flamm flan flaune flawn a custard; a pancake. Note that FLAN can take a plural FLANES as well as FLANS. And FLAM is also a verb: to deceive.
flummery a pudding made from the husks of oats; by extension, anything insipid; empty compliment, humbug. [Welsh llymru, the name of a soft jelly made from sour oatmeal].
gelato an Italian ice-cream > GELATOS or GELATI.
gelly jelly.
granita a grainy-textured flavoured water-ice. [It. granita, grainy].
halwa a sweet Indian dish.
hokeypokey hokypoky a kind of ice-cream sold on the streets.
juncate a junket.
kissel thickened fruit purée dessert.
kulfi an Indian dessert made by freezing milk which has been concentrated by boiling away some of the water in it, and flavoured with nuts and cardamom seeds > KULFIS.
macallum a dish of vanilla ice cream topped with raspberry sauce.
madzoon matzoon a food similar to yoghurt made from fermented milk.
moile a kind of rice pudding made with almond milk.
mousse jello with whipped cream; meat or fish with whipped cream; a hair-gel; (verb) to style hair with mousse.
mousselike like mousse.
nesselrode a rich frozen pudding made of chestnuts, eggs, cream etc. [From Count Karl Robert Nesselrode, Russian diplomat, whose chef invented the dish].
oaky an ice cream.
palacinke a thin crÍpe-like variety of pancake common in Central and Eastern Europe.
pandowdy a deep pie or pudding made of baked apples, or of sliced bread and apples baked together, with no bottom crust.
parfait a dessert mousse or ice cream pudding.
pashka paska paskha a rich dessert of cottage cheese, cream, almonds, raisins etc. traditionally served at Easter.
pav pavlova a type of dessert consisting of a meringue base topped with whipped cream. [From the dancer Anna Pavlova].
profiterole a small puff of choux pastry, usu. filled with cream and covered with a chocolate sauce.
pud pudding.
pudden a pudding.
rasmalai an Indian dessert made of cheese, milk and almonds. [Hindi ras, juice, + malai, skin formed on a hot liquid when it cools].
russe as in charlotte russe, a cold dessert made from whipped cream, custard etc, surrounded by sponge fingers. No —S.
semifreddo a partially frozen Italian dessert similar to ice-cream > SEMIFREDDI or SEMIFREDDOS.
semolina the particles of fine, hard wheat that do not pass into flour in milling, used to make puddings, thicken soups, etc. [Ital. semolino, dim of semola, bran, from L. simila, fine flour].
sillabub sillibub syllabub a drink or gelatin dessert consisting of wine and sweetened milk.
sopaipilla sopapilla a square of deep-fried dough often sweetened and eaten as dessert.
sorbet a water-ice (originally an Eastern sherbet).
spumone spumoni a kind of Italian ice-cream, made of layers of flavours. The pl. of SPUMONE is SPUMONI or SPUMONES; SPUMONI itself has acquired a plural SPUMONIS.
sundae a dish of ice-cream topped or mixed with fruit, nuts, syrup, whipped cream, etc.
syllabub see SILLABUB.
tapioca a farinaceous substance made by heating cassava; a disgusting slimy pudding made from this. [Tupi-Guarani tipioca, f. tipi residue, dregs + ok, og squeeze out.]
tartufo a dessert of light mousse-like chocolate > TARTUFOS or TARTUFI
tiramisu a dessert made with pieces of sponge soaked in coffee and marsala, layered with mascarpone and chocolate.
tortoni a rich ice-cream flavoured with wine and containing chopped fruit.
trifle a small amount; a dessert of sponge cake soaked with sherry and covered with jam or fruit, topped with custard and whipped cream; (verb) to occupy oneself desultorily.
verrine a dessert comprising different layers of food presented in a glass.
zabaglione zabaione zabajone a rich Italian custard.