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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

antiskid intended to prevent skidding.
antislip intended to prevent slipping.
backslide to slip back esp morally.
glibbery (Obs.) slippery.
glid (Scots) slippery.
gliddery (Scots) slippery.
glide a smooth sliding movement; (verb) to move effortlessly ) GLODE.
gliding the act of gliding.
glidingly (Adv.) GLIDING.
glissade (Fr.) the act of sliding down a slope in a standing or squatting position; (verb) to slide down a steep slope esp of snow by means of a glissade.
glissader one who glissades.
hirsle (Scots) to slide, wriggle.
illapse to glide in.
nonskid of a surface, preventing skids.
overslip to slip or slide over.
scrieve (Scots) to glide swiftly along.
sideslip to slip sideways.
skid an uncontrolled slide (verb) to slide sideways as a result of a loss of traction
skiddy tending to skid.
skidpan a piece of slippery ground on which motorists can learn to control skids.
skidproof of a road surface etc., designed to prevent skids.
slidable that can be slid.
slidder (Scots) a steep path or trench down a hillside (verb) to slip, slide
sliddery slippery.
slide a polished slippery track; (verb) to move smoothly along a surface ) SLAID, SLIDED, SLIDDEN.
slider a person who or thing that slides.
sliding the act of sliding.
slidingly (Adv.) SLIDING, slipping.
slip a mistake; a slide (verb) to slide
slippage a falling off from a standard or level.
slipperily (Adv.) SLIPPERY, causing slips.
slippery causing slips.
slippily (Adv.) SLIPPY, slippery.
slippiness the state of being slippy.
slippy slippery.
slither a slide from side to side (verb) to slide from side to side
slithery given to slithering.
slive to slip.
spinout a spinning skid that throws a motor vehicle off the track, road etc.