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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

creep a stealthy movement low to the ground (verb) to crawl
creepingly (Adv.) CREEPING.
prole a proletarian; (verb, obs.) to prowl.
proler (Obs.) a prowler.
proll (Obs.) to prowl.
proller (Obs.) a prowler.
proul (Obs.) to prowl.
prouler (Obs.) a prowler.
prowl to move about stealthily (noun) the act of prowling.
prowler one that prowls.
sidle to move sideways.
sidler one who sidles.
sidlingly (Adv.) SIDLING, moving stealthily.
skulker one who skulks.
slink to move stealthily SLINKY.
slinker one who slinks.
sneak a telltale (verb) to move stealthily
sneaking stealthy.
sneakingly (Adv.) SNEAKING.
stealth secret or unobtrusive going (verb) to approach without being detected
stowlins (Scots) by stealth.
stownlins (Scots) by stealth.