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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

coggle a cobblestone (verb) to be unsteady, to wobble
coggly wobbly.
didder (Dial.) to shake.
diddle to cheat, swindle.
dindle (Scots) to tingle, vibrate.
dinnle (Scots) to tingle, vibrate.
dirl (Scots) to (cause to) vibrate.
doddery shaky.
flacker (Scots) to flutter.
flaffer (Scots) to flutter.
flichter (Scots) to flutter.
flicker a fluttering movement (verb) to flutter; to flap the wings without flying
flickery given to flickering.
flitter to vibrate or move quickly.
flutter a quick irregular motion (verb) to vibrate or move quickly
flutteringly (Adv.) FLUTTERING.
hod a V-shaped stemmed trough for carrying bricks or mortar on the shoulder; (verb) to bob or jog.
hotch (Scots) to hitch, jog.
hotter to vibrate, to tremble.
jactitation involuntary tossing and twitching of the body and limbs.
jig a lively dance; (verb) to dance a jig; to jump up and down.
jigajig with a rolling, jigging motion; (noun) to move with a rolling, jigging motion; (verb) to move with a rolling motion.
jigajog with a rolling, jigging motion; (noun) a rolling, jigging motion; (verb) to move with a rolling jigging motion.
jigger to jerk or shake; to confound.
jiggish jerky.
jiggle a jiggling movement (verb) to wriggle or frisk about; to shake up and down
jiggly given to jiggling.
jigjig with a jolting, jogging motion; (noun) a jolting motion; a jog; (verb) to proceed with a jigging motion.
jink to move suddenly, from side to side.
jog a slight shake or push; (verb) to run at a slow, steady pace.
joggle to move shakily or jerkily.
joggler one who joggles.
jolt a sudden jerk (verb) to jar or shake roughly
jolter one who, or that which, jolts.
joltily (Adv.) JOLTY, in a jolting manner.
joltingly (Adv.) JOLTING.
jolty in a jolting manner.
jounce to jolt, shake JOUNCY.
jouncy jolting.
judder a strong vibration (verb) to vibrate, shudder esp of a machine
juddery given to juddering > JUDDERIER, JUDDERIEST.
libration a slight swinging motion.
librational relating to libration, a slight swinging motion.
lurch a sudden roll or pitch; (verb) to sway abruptly.
noddle (Coll.) the head; (verb) to nod slightly.
nutation a nodding.
oscillate to swing to and fro like a pendulum.
oscillative having a tendency to vibrate.
oscillatory tending to oscillate.
outrock to surpass in rocking.
pendulate to swing as a pendulum.
poss to agitate clothes with a wooden stick in washing them.
precess of a spinning globe, top etc., to wobble.
quake a tremor, an earthquake (verb) to shake or vibrate
quaker one who quakes.
quakily (Adv.) QUAKY, quaking, shaky.
quakiness the state of being quaky.
quakingly (Adv.) QUAKING, shaking.
quaky quaking, shaky.
quaverer one who quavers.
quaveringly (Adv.) QUAVERING.
quavery shaky, quavering.
quetch (Dial.) to stir, move.
quiver a slight shaking (verb) to shake with a slight but rapid motion
quiverer one who quivers.
quiveringly (Adv.) QUIVERING.
quiverish shaky, quivering.
quivery quivering.
ricketily (Adv.) RICKETY, shaky, ramshackle.
ricketiness the state of being rickety.
rickety shaky, ramshackle.
rockingly (Adv.) ROCKING, moving back and forth.
shakable that can be shaken.
shake a tremulous motion (verb) to agitate
shakeable that can be shaken.
shaken (PaP.) SHAKE, to agitate.
shaker one who shakes.
shakily (Adv.) SHAKY, shaking.
shakiness the state of being shaky.
shaky shaking.
shoggle to joggle SHOGGLY.
shoggly (Dial.) shaky, rocking.
shoogie (Scots) to swing, sway back and forth.
shoogle (Scots) a swinging or swaying movement (verb) to swing, sway back and forth
shoogly (Scots) shaky, rocking.
showd (Scots) to rock to and fro.
stagger a sudden unsteadiness (verb) to walk or stand unsteadily
staggerer one who staggers.
staggery given to staggering.
stoit (Scots) to stagger.
stotter to stagger.
succuss to shake up.
succussion the act of shaking.
swag a curtain or length of material hung in folds; (verb) to sway, to sag.
sway a swinging or sweeping motion; rule; (verb) to move slowly back and forth.
swayable that can be swayed.
swayer one who sways.
swayful able to sway.
swee to sway, swing.
sweepy swaying, sweeping.
swey (Scots) to sway, swing.
swing a motion to and fro (verb) to move freely back and forth
swung (PaP.) SWING, to move freely back and forth.
teeter to wobble.
thirl to vibrate, thrill.
titubant staggering.
titubate to stagger; to stumble.
toddle to walk unsteadily.
topple to fall forward.
totter an unsteady walk (verb) to walk unsteadily
totterer one who totters.
totteringly (Adv.) TOTTERING.
tottery shaky > TOTTERIER, TOTTERIEST.
totty unsteady; tottery > TOTTIER, TOTTIEST; (noun) a woman or small child
tremble an involuntary shake (verb) to shake involuntarily
trembly given to trembling.
tremor a quiver, a vibration; (verb) to quiver.
tremulous trembling; quivering.
tremulously (Adv.) TREMULOUS, trembling; quivering.
unshaked (Shakesp.) unshaken.
unswayable (Shakesp.) not capable of being swayed.
unswayed not swayed, unpersuaded.
upsway to sway or swing aloft; as, to upsway a club.
vibrate to move back and forth rapidly.
vibratingly (Adv.) VIBRATING.
wabble (Obs.) an unsteady movement (verb) to wobble
wabbler (Obs.) one who wabbles.
wabbly wobbly.
wag a sideways movement; a droll person; (verb) to move from side to side.
waggle to wag WAGGLY.
waggler one who waggles.
wagglingly (Adv.) WAGGLING.
waggly waggling.
walty inclined to tip over or lean.
wamble to feel nausea; to move unsteadily or with a weaving or rolling motion WAMBLY.
wamblingly (Adv.) WAMBLING.
wambly affected with, or causing, sickness; unsteady.
wandle (Dial.) supple, pliant, nimble; (verb) to walk haltingly.
wankle unstable or unsteady.
wapper to cause to shake; to tremble; to totter.
wauff (Scots) to wave.
wave a ridge on the surface of a liquid (verb) to move freely back and forth or up and down
waver to move back and forth WAVERY.
waveringly (Adv.) WAVERING.
waverous unsteady.
wavery waving.
whiffle to waver, or shake, as if moved by gusts of wind.
wibble to wobble.
wiggle a wiggling motion (verb) to move with short, quick movements from side to side
wintle (Scots) to stagger.
wobble an unstead movement (verb) to move unsteadily
wobbler one who wobbles.
yaw of eg a plane, to move from right to left in a horizontal plane.