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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

afterguard a sailor or group of sailors with the task of attending to the aft sails.
alongshoreman a stevedore; a person who makes a living along the shore by fishing, etc.
bluecoat one dressed in blue, as a soldier, a sailor, a beadle, etc.
bluejacket an enlisted man in the navy.
boatswain a ship's officer in charge of equipment and maintenance.
careener one who careens.
charterer one who charters; esp one who hires a ship for a voyage.
coastguardman a member of a coast guard.
coxswain the steersman of a boat; a petty officer who has charge of a boat and its crew; (verb) to take charge of a boat and its crew.
deckhand a seaman who performs manual duties.
dockhand one who works on the docks.
doggerman (Dutch) a sailor belonging to a dogger, a two-masted fishing vessel, used by the Dutch.
donkeyman a man with responsibilities in a ship's engine room.
flenser one whose job it is to strip a whale of its blubber.
foremastman any sailor below the rank of petty officer.
foretopman a sailor who works on the platform at the head of the foremast.
galiongee (Turkish) a Turkish sailor.
harbormaster one in charge of a harbour.
harpooneer an harpooner.
harpooner one who uses a harpoon.
helmsman one that steers a ship.
hydronaut a person trained to work in an underwater vessel.
jacky a sailor.
janty jauntie jaunty jonty a naval master-at-arms.
lascar (Hindi) an E. Indian sailor.
leadsman the man who heaves the lead to take depth soundings.
lifeboatman one who forms part of the crew of a lifeboat.
lobsterman a fisherman who catches lobsters.
lodesman a pilot.
mariner a sailor.
matelot (Fr.) a seaman.
matlo a seaman.
matlow a seaman.
oarsman a person who rows a boat.
oarswoman a woman who rows.
pilotage the pilot's skill or knowledge, as of coasts, rocks, bars, and channels.
purser a ship's officer in charge of finances and passengers.
pusser in navy slang, regular, smart; (noun) a supply officer.
rigger one who rigs eg ships.
sailer a sailor.
sailmaker one who makes sails.
sailor a member of a ship's crew.
sailoring the work of a sailor.
sailorlike like a sailor.
sailorly like or appropriate to a sailor.
salvor one who assists in saving a ship or goods at sea, without being under special obligation to do so.
seacock a bold sea rover.
seacunny (Persian) a Lascar steersman or quartermaster.
seadog an old sailor.
seaman a sailor.
seamanlike characteristic of or befitting a competent seaman.
seamanly like a seaman.
seamanship the art or skill of handling, working, and navigating a ship.
searat a pirate.
seawoman a woman serving at sea.
seiner one who fishes with a seine.
serang (Urdu) the boatswain of a Lascar or E. Indian crew.
shareman a fisherman who shares profits with the owner.
sharesman a fisherman who shares profits with the owner.
shellback a veteran sailor, esp one who has crossed the equator.
shipbroker a broker for the sale, insurance etc. of ships.
shipfitter one who fits out a ship.
shipman a sailor; a skipper.
shipmaster the master or commander of a ship other than a warship.
shipper a person or company that sends goods by ship or aircraft.
stearsman (Obs.) a steersman.
stearsmate one who steers.
steersman the person who steers a vessel, a helmsman.
steersmate one who steers.
stevedore a dock worker who loads and unloads ships; (verb) to work as a stevedore.
submariner one who works in a submarine.
supercargo a ship's official in charge of business affairs.
surfman one who serves in a surfboat in the lifesaving service.
swabber a sweeper of the deck of a ship.
swobber a sweeper of the deck of a ship.
tidesman a customhouse officer who goes on board of a merchant ship to secure payment of the duties.
tillerman one who operates a tiller.
timoneer a helmsman.
topman a seaman positioned in the topgallants.
trawlerman one who works in a trawler.
waister a seaman stationed in the waist of the ship, often performing menial duties.
whaleman a whaler.
wheelman a steersman.
wheelsman a steersman.
wherryman a man employed in a wherry, esp one who rows a wherry.
yachtman one who sails a yacht.
yachtsman one who sails a yacht.