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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

antiquer one who antiques, ages furniture.
artificer a craftsman.
artisan a trained or skilled workman.
artisanal relating to an artisan, involving or utilizing traditional, small-scale, or non-mechanized methods or techniques.
artisanship the state of being an artisan.
basketweaver one who weaves baskets.
belleter a bellfounder.
bellhanger a person who hangs and repairs bells.
beveler one who bevels.
beveller one who bevels.
blacksmith a smith who forges iron.
blacksmithing the occupation of blacksmith.
boatbuilder one that builds boats.
bodger a maker of beechwood furniture in the Chilterns.
bookbinding the art or trade of binding books.
bootmaker one who makes boots.
bottomer a person who provides or fits bottoms (esp for chairs).
brasier a worker in brass.
brassfounder a person who casts objects in brass.
brazer one that brazes.
brazier a worker in brass.
braziery a container for hot coals.
burinist one who works with the burin, an engraver's tool.
burnisher one who burnishes.
cabinetmaker a skilled woodworker who makes fine furniture.
cabinetmaking the craft of the cabinetmaker.
calligrapher a professional copyist or engrosser.
calligraphist a professional copyist or engrosser.
caner one who canes.
carpenter a person skilled in woodwork as used in building houses, ships, etc; (verb) to construct by carpentry.
carpentry the craft of working with wood.
cartwright a maker of carts.
casemaker a person who makes covers for books.
ceiler one that ceils.
ceramicist one who works with ceramics.
ceramist one who works with ceramics.
cerographist a practitioner of cerography.
chippy irritable, unwell with a hangover (noun) a carpenter; a chip-shop
cladder one who clads.
clogger a person who makes clogs.
clogmaker a person who makes clogs.
coachbuilder a craftsman who builds the bodies of cars, lorries, railway carriages, etc.
coachbuilding the craft of building coaches.
cobbler a mender of shoes.
cobblery the business of cobbling.
cooper a person skilled in making barrels, casks, etc; (verb) to make or repair tubs; to work as a cooper.
cooperage work done by a cooper.
coopery the business of a cooper.
coppersmith a worker in copper.
cordiner (Arch.) a shoemaker.
cordwainer (Arch.) a shoemaker.
cordwainery (Arch.) the craft of shoemaking.
cosier (Shakesp.) a cobbler.
couturier (Fr.) a (male) dressmaker or dress designer.
couturiere (Fr.) a (female) dressmaker or dress designer.
cowan (Scots) a drystone diker; a mason who has never served an apprenticeship.
cozier (Shakesp.) a cobbler.
crafter a person doing craftwork.
craftsman one who has a craft.
craftsmanlike like a craftsman.
craftsmanly like a craftsman.
craftsmanship the skills of craftsman.
craftspeople workers who practice a trade or craft.
craftsperson a craftsman or craftswoman.
craftswoman a woman who is an artisan.
crispin a poetic name for a shoemaker.
cupeler one who assays in a cupel.
cupeller one who assays in a cupel.
currier a leather tanner.
cutler a person who makes or sells knives.
darzi (Hindi) a tailor.
dauber one who daubs; an unskilful artist.
diesinker a person who engraves dies.
dressmaker one that makes dresses.
durzi (Hindi) a tailor.
electrician one who installs, maintains, operates, or repairs electrical equipment.
electroplater one who electroplates.
electrotyper a person who makes electrotypes.
etcher one who etches.
farrier one who shoes horses or cares for horses.
farriery the art of shoeing horses.
fellmongering the removal of hair or wool from hides in preparation for leather-making.
filmsetter a typesetter who uses filmsetting.
forgeman a skilled smith, who has a hammerer to assist him.
freemason in the Middle Ages, a stonemason of a superior grade.
freemasonic relating to freemasons.
furbisher one who furbishes; esp a sword cutler, who finishes sword blades and similar weapons.
gilder one who gilds.
glassblower one who blows glass.
glassmaker one that makes glass.
glassworker one who works with glass.
glazer one who applies glazing, as in pottery manufacture, etc.
glazier one whose business is to set glass.
glaziery glazing.
goldbeater one who beats gold into gold leaf.
goldsmith a worker in gold and silver.
goldsmithry the craft of a goldsmith.
graffitist one who draws graffiti.
grainer a person who grains; a paintbrush for graining.
gunmaker a maker of guns.
gunsmith a maker of guns.
gunsmithing the work of a gunsmith.
hammerer one who hammers.
handcraftsman a person who is skilled in handicraft.
handicraft a trade requiring skill of hand.
handicraftsman a person who engages in a handicraft.
hatmaker a maker of hats.
hellier a slater, a tiler, a thatcher.
hemstitcher one who stitches hems.
hooper one who hoops casks or tubs; a cooper.
horner one who works or deal in horn or horns.
horologer a watchmaker.
ironsmith a worker in iron.
ironworker one who works in iron.
ivorist a worker in ivory.
jacksmith a smith who makes jacks.
japanner one who varnishes in the manner of the Japanese, or one skilled in the art.
joiner a woodworker.
knapper someone who breaks stones, esp flint-flakes for gunflints.
knitter one that knits.
koftgar (Urdu) someone who practises koftgari, the inlaying of steel with gold.
