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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

anchorette a female anchorman.
anchorman in broadcasting, a person in a central studio who links up and maintains contact with various outside camera units.
anchorperson an anchorman or anchorwoman.
anchorwoman a female anchorman.
announcer one who announces.
auteur (Fr.) a film director, esp when thought of as the creator of a particular genre and carrying a personal stamp.
auteurism the profession of auteur, film director.
autocutie a young and attractive but inexperienced female televison presenter.
broadcaster one who broadcasts.
byliner one that writes under a byline.
celeb (Short for) a celebrity.
colorman a sportscaster.
columnist one who writes a newspaper column.
compositor one who sets type.
copublisher a joint publisher.
copyreader a subeditor.
copyrighter one who copyrights.
copytaker a person employed to type reports as journalists dictate them over the telephone.
directrix a female director.
diurnalist (Arch.) a journalist.
documentarist a person who makes documentaries.
fluffer a person employed on a pornographic film to ensure that male actors are kept aroused.
gameshow a television show involving game play.
glossily (Adv.) GLOSSY, shiny.
hackette a woman journalist.
headliner the person whose name is made most prominent in a playbill or programme.
helmer (Coll.) a film director.
hotliner someone running a radio call-in show.
journalist a person engaged in journalism.
journo (Sl.) a journalist.
lensman (Coll.) a cameraman.
magazinist one who edits or writes for a magazine.
mixmaster a disc jockey.
newscaster one who reads news.
newscasting the broadcasting of news.
newshawk (Coll.) a reporter.
newshound (Coll.) a reporter.
newsman a news reporter.
newspaperman a person who owns or is employed by a newspaper.
newspaperwoman a woman who owns or is employed by a newspaper.
newspeople people who report the news.
newsperson a reporter.
newsreader a news broadcaster.
newswoman a female newsman.
paragraphist a person who writes paragraphs, news items esp for newspapers.
periodicalist a person who writes in a periodical.
podcaster one who creates podcasts.
pressman one who works for the Press.
presswoman a female reporter.
ratpack a show-business clique.
recordist a person who records esp for a cinema film.
reporter one that reports.
reportorial relating to the work of a reporter.
screenwriting the profession of writing screenplays.
script to prepare a written text for, as a play or motion picture.
scripter one who scripts.
scriptwriter a person who writes scripts, as for screenplays.
scriptwriting the writing of scripts.
songwriter a person who composes words or music or both esp for popular songs.
speakerine a female announcer or programme hostess.
sportcaster a sports commentator.
sportscaster a sports commentator.
sportswriter a person who writes about sports esp for a newspaper.
starlet a minor showbiz personality.
storyteller a teller of stories.
stringer a journalist or reporter not on the regular staff of a newspaper or organization, esp one retained on a part-time basis to report on events in a particular place.
stuntwoman a woman who doubles for an actress during the filming of stunts and dangerous scenes.
subeditor an assistant editor, as of a periodical or journal.
superflack a superior press agent.
supermodel a famous and successful fashion model.
telejournalist a journalist working for television.
timeshift to enable (a television programme) to be viewed at a time later than that of its original broadcast.
tripehound (Sl.) a newspaper reporter.
veejay an announcer on a program of music videos.
weathercaster a weather forecaster esp on radio or television.
weathergirl a girl who announces the weather forecast.
weatherwoman a woman who delivers the weather forecast.