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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

allegorist one who composes allegories.
anecdotist one who relates or collects anecdotes.
anthologiser one who makes an anthology.
anthologist a compiler of an anthology.
anthologizer one who makes an anthology.
antinovelist one who writes antinovels.
auctorial of or relating to an author.
author a person who brings anything into being; (verb) to create as an author.
authorcraft the craft of the author.
authoress a female author.
authorship the profession of writing.
autobiographer one who writes autobiographies.
belletrist one who engages in belles-lettres.
bellettrist one who engages in belles-lettres.
bibliographer an expert in bibliography.
bibliography the history, identification, or description of writings or publications.
biographer a writer of a biography.
blurbist a writer of blurbs.
bowdleriser one who bowdlerises.
cataloger (US) one who catalogs.
chronicler one who composes a chronicle.
coauthor to author jointly.
coauthorship the role of coauthor.
codicological relating to codicology, the study of manuscripts.
codicology the study of manuscripts.
coedit to edit together with.
coeditor a joint editor.
comedist a writer of comedies.
comparatist one that uses a comparative method (as in the study of literature).
compiler one who compiles, esp one who makes books by compilation.
copublish to publish in collaboration with someone else.
cowriter one who cowrites.
critic one who judges the merits of something.
cyclopaedist one who writes encyclopaedias.
cyclopedist one who makes encyclopedias.
detectivist a writer of detective fiction.
diarist one who keeps a diary.
diaristic like a diarist, one who keeps a diary.
dissertationist one who produces dissertations.
doxographer a compiler of the opinions of philosophers.
dramatiser one who dramatises.
dramatizer one who dramatizes.
editor one that edits.
editorial relating to editors (noun) an article in a newspaper written by an editor or leader writer
editorially (Adv.) EDITORIAL, relating to editors.
editorship the office or charge of an editor.
editress a female editor.
editrix a female editor.
encyclopaedism the compiling of encyclopaedias.
encyclopaedist one who compiles encyclopaedias.
encyclopedist one who compiles or writes for an encyclopedia.
epigrammatiser one who writes epigrams.
epigrammatist one who makes epigrams.
epigrammatizer one who epigrammatizes.
epigrapher one who writes epigraphs.
epigraphist one who writes epigraphs.
epitapher a writer of epitaphs.
epitomist one who makes an epitome.
epitomizer one who makes an epitome.
fabler a writer of fables.
fabulator one who fabulates.
fabulist one who invents fables.
fantast a visionary, a dreamer; a flighty impulsive person.
feuilletonist one who writes feuilletons.
fictioneer one who writes fiction, esp in quantity and of a low standard.
fictionist a writer of fiction.
garreteer (Arch.) one who lives in a garret esp a poor author.
ghostwrite to write on behalf of someone else.
ghostwriter one who ghostwrites.
glossarist a writer of glosses or of a glossary.
glossographer a writer of short explanatory notes or glosses.
glossographical relating to glossography, the compilation of glossaries.
glossography the compilation of glossaries.
griot (Fr.) in Africa, a tribal teller of tales.
hagiographer a writer of hagiography.
hagiographist one who writes the lives of saints.
hexametrist a writer of hexameters.
iambographer one who writes in iambics.
illustrator one who illustrates.
indexer one who indexes.
inditer one who indites.
institutist a writer of institutes or elementary rules.
lampoonist one who composes lampoons.
legendist a writer of legend.
lexicographer an author or editor of a dictionary.
lexicographist one who makes dictionaries.
logographer a person who writes speeches or chronicles historical events.
maximist a habitual maker of maxims.
memoirist one who writes memoirs.
mimographer a writer of mimes.
miscellanarian (Obs.) a writer of miscellanies.
miscellanist a writer of miscellanies.
monographer one who writes monographs.
monographist one who writes monographs.
narrater one who narrates.
narrator one who narrates.
necrographer a writer of obituaries.
nonauthor one who is not an author.
nonwriter someone who is not a writer.
novelettist one who writes novelettes.
noveliser one who makes a novel of something.
novelist one who writes novels.
novelizer one who makes a novel of something.
palindromist one who composes palindromes.
paperbacker one who publishes in paperback.
parabolist a teller of parables.
parodist one who composes parodies.
paroemiographer a writer of proverbs.
pasquilant a lampooner.
pasquiler a writer of pasquils, a lampooner.
pasquinader one who composes pasquinades.
playmaker a playwright.
playwrighting the writing of plays.
playwriting the writing of plays.
postiller one who postils, provides glosses.
potboil to produce a literary or artistic work of inferior quality.
prefacer one that prefaces.
prologist a writer of prologues.
proofreader a person who proofreads.
prosaist a writer of prose; an unpoetical writer.
prosateur (Fr.) one who writes prose for a living.
proseman a writer of prose.
proser one who writes prose.
prosopographer a writer of prosopographies, biographical sketches.
publisher one who publishes.
quarterly a periodical appearing quarterly.
recension the act of reviewing or revising.
redaction an act or instance of putting something in writing or adapting it for publication.
redactor an editor.
redactorial relating to redaction.
reedition the act of editing again.
reviewer one that reviews.
romancer one who writes romances.
sagaman (ON) a narrator of Icelandic or Norwegian sagas.
satirist one who satirizes.
scenarist one who makes scenarios.
scholiast a commentator; a writer of marginal notes.
scholiastic like a scholiast.
scribal of or like a scribe.
scribe a public or official writer; (verb) to act as a scribe.
seannachie (Gaelic) a Highland or Irish genealogist and transmitter of family lore.
seannachy (Gaelic) a Highland or Irish genealogist and transmitter of family lore.
sennachie (Gaelic) a Highland or Irish genealogist and transmitter of family lore.
serialist a writer of serials.
shanachie (Gaelic) a Highland or Irish genealogist and transmitter of family lore.
snobographer one who engages in snobography, the description of snobs.
snobography the description of snobs and snobbery.
subwriter one who writes under the direction of another.
summist a writer of summae; an epitomist.
threnodist one who composes, delivers, or utters, a threnode, or threnody.
tragedian a writer or actor of tragedy.
versification the making of verses.
versioning the adaptation of classical literary texts for films.
verslibriste a writer of free verse.
volumist one who writes a volume.
writer one that writes.
writeress a female writer.
writerly characteristic of a writer.
writership the office of a writer.
yarner one who tells yarns.