lacemaker one who makes lace.
lacemaking the craft of making lace.
lapidary relating to stones; (noun) one who cuts, polishes, or deals in precious stones.
lapidist a lapidary.
laster a worker who shapes a boot or shoe by fixing the parts smoothly on a last.
lockmaker one who makes locks.
locksmith one who makes locks and keys.
locksmithery the craft of the locksmith.
locksmithing the work or business of a locksmith.
lorimer a maker of bits, spurs and other small metal accessories for horses.
loriner a maker of bits, spurs and other small metal accessories for horses.
luthier a maker of stringed instruments.
marbler one who works upon marble or other stone.
metalist (US) a worker in metals, or one skilled in metals.
metallist a worker in metals, or one skilled in metals.
metalsmith a smith working in metal.
metalworker one who works in metal.
millwright a person whose occupation is planning and building mills or setting up their machinery.
mistery mystery, in the sense of craft, trade.
opificer (Obs.) an artificer.
overlocker a person or machine that overlocks, oversews a hem or fabric edge to prevent fraying.
painter one who paints.
painterly having the qualities of a painter.
paintress a female painter.
paperer one who papers.
pargeter one who pargets, plasters.
pargetter one who pargets, plasters.
penster a writer.
perruquier (Fr.) a wigmaker.
pewterer one whose occupation is to make utensils of pewter.
pinker a person who cuts or punches designs in cloth, leather, etc.
planisher a person who or tool that planishes.
platemaking the act of making printing plates.
plater one who plates.
ploughmanship the craft of a ploughman.
ploughwright one who makes ploughs.
plowwright one who makes ploughs.
plumber one who installs and repairs plumbing.
poller one who polls eg trees or hair.
profilist one who draws profiles.
puddler one who converts pig iron into wrought iron.
puttier one who putties; a glazier.
quilter one who makes quilts.
recane to cane again (eg a chair).
reeder a thatcher.
reforge to forge again.
rhyparographer one who does genre or still-life pictures of sordid subjects.
roper a rope-maker.
saddler one who makes saddles.
sartor (Lat.) a tailor.
sartorial of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes.
sartorially (Adv.) SARTORIAL, of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes.
sartorian of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes.
sawmiller one who operates a sawmill.
scenographer one who practises scenography.
seamster a person whose occupation is sewing, esp the making and mending of garments.
sempster a person whose occupation is sewing, esp the making and mending of garments.
sempstering working as a sempster.
shoemaker one who makes shoes.
shoemaking the business of a shoemaker.
silverer one who silvers.
silversmith an artisan who makes articles of silverware.
silversmithing the craft of the silversmith.
sketcher one that sketches.
smith a person who forges metals with a hammer; (verb) to forge, to fashion.
smithcraft the craft of a smith.
snab (Scots) a cobbler; a shoemaker's apprentice.
soutar (Scots) a shoemaker; a cobbler.
souter (Scots) a shoemaker; a cobbler.
souterly of or pertaining to a souter, a cobbler.
sowter (Scots) a cobbler.
spindler one that spindles.
spurrier one whose occupation is to make spurs.
stenciler one who paints or colors in figures by means of stencil.
stenciller one who paints or colors in figures by means of stencil.
stonecutter one who cuts stone.
stonecutting the business of a stonecutter.
stonemasonry the craft of the stonemason.
stoneworker a worker in stone.
sutorial relating to cobbling or sewing.
sutorian relating to cobbling or sewing.
tailor a person whose business is to cut out and make outer garments, esp for men; (verb) to fit with clothes.
tailoress a female tailor.
tawer a maker of white leather.
taxidermist one who practises taxidermy.
taxidermy the art of stuffing animals.
telescopy the art or practice of using or making telescopes.
thatcher one that thatches.
threadmaker one who makes thread.
tiler a maker or layer of tiles.
tinman a worker in tin; a dresser of tin ore.
tinsmith a worker in tin.
tinsmithing the craft of the tinsmith.
tooler a person who tools the covers of books.
toolmaker one who makes tools.
topmaker one who makes (toy) tops.
trecentist a writer or artist of the thirteenth century.
turner one who turns wood on a lathe.
typefounder someone who founds or casts printers' type.
upholsterer one who upholsters.
upholstress a female upholsterer.
varnisher one who varnishes.
veneerer one who veneers.
vitraillist a maker of glass, esp stained glass.
vulcan (Lat.) a blacksmith or ironworker.
wagonwright one who makes wagons.
wainwright a maker or repairer of carts.
watchmaker one that makes or repairs watches or clocks.
watchmaking the profession of making watches.
waxworker one who works in wax.
weaver one that weaves.
wheelwright a maker and repairer of wheels and wheeled vehicles.
whitesmith one who works in tinned or galvanized iron, or white iron.
whittaw (Dial.) a saddler or harness-maker; a maker of white leather.
whittawer (Dial.) a saddler or harness-maker; a maker of white leather.
wigmaker a maker of wigs.
willower one who willows.
woodcarver a craftsman who carves wood.
woodcraftsman a craftsman who works with wood.
woodworker one who works with wood.
woodworking the process of working wood into a useful or desired form.
wright a maker; a repairer.
zymologist one who is skilled in zymology, or in the fermentation of liquors.