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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alderman a member of a municipal legislative body.
aldermanity the state of being an alderman.
aldermanlike like an alderman.
aldermanly pertaining to, or like, an alderman > ALDERMANLIER, ALDERMANLIEST.
amban (Chinese) a Chinese resident official in a dependency.
ambassador an official envoy.
ambassadorial of or like an ambassador.
ambassadorship the position of an ambassador.
ambassadress a woman who is an ambassador.
amildar (Urdu) a factor or manager in India, a collector of revenues.
assemblyman a member of an assembly.
assemblywoman a female member of an assembly.
attache (Fr.) a junior member of an ambassador's staff.
backbencher a Member of Parliament who sits on the backbenches.
brinkman a person who practises brinkmanship.
burgomaster (Dutch) the mayor of a Dutch or Flemish town.
cancellarial of or relating to a chancellor.
cancellarian of or relating to a chancellor.
cancellariate the office of chancellor.
chairman one who presides (verb) to act as a chairman
chairwoman a woman who serves as chairman.
chancellor the secretary of a nobleman, prince, or king.
chancellorship the office of chancellor.
chancellory the position, court, or department of a chancellor.
chinovnik (Russian) a high official in the Russian civil service.
chrematist a political economist.
cochair a joint chairperson, male or female; (verb) to share a chairmanship.
cochairman one who shares a chairmanship.
cochairwoman a female cochairman.
codist a codifier; a maker of codes.
commissar the head of a government department in the USSR.
commissarial of or like a commissar.
commissary one to whom is committed some charge, duty, or office, by a superior power.
commissaryship the office of commissary.
committeeman a member of a committee.
congressman a member of a congress.
congressperson a congressman or congresswoman.
congresswoman a woman who is a member of a congress.
councilman a member of a council, esp of the common council of a city.
councilmanic relating to a councilman.
councilwoman a woman who is a member of a council.
crossbencher an independent member of the House of Lords.
curule of high authority, as a higher Roman magistrate who was entitled to a curule chair, one like a campstool with curved legs. No -S.
demagog (Greek) a person who appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the people to gain power; (verb) to manipulate an issue, to speak, or to act in the manner of a demagogue.
demagogic of or like a demagogue.
demagogical of or like a demagogue.
demagogism the practices of a demagogue.
demagogue a person who appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the people to gain power; (verb) to act in the manner of a demagogue.
demagoguery the actions of a demagogue.
demagoguism being a demagogue.
demagogy the practices of a demagogue.
detente (Fr.) a relaxation of strained relations, esp between countries.
detentist a supporter of detente.
detenu (Fr.) a (male) prisoner, esp a political prisoner in India.
detenue (Fr.) a (female) prisoner, esp a political prisoner in India.
diplomat a person employed or skilled in diplomacy.
diplomatist a diplomat.
dogaressa (Ital.) a doge's wife.
dogate the office of a doge, or chief magistrate of Venice.
doge (Ital.) the former title of the chief magistrate in Venice.
dogeate the office of a doge, or chief magistrate of Venice.
dogedom the office of doge.
dogeship the office of doge.
duumvir (Lat.) one of two men sharing same office.
duumviral of or belonging to the duumviri or the duumvirate.
elchee (Turkish) an ambassador.
elchi (Turkish) a Turkish ambassador.
electioneer to take an active part in an election.
electioneerer one who works to secure the election of a candidate.
electoress the wife or widow of an elector in the old German empire.
electress the wife or widow of an elector in the old German empire.
eltchi (Turkish) an ambassador.
embassador (Obs.) an ambassador.
envoy a messenger; a minister plenipotentiary, ranking just below ambassador.
envoyship the office or position of an envoy.
evenement (Fr.) an event or happening; spec. a political strike.
filibuster (Dutch) orig a plunderer; a freebooter; also, one who obstructs legislation by making long speeches; (verb) to make such speeches.
filibusterer one who filibusters.
filibusterism the actions of a filibuster.
filibusterous like a filibuster.
fiscal relating to the public treasury or revenue (noun) a treasurer; a public prosecutor
fiscally (Adv.) FISCAL, related to public finances.
fonctionnaire (Fr.) a civil servant.
frontbencher one who sits on the front benches in Parliament.
fundie a member of the radical wing of the German Green party.
fundy (Ger.) a member of the radical wing of the German Green party.
genro (Japanese) a group of elder statesmen in Japan.
goonda (Hindi) a hired thug, esp one in the hire of a political party.
helotry the whole body of the helots; any class of slaves.
herrenvolk (Ger.) a master race, a race believing themselves to be fitted to rule the world.
jacobin (Fr.) an extremist or radical in politics.
kleagle an official in the Ku Klux Klan.
komissar a commissar.
laborite one who supports workers' rights.
labourist one who supports workers' rights.
labourite a member or supporter of the Labour party.
ledger (Obs.) an ambassador; (verb) to fix (tackle or bait) for fishing on the bottom without a float.
