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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

absquatulate to decamp.
aroint (Arch.) to drive or frighten away.
aroynt (Arch.) to drive or frighten away.
betake to take oneself, to go.
choof (Aust. sl.) to go, vamoose.
chute a passage or sloping trough for sending down goods etc; (verb) to convey by chute.
conge (Fr.) a bow, a dismissal; (verb) to take one's leave.
decamp to break up a camp; to depart suddenly.
decampment departure from a camp; a marching off.
decedent (US) in US law, a deceased person.
decession departure.
depart to go away.
departee one that departs.
departer one who departs.
departure the act of departing.
dimissory giving leave to depart.
ebb the recession of the tide; (verb) to move back from the land, to recede.
egress the act of going out; (verb) to go out.
egression the act of going out.
exit to go out.
exodic relating to exodus.
exodist a person who goes out; an emigrant.
exodus (Lat.) a going out.
forsake to quit or leave entirely; to desert.
forsakenly (Adv.) FORSAKEN.
gae (Scots) to go.
gan (Dial.) to go.
gaun (Scots) going.
homecoming a return home.
imbark to enclose in bark.
leave permission; (verb) to go away from.
migrant one that migrates.
mog to move away.
outgoer one who goes out.
outsetting a setting out.
parture (Spenser) a departure.
quight (Spenser) to quit, depart from.
quite somewhat, completely; (verb) to quit.
quyte (Obs.) to quit.
return the act of coming back; (verb) to come or go back.
scapa to run away, leave without notice.
scarpa to run away, leave without notice.
scarper to run away, leave without notice.
schemozzle (Yiddish) a mess, a scrape; (verb) to make off.
shemozzle (Yiddish) a mess, a scrape; (verb) to make off.
shog (Dial.) to jog, move on, go away.
skedaddle to run off hurriedly.
skedaddler one who skedaddles.
vade (Shakesp.) to fade.
vamoose (Coll.) to go, depart esp hurriedly.
vamose to depart quickly; to depart from.
waygoing (Scots) a departing.
withdraw to move back or away.
withdrawable capable of being withdrawn.