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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

barrel a wooden container made of curved staves bound with hoops; (verb) to travel or move very quickly.
belive (Scots) with speed, immediately.
bespeed (Arch.) to help on.
blive (Spenser) with speed, immediately.
bobble a woolly ball for trimming clothes, etc (verb) to bob rapidly
brattle (Scots) to rush noisily.
breakneck at full speed.
breenge (Scots) a lunge forward; (verb) to lunge forward.
breinge (Scots) a lunge forward; (verb) to lunge forward.
bugout the act of running away.
bustle energetic movement; (verb) to move energetically.
bustler one who bustles.
bustling lively and busy.
bustlingly (Adv.) BUSTLING.
bylive (Spenser) with speed, immediately.
career progress through life; (verb) to go at full speed.
careerer one who careers.
celerity rapidity of motion.
dart a sudden forward movement; (verb) to move suddenly or swiftly.
dartingly (Adv.) DARTING.
dartle to dart.
dash a rush, a violent onset; (verb) to strike violently.
dasher one who dashes.
dashing spirited, showy.
dashingly (Adv.) DASHING, spirited, showy.
downcome a sudden fall; a downfall.
downrush a rushing down.
emplonge (Spenser) to plunge.
endart (Shakesp.) to dart in.
ensweep (Arch.) to sweep over.
festinate quick (verb) to hasten
festinately (Adv.) FESTINATE, quick.
fleet swift (noun) an assemblage of ships; (verb) to move swiftly
fleetingly (Adv.) FLEETING.
fleetingness the state of being fleeting.
fleetly (Adv.) FLEET, swift.
fleetness the quality of being fleet.
flisk (Scots) a whim (verb) to caper about
flit to move lightly and swiftly.
flitt (Obs.) fleet, fleeting; (verb) to flit.
flounce a hanging strip gathered and sewn to the skirt of a dress by its upper edge (verb) to move impatiently or abruptly
fluttery marked by fluttering.
frisk a frolicsome movement (verb) to move or leap about playfully
gee of horses, to urge on.
giggit (Arch. US) to convey or move rapidly.
haste urgency calling for speed (verb) to hurry, hasten
hasteful hurried.
hastefully (Adv.) HASTEFUL, hurried.
hasten to hurry.
hastener one who hastens.
hastily (Adv.) HASTY, speedy.
hastiness the state of being hasty.
hasty speedy.
headlong full tilt.
hie to hurry along.
hightail to move away at high speed.
hotfoot to hurry.
hurriedly (Adv.) HURRIED, in haste.
hurriedness the state of being hurried.
hurrier one who hurries.
hurry to move swiftly.
hurryingly (Adv.) HURRYING.
hurtle to rush violently.
hustle to hurry.
hye (Obs.) to hasten.
implunge to plunge, submerge.
indart (Shakesp.) to dart in.
inrush the act of rushing in.
inrushing the act of rushing in.
irrupt to burst in, enter violently.
irruption a forcible or violent rush; a breaking in.
jee of horses, to urge on.
jerk a sudden sharp motion (verb) to move with a sharp, sudden motion
jook (Scots) to duck or dodge.
jostle to run or strike against.
jouk (Scots) to duck or dodge.
justle to run or strike against.
kook a person who is mad, foolish, or eccentric and amoral (verb, Scots) to dart in and out of sight
lipe a lurching or jerking movement.
lope to run with a steady, easy gait.
lunge a sudden thrust as in fencing; (verb) to make a lunge.
nimbleness the state of being nimble.
nippily (Adv.) NIPPY, quick.
nippy quick.
onrush a rushing forward.
onrushing rushing forward.
outpace to move faster than.
outrush to surpass in rushing.
outspeed to excel in speed.
overhaste too great haste.
overhastily (Adv.) OVERHASTY, too hasty.
overhasty too hasty.
overpost (Obs.) to hasten over quickly.
overtrip (Obs.) to trip nimbly over.
pitapat with a pattering or tapping; (noun) a light quick step; (verb) to step or tread quickly.
pooter to hurry away.
posthaste great haste.
quirk a trick or peculiarity of action (verb) to move jerkily
rampage aggressively excited behaviour or rushing about; (verb) to storm, rush about wildly.
rampauge (Scots) to rampage.
ramstam (Scots) headlong.
random haphazard (noun) a rush, full speed
randomly (Adv.) RANDOM, haphazard.
rapid quick (noun) a swift-flowing part of a river
rapidity the state of being rapid.
rapidly (Adv.) RAPID, swift.
rapidness rapidity.
rash overhasty (noun) an outbreak of red spots or patches on the skin; (verb, obs.) to dash, rush
rashly (Adv.) RASH, overhasty.
renne (Spenser) to run.
ronne (Spenser) to run.
run a gait faster than a walk; (verb) to move quickly; to organise and/or control.
rush any plant of the grasslike marsh-growing genus Juncus (verb) to move swiftly
saccade (Fr.) a brief rapid movement of the eye from one position of rest to another, whether voluntary or involuntary.
scamper to run playfully about.
scamperer one who scampers.
scampering the act of running playfully about.
schnell (Ger.) quick.
scoot to go quickly.
scravel to move quickly, scramble.
scud to run along quickly and lightly.
scudder one who scuds, a swift runner.
scuddle to run hastily; to scuttle.
scurry to move in a quick scuttling fashion.
scutter to run hastily, scurry.
scuttle to move or run with short rapid steps.
scuttler one who scuttles.
shoosh to move with a rushing sound.
skelter to scurry.
skitter to move lightly and rapidly SKITTERY.
skittery darting about.
skurry to move in a quick scuttling fashion.
skuttle to move or run with short steps.
skyte (Scots) to dart or glide.
speed quickness (verb) to move swiftly
speeder one who speeds.
speedful full of speed (in any sense).
speedfully (Adv.) SPEEDFUL, full of speed.
speedily (Adv.) SPEEDY, fast.
speediness the state of being speedy.
speedy fast.
stampede a sudden panic-stricken rush; (verb) to rush in panic.
stampeder one who stampedes.
stampedo (Obs.) a stampede; (verb) to stampede.
swiftly (Adv.) SWIFT, rapid.
swiftness the state of being swift.
tantivy an interjection expressive of galloping or of the sound of the hunting-horn; (noun) a headlong dash or rapid gallop.
tew to hustle.
tivy with great speed.
trot a gait between a walk and a run; (verb) to go at a trot.
tweaky twitchy.
twitch a sudden involuntary motion (verb) to move or pull with a sudden motion
twitcher one that twitches.
twitchy given to twitching.
uprun to run up.
vauch (Dial.) to move fast.
viff to change direction abruptly of a VTOL aircraft.
viretot (Scott) rush, dash, gad.
wheech (Scots) to move rapidly with a whizzing sound.
whid (Scots) to move quickly, whiz.
whidder (Scots) to whiz.
whiplash a blow with a whip; (verb) to move like a whiplash.
whirry characteristic of a whir (verb) to move rapidly
whish to move with a whizzing or swishing noise.
whisk to move or stir briskly.
whoosh to move making the sound whoosh.
woosh to move making the sound woosh.
yirk to tie with a jerk.
zing zest, spirit (verb) to move very swiftly, esp with a high-pitched hum
zoom a loud humming noise; (verb) to move with a loud humming sound.