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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

accomptant an accountant.
accountancy the profession or practice of accounting.
accountant one skilled in the practice of accounting.
accountantship the office of an accountant.
actuarial of or pertaining to actuaries.
actuarially (Adv.) ACTUARIAL, of or pertaining to actuaries.
actuary a person who compiles statistics of mortality, accidents, etc., and calculates insurance risks and premiums.
adjustor one who adjusts, eg losses for an insurance company.
arb (Short for) an arbitrageur, a stocks and shares shyster.
arbitrageur one who makes profit by dealing on the stock exchange.
assurer one who assures, takes out assurance.
assuror one who assures, takes out assurance.
auditor one that audits.
auditorial relating to an auditor.
auditorship the office of auditor.
aumil a factor or manager in India, a collector of revenues.
bancassurance the provision of financial services spanning both banking and insurance.
bancassurer one involved in bancassurance.
banker one who works in a bank.
bankroll money resources; (verb) to provide with financial support.
bankroller one who bankrolls.
bookkeeper a person responsible for keeping the accounts of a trader, public office, etc.
bookkeeping the job of keeping books.
brokage the business or employment of a broker.
brokerage the business or employment of a broker.
budgeteer one who prepares a budget.
budgeter one who prepares a budget.
bukshee (Persian) a paymaster.
bukshi (Persian) a paymaster.
bursar a person who keeps the purse, a treasurer.
bursarial relating to a bursar.
bursarship the office of a bursar.
cambist a person skilled in cambism, the science of financial exchange.
cashierer one who cashiers.
comptroll (Obs.) to control, esp in a financial sense.
comptroller a royal household official who examines and supervises expenditures.
comptrollership the office of comptroller.
conveyancer one whose business is conveyancing.
deewan (Urdu) in India, a financial minister.
dewan (Urdu) in India, a financial minister.
dewani (Urdu) the office of a dewan, an Indian financial minister.
dewanny (Urdu) the office of a dewan, an Indian financial minister.
discounter one who discounts; a discount broker.
diwan (Urdu) in India, a financial minister.
ensurer one who insures.
entrepreneur (Fr.) one who undertakes commercial ventures.
entrepreneurial of or like an entrepreneur.
entrepreneuse (Fr.) a female entrepreneur.
financialist a financier.
financials reports and statements about the financial performance of a business.
financier a person engaged in large financial transactions; (verb) to conduct financial operations; to swindle.
fundholder a person who has money in public funds.
fundholding under the NHS, the system enabling general practitioners to receive a fixed budget.
gombeen (Irish) usury; chiefly used attrib. as gombeen-man, a moneylender, usurer.
gombeenism the state of being a gombeen.
hocker one who hocks, pawns.
hypothecator one who hypothecates.
insurancer (Obs.) one who effects insurance.
insurer one who insures.
logothete (Hist.) a chancellor, esp in the Byzantine emperor.
moneychanger a usurer.
moneyer (Arch.) a person who deals in money; a banker or broker.
moneylender one whose business is lending money.
moneylending the business of lending money.
moneyman one who deals with money.
nonbanking not connected with banking.
notaryship the office of notary.
paraplanner a person who assists a financial planner, esp in compiling reports and conducting research.
pawnbroker one who lends money on the security of personal property pledged in his keeping.
pawnbroking the activity of a pawnbroker.
paymaster the official in an organization, government etc. who pays out money.
pursership the office of purser.
reinsurer one who gives reinsurance.
rentier (Fr.) a person who has, or who lives on, an income from rents or investments.
soucar (Hindi) a Hindu banker.
sowcar (Hindi) a Hindu banker.
speculatrix a female speculator.
stentour a stentmaster, one who determines the amount of tax to be paid.
stockbroker a broker who executes orders to buy and sell securities and often also acts as a security dealer.
stockbrokerage the activities of a stockbroker.
stockbroking the business of a stockbroker.
stockjobber a wholesale dealer in stocks and shares.
stockjobbery the profession of stockjobber.
stockjobbing a list of stocks and current prices regularly issued.
treasurer a person who is in charge of a treasure or treasury.
treasurership the office of treasurer.
trustbuster a person who works for or achieves the breakup of business trusts, eg by legislation.
underwriter one that underwrites.
usurer one who lives by usury.
usuress a female usurer.
valuer one that values.