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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acrobatism the art of the acrobat.
actor a theatrical performer.
actorish like an actor.
actorly in the manner of an actor > ACTORLIER, ACTORLIEST.
actress a female actor.
actressy like an actress > ACTRESSIER, ACTRESSIEST.
aerialist one who performs on the high wire or trapeze.
alma (Arabic) an Egyptian dancing-girl.
almah (Arabic) an Egyptian dancing-girl.
alme (Arabic) an Egyptian dancing-girl.
almeh (Arabic) an Egyptian dancing-girl.
animateur a person who enlivens or encourages something, especially a promoter of artistic enterprises.
artiste (Fr.) a performing artist; a professional singer, dancer, actor, etc.
august stately, venerable (noun) a white-faced circus clown
barnstormer one who barnstorms.
bourder a jester.
burlesk a ludicrous imitation.
burlesquer one who burlesques.
busk to entertain by singing and dancing.
cabaret a music hall.
chansonnier a cabaret performer of, esp satirical, songs.
charade (Fr.) a written or (now usually) acted clue from which a syllable of a word or a complete word is to be guessed.
circus a public entertainment.
circussy of or like a circus > CIRCUSSIER, CIRCUSSIEST.
circusy of or like a circus > CIRCUSIER, CIRCUSIEST.
claque (Fr.) a group hired to applaud at a performance.
claymation (Tradename) the animation of clay or Plasticene figures.
clown a comic entertainer, esp in the circus; (verb) to act like a clown.
clownish resembling or befitting a clown.
clownishly (Adv.) CLOWNISH, like a clown.
clubmaster the manager of a club.
comedian an actor or player in comedy.
comedienne a women who plays in comedy.
comic amusing (noun) a comedian
commere (Fr.) a female compere.
compere (Fr.) a person who introduces and provides the links between items of an entertainment; (verb) to act as a compere to.
coscript to script jointly.
costar to appear with other stars.
croupier (Fr.) an attendant who collects and pays bets.
deejay (Coll.) disc jockey; (verb) to work as a deejay.
designator an officer who assigned to each his rank and place in public shows and ceremonies.
diseur (Fr.) a (male) reciter or entertainer.
diseuse (Fr.) a female diseur, a reciter.
ecdysiast a striptease performer.
emcee (Coll.) a master of ceremonies; (verb) to act as this.
entertainer one who entertains.
eurhythmist a practitioner of eurhythmics.
eurythmist a person who teaches or practises eurhythmics.
filmgoer one that goes to see motion pictures.
filmmaker one who makes films.
floorshow entertainment of the floor of a nightclub.
funambulate to walk the tightrope.
funambulator a tightrope walker.
funnyman a comedian.
gagman one who writes jokes.
gagster one who tells gags.
geisha (Japanese) a trained hostess who entertains men with conversation, dance and song, etc.
gladiator in ancient Rome, a professional combatant with men or wild animals in the arena.
gladiatorial of or like a gladiator.
gladiatorian (Obs.) of or like a gladiator.
gladiatorship the state of being a gladiator.
gladiatory (Obs.) of or like a gladiator.
harlequin a stock comic character, masked, and dressed in a diamond-patterned multicolored costume; (verb) to play a harlequin.
harlequinade (Fr.) part of a pantomime in which a harlequin plays a chief part.
headset a pair of earphones.
hitmaker a musician who produces bestselling records.
humorist a humorous writer or entertainer.
humoristic of, pertaining to, or resembling, a humorist.
hymnist a person who composes hymns.
hymnodist a person who composes hymns.
hypnotiser one who hypnotises.
hypnotizer one who hypnotizes.
illusionist a person who produces illusory effects.
impresario an organizer, promoter, or manager of public entertainments, such as a ballet, opera, concert, or theater company.
impromptu (Lat.) improvised, spontaneous; (noun) a short piece of impromptu music.
jangler a storyteller, a jester.
jester one that jests.
joculator a professional jester or minstrel.
jokesmith (Arch.) a composer of jokes.
jukebox a coin-operated phonograph.
lanternist a person who works a magic lantern.
legerdemain slight of hand; magic tricks.
legerdemainist one who practises legerdemain.
lyricist one who writes lyrics.
majorette a member of a group of girls who march in parades etc.
majoretting the practice of performing as majorettes.
masquer one who takes part in a masque.
mediagenic able to present a good image in the media.
megastar a superstar.
merryman a zany, a jester.
mimer one that mimes.
mimester one who mimes.
minstrelsy the singing and playing of a minstrel.
moviegoer one who goes to the movies.
movieland the world of the movies.
movieoke an entertainment in which people act out scenes from movies that are silently playing in the background.
mumm to act in a mime.
naumachia (Lat.) a mock sea battle, performed as a spectacle among the ancient Romans.
nonmusical not musical; (noun) a show that is not a musical.
onscreen appearing on screen.
pantomime a type of theatrical entertainment; (verb) to portray or communicate by exaggerated silent gestures or expressions.
pantomimic like a pantomime.
pantomimical like a pantomime.
pantomimically (Adv.) PANTOMIMICAL, like a pantomime.
