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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bigos a Polish stew > BIGOSES.
bisk bisque a kind of rich thick soup.
blaff a West Indian stew.
blanquette a stew based on lamb, chicken and veal.
boeuf as in boeuf bourguignon, a casserole of beef, herbs etc cooked in red wine.
borsch borscht borsht bortsch borshch cold beetroot soup.
bouillabaisse a kind of fish soup.
bouillon a nutritious liquid food made by boiling beef, or other meat, in water; a clear soup or broth.
bredie (S. Afr.) a meat and vegetable stew.
brewis brevis broth, esp. beef broth > BREWISES, BREVISES.
brie bree broo (Scots) broth.
broth water in which vegetables and meat, etc have been boiled, used as soup or a culture medium.
brothy pertaining to broth.
callaloo calaloo calalu callalou a soup made with greens, onions and crabmeat. [Amer. Sp. calalu].
casserole a stew-pan; a covered pot in which food is both cooked and served; the dish of food or stew cooked in this way; (verb) to make a casserole of.
cassoulet a French stew consisting of haricot beans, onions, herbs etc.
cholent a Jewish stew of boiling fowl, rice and vegetables.
chowder a stew or thick soup of fish, clams, etc.; (verb) to prepare a chowder.
cioppino a spicy fish stew > CIOPPINOS.
cockaleekie cockieleekie cockyleeky soup made from a fowl and leeks.
consomme a clear soup or BOUILLON boiled down so as to be very rich.
cremor a thick juice or liquid; a broth; a scum gathering on the top of a liquid.
cullis a strong broth of meat, fowl, etc., boiled and strained.
dashi a clear fish stock used in Japanese cooking.
daube a meat stew.
dumpling a ball of dough used with soups and stews.
etouffee a Cajun stew.
farfal farfel grains of dough used as a soup garnish.
fricassee a dish made of fowls, veal, or other meat of small animals cut into pieces, and stewed in a gravy; (verb) to cook as a fricassee.
fricot an Acadian stew with potatoes and meat or fish.
garbure a kind of Basque soup.
gazpacho a chilled soup with tomatoes, onion, green pepper, and herbs > GAZPACHOS.
gombo gombro gumbo a soup thickened with OKRA. [Bantu ngombo].
goulash a stew or ragout of meat and vegetables highly seasoned. [Hungarian guly´s(hús), f. guly´s herdsman + hús meat].
harira a kind of Moroccan soup.
hasenpfeffer a well seasoned rabbit stew. [G. Hase, hare, + Pfeffer, pepper].
hoosh a kind of thick soup or stew.
hotchpotch a stew of various ingredients; a confused mixture.
hotpot a stew of meat or fish and potatoes (and often other vegetables).
julienne a kind of soup containing thin slices or shreds of carrots, onions, etc; (verb) to shred or cut into thin strips.
lobscouse a sailor's dish prepared by stewing or baking bits of meat with vegetables.
maconochie army tinned stew.
madrilene a tomato-flavored CONSOMME.
matelote matelotte a kind of rich fish stew.
menudo a kind of Mexican soup > MENUDOS.
minestrone a thick vegetable soup containing pasta or rice.
mulligan a stew made from various scraps of food; (in golf) a second tee shot awarded after a poor initial shot.
mulligatawny an East Indian curry-soup. [Tamil milagu-tannir pepper-water].
navarin a stew of mutton or lamb.
olio a savoury dish of meat and vegetables > OLIOS.
oxtail the tail of an ox, esp. as used in soup.
posole pozole a thick soup of pork, corn, garlic and chili.
potage pottage a thick soup or stew of vegetables and sometimes, meat.
ragout a stew; (verb) to make a ragout of.
ramen a dish of clear broth with noodles.
rubaboo rubbaboo a type of soup.
saimin a Hawaiian noodle soup. [Chinese sai minh, fine noodles].
salmi salmis a ragout of roast game.
shchi shtchi a kind of cabbage soup.
slumgullion a watery meat stew.
soup any liquid food made by stewing pieces of meat, vegetables or grains; (verb) to increase the power of.
soupiness the quality of being soupy.
soupless without soup.
souplike like soup.
soupy having the consistency of soup > SOUPIER, SOUPIEST.
stew a dish of food, esp. meat with vegetables, cooked in water or a stock.
stewy like a stew; sweltering > STEWIER, STEWIEST.
stovies a thick stew of potatoes, lard, onions and sausagemeat.
tatahash a stew containing potatoes and cheap cuts of meat.
tsimmes tzimmes a sweetened stew of vegetables, fruit and meat > TZIMMES, TSIMMES.
vichyssoise a soup made with potatoes, leeks, and cream, and usu. served cold.
waterzooi a stew of fish or chicken and vegetables in a seasoned stock thickened with cream and egg yolks.
zarzuela a fish and shellfish stew; also a traditional Spanish vaudeville show.
zuppa an Italian fish soup.