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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aeromechanic an aircraft mechanic.
aeronaut a traveller through the air; a balloonist, a pilot.
aircraftman a member of the lowest (male) rank in the RAF.
aircraftswoman a member of the lowest (female) rank in the RAF.
aircraftwoman a member of the lowest (female) rank in the RAF.
airman an aviator.
airwoman a female aviator.
ambulanceman one who operates an ambulance.
ambulancewoman a woman who drives an ambulance.
arriero (Spanish) a muleteer.
asphalter a person who lays asphalt.
aviator one that aviates.
aviatress a female aviator.
aviatrice a female aviator.
aviatrix a female aviator.
avigator one that navigates an aircraft.
bandyman in India, one who drives a bandy, a carriage or bullock cart.
bargee a bargeman.
bargeman a man who manages a barge, or one of the crew of a barge.
bargemaster one in charge of a barge.
boatman one who operates a boat.
boatsman one who operates a boat.
bodyman one who repairs autobodies.
brakeman a man in charge of a brake or brakes.
bullocky (Aust.) a bullock-driver.
busman a bus operator.
cabbie (Coll.) a cabdriver.
cabby (Coll.) a cabdriver.
cabdriver one who drives a cab.
cabman one who drives a cab.
cameleer someone who drives or rides a camel.
carman (Arch.) a carter.
carter one who drives a cart.
clippie (Coll.) a woman tram or bus conductor.
coachee (Coll.) a coachman.
coachman one who drives a coach or carriage.
coachy relating to a coach (noun, coll.) a coachman
codriver one who shares the driving.
connie a tram or bus conductor.
copilot a joint pilot.
deliveryman a person who delivers wholesale or retail goods to customers usually over a regular local route.
dockmaster one in charge of a dock.
dockwalloper an informal US name for docker.
dockworker one who works on the docks.
dragsman the driver of a drag or coach.
drayman the driver of a dray, esp a brewer's driver.
driver one that drives.
erk (Sl.) an aircraftsman.
expressman a person employed in the express business.
ferryman one who operates a ferry.
flyman the driver of a fly, or light public carriage.
fogger a person who sets railway fog-signals.
fogman a person who sets railway fog-signals.
footplateman a train driver or assistant.
footplatewoman a female train driver and assistant.
fueller one who fuels.
gadsman (Scots) a person who drives horses at the plough.
gandy as in gandy dancer, a railway track maintenance worker. No -S.
garagist a garage proprietor or owner.
garagiste the proprietor or an employee of a commercial garage.
gigman a man who drives or keeps a gig; (as popularised by Carlyle) a narrow middle-class Philistine.
goadsman a man who uses a goad.
goadster a man who uses a goad.
gondolier one who operates a gondola.
gripman a cable car operator.
hackie a taxicab driver.
hackman the driver of a hack or carriage for public hire.
hackneyman a man who lets horses and carriages for hire.
hauler one who hauls.
heliman a member of a helicopter crew.
helipilot the pilot of a helicopter.
jarvey (Obs.) a hackney coach driver.
jarvie (Obs.) a hackney coach driver.
jehu a coachman, esp one who drives at a rattling pace.
karter one who drives a kart.
keeler one employed in managing a Newcastle keel.
keelman one employed in managing a Newcastle keel.
kurveyor (Dutch) a carrier.
legger a bargeman who legs; a machine that makes stocking legs.
lengthman a person whose job it is to maintain a particular length of railway line.
lighterman a person employed on, or who manages, a lighter.
lineman a person who attends to the lines on a railway.
loadmaster a member of an aircrew who is in charge of the cargo.
locoman a worker on a locomotive.
mahout (Hindi) an Indian elephant driver.
motorist one who travels by automobile.
muleteer a mule-driver.
musher a person who travels through snow on foot; a driver of a dog-sledge.
navigator a person who navigates or sails.
nondriver one who does not drive.
outrider a person who rides beside a vehicle as a guard.
pilot a person who operates the controls of an aircraft, hovercraft, spacecraft, etc; (verb) to control the course of.
pilotman a railway employee assigned to guide trains across a section of single-track line.
platelayer a workman who lays and maintains railway track.
pointsman a man who has charge of railroad points or switches.
postilion (Hist.) a person who rides the near horse of those drawing a coach etc. and acts as guide to the whole team.
postillion (Hist.) a person who rides near horse of those drawing coach etc. and acts as guide to the whole team.
postrider one who rides over a post road to carry the mails.
puntsman one who operates a punt.
raftman one who works on the rafts.
raftsman one who works on the rafts.
railman one who works on the railway.
railroader a railway worker or official.
railwayman one who works on the railway.
railwoman a female railway worker.
railworker one who works on a railway.
roadmender one whose job is to repair roads.
rocketeer a person who experiments or works with rockets.
signalman a person who operates railway signals.
skycap a porter at an airport.
sledder one who goes on a sled.
sledger a person who drives or draws a sledge.
stagecoachman the driver of a stagecoach.
switchman a pointsman.
taximan a taxi driver.
teamster a person who drives a team; a truck-driver.
tiremaker one who makes tires.
tollkeeper a person whose job is to collect tolls at a bridge, road etc where a charge is made.
trackwalker a worker employed to walk over and inspect a section of railroad tracks.
trammie (Aust. sl.) a conductor or driver of a tram.
truck an open railway wagon for goods; (verb) to convey by truck.
trucker one whose job is to drive a truck.
truckie (Aust. sl.) a truck-driver.
tyremaker one who makes tyres.
vanman one who drives a van.
vetturino (Ital.) one who lets or drives a vettura.
voiturier (Fr.) the driver of a carriage or coach.
waggoner one who drives a wagon.
wagoner one who drives a wagon.
waterman a boatman or ferryman.
watermanship the business, skill, or art of a waterman.
wharfie (Aust. sl.) a person employed to load and unload ships.
wharfinger the keeper or owner of a wharf.
wingman an aviator who flies next to another.