pantomimist an actor or dancer in pantomimes.
patchcocke (Spenser) perhaps a clown.
patchocke (Spenser) perhaps a clown.
peepshow a small display of pictures etc. viewed through a lens or hole set in a box or machine.
pierrette (Fr.) a female performer in a pierrot group.
pinsetter an employee on a mechanical device that spots pins in a bowling alley.
pinspotter an employee on a mechanical device that spots pins in a bowling alley.
playwright a person who writes plays.
populariser one who popularises.
popularizer one who popularizes.
postshow after a show.
premier prime or first; (noun) a chief in rank or office; (verb) to present or perform (a play, film, etc.) for the first time.
prestidigitator a conjurer.
prestigiator a conjurer.
protean having a varied nature or ability to assume different forms; (noun) a theatrical performer who takes several parts in the same piece.
punchinello (Ital.) a fat short humpbacked clown.
puppetry the art of operating puppets.
puzzledom the domain of puzzles; puzzles, collectively.
quizmaster one who puts the questions to contestants in a quiz show.
raconteur (Fr.) a teller of anecdotes.
raconteuse (Fr.) a female raconteur.
raree as in raree show, a street show or carnival. No -S.
remixer one that remixes (a recording).
repertoire (Fr.) a stock of dramatic parts, tunes, songs, etc. which a performer or company knows or is prepared to perform.
repertorial relating to repertory.
repertory the performance of plays, operas, ballets, etc. by a company at regular short intervals.
repetiteuse a female repetiteur, one who rehearses opera singers.
retiarius (Lat.) a gladiator armed with a net.
ringmaster one in charge of performances in a ring (as of a circus).
roadie a person who works for travelling entertainers.
roadshow a touring group of theatrical or musical performers.
sceneshifter a worker who moves the scenes in a theater.
schtick (Yiddish) a familiar line of chat adapted by a particular comedian.
schtik (Yiddish) a familiar line of chat adapted by a particular comedian.
scuddaler in Shetland, the leader of a band of guisers.
scudler in Shetland, the leader of a band of guisers.
selecta a disc jockey.
showbiz (Short for) show business.
showbizzy of or like showbiz, show business.
showgirl a chorus girl.
showgoer one who goes to shows.
showman a person who exhibits, or owns, a show.
showmanly having the manner of a showman.
shtick (Yiddish) a familiar line of chat adapted by a particular comedian.
shticky like a shtick, a familiar line of chat adapted by a particular comedian.
shtik (Yiddish) a familiar line of chat adapted by a particular comedian.
sideshow a small show offered in addition to a main attraction.
singalong a performance where the audience joins in with a performer.
singer one that sings.
skudler in Shetland, the leader of a band of guisers.
slapstick comedy stressing farce and horseplay.
spearcarrier an extra in a theatrical or operatic production, as one of a group of soldiers or a member of a crowd.
spruiker (Aust. sl.) one who spruiks, harangues people in public.
stagehand a workman employed about the stage.
standup standing before an audience and telling a succession of jokes; (noun) a standup comedian.
star one who excels (verb) to perform as a star
stickman one who supervises the play at a dice table.
stooge an actor who feeds lines to a comedian, etc; (verb) to act as a stooge.
storytelling the craft of telling stories.
stripper one who removes his or clothes for a living.
striptease a burlesque act in which a performer removes clothing piece by piece.
stripteaser one who carries out a striptease.
strongman a person who performs feats of strength, in a circus etc.
stuntman a man who substitutes for an actor in scenes involving dangerous feats.
swingboat a boat-shaped swinging carriage for fairs etc.
taleteller a teller of tales.
taletelling the act of telling stories; the act of gossiping in an indiscreet manner.
tamasha (Urdu) in the Indian subcontinent, an entertainment, a show, a public function.
theatergoer one who visits the theater.
tightrope a taut rope or wire on which feats of balancing and acrobatics are performed.
tightwire a wire tightrope.
toastmaster one who presides at a banquet and introduces the afterdinner speakers.
toastmistress a woman who acts as toastmaster.
trapezist one who performs on a trapeze.
tregetour (Arch.) a juggling magician.
troupe (Fr.) a company or troop, esp the company of performers in a play or an opera; (verb) to travel about as a member of a troupe.
trouper a member of a troupe, an actor, an acrobat, etc.
tummler (Yiddish) one, such as a social director or entertainer, who encourages guest or audience participation.
turntablist a DJ who is skilled in using turntables to obtain distinctive effects from records.
twirler a person who or thing which twirls.
underactor a subordinate actor.
usherette a female usher.
vaudevillean a performer or writer of vaudeville.
vaudevillian a performer or writer of vaudeville.
ventriloquist one who uses or is skilled in ventriloquism.
widescreen denoting a cinema format in which the image is projected onto a wide curved screen to give the viewer a greater sense of actuality in the picture.
wirewalker a tightrope walker.
zanily (Adv.) ZANY, comical.
zaniness comicality.
zany comical (noun) a clown; (verb, obs.) to play the zany to
zanyish like a zany.
zanyism the state or character of a zany; buffoonery.