leidger (Obs.) an ambassador.
leiger (Obs.) an ambassador.
lenvoy an envoy.
lidger (Obs.) an ambassador.
lieger (Obs.) an ambassador.
maire (Fr.) a mayor.
malik (Arabic) in India, the head of a village, an employer.
mandarin a member of one of nine ranks of public officials in the Chinese Empire.
mandarinate the rank or office of a mandarin.
mandarinic appropriate or peculiar to a mandarin.
mandarinism the state of being a mandarin.
mayor the chief executive official of a city or borough.
mayoralty the office, or the term of office, of a mayor.
mayoress a female mayor.
mayorship the office of a mayor.
melik (Arabic) in India, the head of a village, an employer.
missioner a missionary; an envoy; one who conducts a mission.
mughal (Persian) an influential person, a magnate.
mugwump (Am. Ind.) a bolter from the Republican party in 1884; a political independent.
mugwumpery the acts and views of a mugwump, a bolter from the Republican party in 1884; a political independent.
mugwumpish like a mugwump.
mugwumpism being a mugwump.
nat (Coll.) a nationalist.
nazi (Ger.) a type of fascist.
nazir (Arabic) an Indian court official.
noncabinet denoting one who is not a member of the Cabinet.
notaire in France, a public official authorized by the state to attest and certify certain legal documents, oversee property transactions, etc.
ombudsman (Swedish) a government official who investigates complaints against government departments.
omlah (Arabic) a staff of officials in India.
outcaste someone who is of no caste, or has lost caste.
pamphleteer to write and/or distributes pamphlets.
pamphleteering the writing and/or distribution of pamphlets.
physiocrat one of the followers of Quesnay of France, who, in the 18th century, founded a system of political economy based upon the supremacy of natural order.
physiocratic of or like a physiocrat.
plenipo (Arch.) a plenipotentiary, an envoy having full power.
plenipotentiary of eg an envoy, having full power.
politician a person experienced in the art or science of government.
politico a politician; a person holding strong political views or acting from political motivation.
politique (Fr.) in French history, a member of a moderate party between Huguenots and Catholics.
pollster a person who conducts an opinion poll.
polltaker a person conducting a poll.
portreeve a mayor or principal magistrate.
premiership the office of premier.
presidency the office of president.
procureur (Fr.) a procurator.
prolocutor a presiding officer; a chairman, esp of the lower house of Convocation.
prolocutorship the office of a prolocutor, a spokesman.
prolocutrix a spokesman, a chairwoman, esp of the lower house of Convocation.
psephologist one who studies election results and trends.
queenite a queen's partisan.
realo (Ger.) a member of the less radical section of the German Green party.
referendary a referee; formerly a court official who was the medium of communication with the Pope, emperor etc.
remembrancer an officer of exchequer.
revanchist one adhering to policy of aggressively seeking recovery of lost territory.
schout (Dutch) a municipal officer.
secesh (US sl.) a secessionist.
secesher (US sl.) a secessionist.
selectman one of a board of town officers chosen annually in the New England States to transact the general public business of the town.
senator (Lat.) a member of a governing body or parliament, spec. of the federal senate in the US.
senatorial of or pertaining to a senator.
senatorially (Adv.) SENATORIAL, of or pertaining to a senator.
senatorship the office of senator.
sherpa an aide to, or personal representative of, a head of government participating in a summit conference.
speakership the office of speaker.
speechwriter a person who writes speeches (as for a politician).
spoilsman (US) someone who looks for profit out of politics or who advocates the spoils system.
spokesman a person who speaks for another, or for others.
spokesmanship the office of spokesman.
spokeswoman a woman who speaks as the representative of another or others often in a professional capacity.
stakhanovite a superlative worker.
statesman a person who takes an important part in governing the state.
statesmanlike like a statesman.
statesmanship the skills of the statesman.
statesperson a statesman or stateswoman.
stateswoman a female statesman.
statist a statesman; a politician.
subconsul an assistant to a consul.
subprefect one ranking below a prefect.
tahsildar an Indian district official in charge of revenues.
tanaiste (Irish) in Irish politics, the vice-Taoiseach or deputy prime minister of the Republic of Ireland.
tehsildar (Hindi) one who administrates a tehsil.
tory a member of the Conservative party.
tribunate the office of a tribune.
tribune an ancient Roman official; spec. (a) a magistrate appointed to protect the interests and rights of the plebeians; b) a legionary officer.
tribuneship the office of tribune.
tribunicial relating to a tribunate.
tribunician relating to a tribunate.
tribunitial relating to a tribunate.
tribunitian relating to a tribunate.
unstatesmanlike not like a statesman.
wealsman (Shakesp.) a statesman; a politician.
whiggamore (Scots) a Whig; a cant term applied in contempt to Scotch Presbyterians.
witan (OE) a member of the Anglo-Saxon council, the witenagemot.
yamen (Chinese) the offices and residence of a mandarin.
yamun (Chinese) the offices and residence of a mandarin.