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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

automaker a manufacturer of automobiles.
automan an automobile maker.
beamer a workman or machine that puts yarn on the arm of a loom.
beetler one that operates a cloth-finishing machine.
boilermaking metal-working in heavy industry; plating or welding.
boilerman a man who looks after boilers.
bookbinder one who binds books.
brewmaster the supervisor of the brewing in a brewery.
brickmaker one whose occupation is to make bricks.
calendarist one who makes calendars.
calendrer a person who calenders cloth.
calorise to coat steel with aluminium.
calorize to coat steel with aluminium.
canner one who puts things in cans.
capmaker one who makes caps.
carmaker one who manufactures cars.
chipmaker one who manufactures microchips.
clockmaker one who makes clocks.
clothier a person who makes or sells cloth or clothes.
coater a worker, machine etc. that applies a coating.
corsetier a corset maker.
corsetiere (Fr.) a (female) corset maker.
dialist a maker of dials; one skilled in dialing.
diallist a maker of dials; one skilled in dialing.
drugmaker one who manufactures drugs.
engineer someone who designs or makes, or puts to practical use, engines or machinery of any type; (verb) to carry through or manage by contrivance.
fettler a person skilled at repairing tools or machinery.
ginner a person who gins cotton.
glover a maker or seller of gloves.
greaser one who, or that which, greases; specifically, a person employed to lubricate the working parts of machinery, engines, carriages, etc.
hammerman a man who operates a hammer.
ingener (Shakesp.) an engineer.
ironmaster a manufacturer of iron.
jolleyer one who uses a jolley, a guide for fixing a pottery mould for plates.
jollyer one who uses a jolley, a guide for fixing a pottery mould for plates.
loftsman a person who reproduces in actual size a draughtsman's design for a ship or an aircraft.
machineman a person who oversees the working of a machine.
mashman a worker in a brewery who helps to make the mash.
microbrewer a brewer who works in a microbrewery.
millhand a worker in a mill.
munitioneer a worker engaged in making munitions.
nailer a maker of nails.
napper one who naps cloth after it is fulled.
needler a needlemaker.
oilman one who works in the oil industry.
papermaker one that makes paper.
papermaking the business of making paper.
piecener one who supplies rolls of wool to the slubbing machine in woollen mills.
platemaker one who makes plates.
pyrotechnist a firework maker.
slopwork the making of slop-clothing; cheap inferior work.
slopworker one who does slopwork, the making of slop-clothing.
steelmaking the process of making steel.
steelman a worker in steel.
steelworker a person who works in steel and esp in the manufacturing of it.
steelworking the business or producing steel.
stiller a distiller.
tentmaker one who makes tents.
throwster one who throws or twists silk.
toolman a man who works with tools or in a toolroom.
treadler one who works a treadle.
unworkmanlike not workmanlike.
wauk to full (cloth).
waulk to full (cloth).
welder one who welds.
weldor one who welds.
winemaker a maker of wine.
workingman a labouring man; a man who earns his daily support by manual labour.
workingwoman a workwoman.
workman a male worker.
workmanly in the fashion of a workman.
workwoman a female workman.