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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

amble to saunter.
ambulant walking; moving from place to place; (noun) a walking patient.
ambulate to walk; to move about.
ambulation the act of walking.
ambulator one who walks about; a walker.
bestridable that can be bestridden.
bestride to stride across, straddle.
betread to tread over or walk upon.
bushwalk to walk or hike through the bush as a leisure activity.
bushwalker one who goes hiking in the bush.
circumambulate to circle on foot esp ritualistically.
circumambulator one who circumambulates.
clomp to walk with heavy or forceful steps, producing a thumping noise.
clumper to walk heavily.
daddle (Scots) to waddle, stagger.
daidle (Scots) to waddle, stagger.
dogtrot a slow running pace; (verb) to run at such a pace.
duckwalk to do a comic walk, like a duck's.
fellwalker one who engages in fellwalking.
footpace (Obs.) a walking pace; a dais.
footslog to walk wearily.
footslogger a soldier serving on foot.
footslogging the act of footslogging.
footstep a step with the foot.
gallumph to move with a clumsy heavy tread.
galumph to move with a clumsy heavy tread.
galumpher one who galumphs, moves with a clumsy heavy tread.
hilch (Scots) to hobble.
hirple (Scots) to walk lamely.
hobble to limp.
hobblingly (Adv.) HOBBLING.
hoddle (Scots) to waddle.
hop a plant of the mulberry family, used to flavour beer (verb) to leap on one leg
hopbind the stalk of the hop.
incede to advance majestically.
jaywalk to walk in the road rather than on the pavement.
jaywalker one who walks in the road rather than on the pavement.
lopingly in the manner of one that lopes.
march a formal military-style walk; (verb) to walk in a formal military manner.
moonwalk an astronaut's walk on the surface of the moon; a style of dancing resembling weightless movement; (verb) to perform a moonwalk.
mooseyard an area where a moose treads down the snow and spends the winter.
outmarch to surpass in marching.
outplod to surpass in plodding.
outstep to exceed in stepping.
outstride to surpass in striding > OUTSTRODE or OUTSTRIDED.
outwalk to surpass in walking.
overstride to stride over, across, or beyond.
pace speed (verb) to walk with a regular step
pasear (US sl.) a walk; (verb) to take a walk.
path a way trodden out by the feet; (verb, Shakesp.) to go.
perambulate to walk through, to inspect an area on foot.
perambulatory relating to perambulation.
peregrination an excursion esp on foot or to a foreign country.
peripatetic walking about from place to place, itinerant; (noun) an itinerant.
plod a slow heavy walk; (verb) to walk heavily.
plodder one who plods; a slow, dull person.
ploddingly (Adv.) PLODDING.
plodge (Dial.) to wade in water.
promenade (Fr.) a walk for pleasure, display, or exercise; (verb) to take a promenade.
retread to tread again.
riverwalk a walk beside a river.
routemarch a long training march; (verb) to send on a route march.
sashay (Coll.) to walk or move in a gliding, ostentatious way.
shauchle (Scots) to shuffle.
shauchly shuffling.
shuffle a gait without lifting of the feet; (verb) to walk without lifting the feet.
slog to plod.
slommock (Dial.) to walk with a hip-rolling gait.
stamper one who stamps.
sten to stride vigorously.
stend (Scots) to bound, stride vigorously.
step a pace; one tread of stair; (verb) to move by lifting the foot and setting it down in another place ) STEPT.
stepper one who steps.
stomper one who stomps.
stot a bullock, a steer; (verb) to bound with a stiff gait.
stramp (Scots) to tread, stamp.
stride a long step; (verb) to walk with long steps.
strider one who strides.
strunt alcoholic liquor; (verb, Scots) to strut.
strut to walk with a pompous air (noun) a strutting gait.
strutter one who struts.
struttingly (Adv.) STRUTTING.
stumble a trip, a false step (verb) to miss one's step in walking or running
stumbler one who stumbles.
stumblingly (Adv.) STUMBLING.
stumbly given to stumbling.
swagger to walk with a blustering or overweening air of superiority (noun) a swaggering gait.
swaggeringly (Adv.) SWAGGERING.
tippytoe to walk on tiptoe.
tiptoe the end of the toe or toes; (verb) to walk on tiptoe.
titup a light springy step (verb) to prance, skip about gaily
traik (Scots) to make one's way wearily; to get lost.
traipse to walk wearily.
tramp a vagabond, a prostitute (verb) to walk with a firm, heavy step
trample to tread on heavily.
trampler one who tramples.
trape to traipse.
trapes to traipse.
trapse to traipse.
tread to walk on, over, or along.
treader one who treads.
treck to go on a journey.
trek to go on a journey.
trodden (PaP.) TREAD, to walk on.
trog to trudge, walk wearily.
tromp to apply heavy foot pressure to something; to tread heavily.
trudge a heavy or weary walk; (verb) to walk tiredly.
trudger one who trudges.
untread (Shakesp.) to tread back; to retrace.
untrodden (PaP.) UNTREAD, to tread back.
wade to walk through water.
walk an excursion on foot; (verb) to proceed on foot.
walkable capable of being walked on or over.
walker one that walks.
yomp to march with heavy equipment over difficult terrain; to cover a certain distance in this way.