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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

anadyomene coming up or emerging, esp of Aphrodite from the sea.
arise to get up.
arisen (PaP.) ARISE, to get up.
ascend to go or move upward.
ascendable capable of being ascended.
ascendible capable of being ascended.
ascension an ascent to heaven, esp Christ's.
ascent the act of ascending.
astart (Spenser) to start up.
astert (Obs.) to start up.
availe (Spenser) to descend.
avale (Obs.) to descend.
bob a short jerking motion; (verb) to move quickly up and down.
cadent (Shakesp.) falling.
clamber to climb awkwardly.
clamberer one who clambers.
climb an ascent; (verb) to ascend.
climber one that climbs.
degringoler to descend rapidly or steeply; to decline, fail.
delapse (Obs.) to sink down.
delapsion a sinking down.
descend to come or go down.
descendable that can be descended.
descendible that can be descended.
descension the act of going downward.
descent the act of descending.
devall to sink, decline.
dip a brief downwards movement; (verb) to immerse briefly; to lower.
dismount to get down from an elevated position.
dive a headfirst plunge; (verb) to plunge headfirst into.
douk to duck, bathe.
down to a lower position; (adj.) low, depressed; (noun) soft feathers (verb) to cause to fall
downfall a sudden fall.
downflow a running or flowing down.
downslide a downward movement.
drap (Scots) to drop.
drip a falling in drops (verb) to fall in drops
duck any bird of the family Anatidae; (verb) to lower quickly.
elevate to raise.
elevation the act of elevating.
elevational relating to elevation.
elevator one that elevates.
elevatory able or tending to raise.
faa (Scots) to fall.
faceplant to fall on to one's face.
fall to descend under the force of gravity.
fallen (PaP.) FALL, to descend under the force of gravity.
flap anything broad and flexible hanging loose (verb) to wave up and down
flop to fall heavily and noisily.
fluctuate to vary this way and that; to go up and down or to and fro.
founder to sink.
high elevated (verb) to ascend; to raise higher
highly (Adv.) HIGH, elevated.
hoick to hitch up, to jerk upwards.
hoik to hitch up, to jerk upwards.
infall a falling inwards.
infalling falling inwards.
levitate to rise and float in the air.
mount a rise; a horse one rides; (verb) to get up on.
mounter one who mounts.
outraise to surpass in raising.
outsoar to soar beyond or above.
overtop to rise above.
plong (Spenser) to plunge.
plonge (Spenser) to plunge.
plummet a leaden or other weight, esp on a plumb line; (verb) to drop straight down.
plunge a sudden downward movement; (verb) to throw or thrust suddenly or forcibly into something.
pratfall a fall on the buttocks; (verb) to fall on the buttocks.
purler a headlong or heavy fall.
raiser one who raises.
rearise to arise again.
reascend to rise, mount, or climb again.
reascension the act of ascending again esp to heaven.
reascent a new ascent.
reclimb to climb again.
redescend to descend again.
redip to dip again.
refall to fall again.
reraise to raise again.
rerise to rise again.
resurge to rise again, surge again.
rise an elevation, an increase; (verb) to move upward.
risen (PaP.) RISE, to move upward.
scale a thin plate on a fish etc (verb) to climb up or over
scaly covered with scales.
scansorial climbing; adapted for climbing.
sclim (Scots) to climb.
scrome (Dial.) to crawl or climb, esp using the hands.
seesaw to move up and down or back and forth.
shinny an Irish game resembling hockey; (verb) to climb eg to shinny up a tree.
sink a depression in a surface (verb) to move to a lower level
sinkage the process of sinking; the amount of sinking.
sklim (Scots) to climb.
slump a sudden decline (verb) to fall or sink suddenly
soar to fly at a great height.
soaringly (Adv.) SOARING, the act of soaring.
speel (Scots) to climb.
speeler a climber (originally an acrobat, a performer).
speil (Scots) to climb.
spire a tapering or conical body (verb) to wind, mount in spirals
sprackle (Scots) to clamber.
sprauchle (Scots) to clamber.
subside to sink to a lower or normal level.
surge an uprush (verb) to move in a swelling manner
surgent rising; swelling, as a flood.
surgy rising in surges or billows.
swoop a sudden descent (verb) to make a sudden descent
swooper one who swoops.
tumble a fall, a somersault; (verb) to fall or roll end over end.
unascendable not capable of being ascended.
unascendible not capable of being ascended.
undescendable that cannot be descended.
undescendible that cannot be descended.
upclimb to climb up; to ascend.
updart to dart up.
updraft an upwards movement of air.
updraught an upwards movement of air.
upflow to flow or stream up.
upgang (Scots) ascent.
upgo to go up.
upgrow to grow up.
upgrowth upward growth.
upgush to gush upward.
upjet to spout up.
uplead to lead up.
upreach to reach up.
uprear to raise; to erect.
uprisal the act of uprising.
uprise to rise up.
upriser one who rises up.
uprist a rising; an uprising.
uprush to rush upward.
upryst (Spenser) riseth up.
upshoot to shoot upward.
upsoar to soar or mount up.
upspear to grow or shoot up like a spear; as, upspearing grass.
upspring to spring up.
upstand a turned-up edge on a horizontal or sloping plane where it adjoins a vertical plane; (verb, Milton) to stand up.
upstream to stream up.
upsurge to surge upwards.
upswarm (Arch.) to rise or send upwards in a swarm.
upsweep to sweep upward.
upswell to swell or rise up.
upthrust to thrust upwards.
upwaft to waft upward.
upwell to well up.
upwhirl to whirl upwards.