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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abducent turning away; bearing away from.
anfractuous full of twists and turns; winding.
autorotate to self-turn.
autorotation the act of self-turning.
avert to turn away.
avertedly (Adv.) AVERTED, turned aside.
circumduct to cause to revolve around an imaginary axis.
circumgyrate to whirl or roll round.
circumnutate to proceed with a spiral motion.
circumvolution anything winding or sinuous.
circumvolve to roll round.
contort to twist out of shape.
contortedly (Adv.) CONTORTED.
corkscrew a device, usually consisting of a piece of metal in the shape of a screw, for drawing corks from bottles; (verb) to twist from side to side.
corotate to rotate jointly.
cowp (Scots) to overturn, turn up.
deflect to turn aside.
deflection an act of bending or turning away.
deflector something that deflects.
deflexion an act of bending or turning away.
deflexional showing deflexion.
deflexure a deflection.
detorsion the act of detorting; a twisting or warping.
detort (Obs.) to untwist.
detortion (Obs.) the act of detorting; a twisting or warping.
deviate to turn aside from a course or norm.
deviation the act of deviating.
deviatory tending to deviate.
dextrogyrate causing to turn to the right hand.
dextrogyre causing to turn to the right hand.
dextrorsal rising spirally and turning to the left.
dextrorse rising spirally and turning to the left.
disentwine to free from being entwined or twisted.
diverse varied (verb, Spenser) to turn aside
diversely (Adv.) DIVERSE, varied.
divert to turn aside.
diverter one who diverts.
divertingly (Adv.) DIVERTING.
dogleg a sharp bend; (verb) to move in an angle.
entwine to twine around.
entwinement the act of entwining.
entwist to twist into or together.
evaginate to turn inside out.
eversion the act of turning inside out or outwards.
evert to turn inside out; to turn outwards.
extravert extrovert (verb) to turn outwards
extravertly (Adv.) EXTRAVERT, in a showy or extrovert manner.
extrovert turning outwards (verb) to turn outwards
extrovertly (Adv.) EXTROVERT, turning outwards.
flexuose full of windings and turnings.
flexuous full of windings and turnings.
flexuously (Adv.) FLEXUOUS, full of windings and turnings.
gyral moving in a circular path or way; gyratory.
gyrally (Adv.) GYRAL, moving in a circular path or way.
gyrant gyrating.
gyrate to revolve or rotate.
gyration the act of gyrating.
gyrational relating to gyration.
gyrator one who gyrates.
gyratory moving in a circle, or spirally; revolving.
gyre a circular or spiral movement; (verb) to move in a circle or spiral.
gyroidal spiral, rotatory.
inbent bent inwards.
inflexed bent inwards; turned.
inswing an inward swing.
intertwine to unite by twining one with another.
intertwiningly (Adv.) INTERTWINING.
intertwist to twist together one with another.
intertwistingly (Adv.) INTERTWISTING.
intervolve to roll up or entwine with one another.
interwind to wind in among.
interwreathe to twine in between.
intorsion a twist, a twine.
intort to twist inwards.
intortion a twist, a twine.
inturn a turning inwards.
inturned turned inwards.
intwinement the act of intwining.
intwist to twist into or together.
inversion the act of inverting or state of being inverted.
inversive tending to invert.
invert to turn upside down.
invertedly (Adv.) INVERTED.
inverter one who inverts.
invertor one who inverts.
inwind to wind about; to encircle.
kam (Shakesp.) crooked, awry.
kamme (Shakesp.) crooked, awry.
mazey winding or convoluted as a maze; confused, dizzy.
mazily (Adv.) MAZY, like a maze, winding.
mazy winding or convoluted as a maze; confused, dizzy.
meandrian (Obs.) meandering.
meandrous meandering.
obversion the act of turning toward or downward.
obvert to turn in the direction of, or face to face with, something.
outwhirl to surpass in whirling.
overspin the spinning of a flying ball as if it were rolling on the ground.
pitchpole to turn end over end.
pivot to turn on a shaft or rod.
retrorse turned back or downward.
retrorsely (Adv.) RETRORSE, turned back or downward.
retrovert to turn back.
retwist to twist again.
revolve to turn about an axis.
revolvency the act or state of revolving.
revolvingly (Adv.) REVOLVING.
rotatable that can be rotated.
rotate to turn about an axis.
rotation the act or an instance of rotating.
rotational relating to rotation.
rotative turning like a wheel.
rotatively (Adv.) ROTATIVE, turning, as a wheel.
rotatory turning as on an axis.
serpentine winding (verb) to wind
serpentinely (Adv.) SERPENTINE, winding.
serpentiningly (Adv.) SERPENTINING.
serpentinise to wind.
serpentinize to wind.
serpentise to wind; to cause to wind.
sheer utter (verb) to swerve, to deviate
sheerly (Adv.) SHEER, utter.
shunt to turn aside.
slew a large number or amount; (verb) to swerve violently.
slue a large number or amount; (verb) to swerve violently.
spiral winding like the thread of a screw (verb) to move in spiral fashion
spirally (Adv.) SPIRAL, winding like the thread of a screw.
strobic like a spinning top; appearing to spin.
swarve to swerve.
swerve a sudden turn; (verb) to turn aside suddenly from a straight course.
swerver one who swerves.
swirl a whirling motion (verb) to move with a whirling motion
swirlingly (Adv.) SWIRLING.
swirly swirling.
swivel a ring or link that turns round on a pin or neck; (verb) to turn as if on a pivot.
tirl (Scots) to turn; to whirl; to rattle.
torsibility the ability to be twisted or subjected to torsion.
torsion twisting; a twist; the strain produced by twisting.
torsional of or pertaining to torsion.
torsionally (Adv.) TORSIONAL, of or pertaining to torsion.
tortility the state of being tortile, twisted, or wreathed.
tortuosity the state of being tortuous.
tortuous full of twistings and windings.
tortuously (Adv.) TORTUOUS, full of twists and windings.
tortuousness the state of being tortuous.
trochilic of or relating to rotatory motion.
turn a change of direction; (verb) to change direction.
turnable that can be turned.
twiddle a twirl (verb) to play idly with something
twiddler one who twiddles.
twiddly characterized by twiddling.
twine a twisted cord; string or strong thread (verb) to twist together
twiningly (Adv.) TWINING. winding, coiling.
twirl a twist, a spin (verb) to rotate rapidly
twirly given to twirling.
twist a cord, a strand (verb) to combine by winding together
twistable that can be twisted.
twisty full of twists.
twizzle to swirl; to spin.
uey (Aust. sl.) a U-turn.
unlay to untwist.
unturn to turn backwards.
untwist to untwine.
unwreathe to take out of a wreathed condition.
upend to turn on end.
upturn to turn upwards.
veer to change direction.
veeringly (Adv.) VEERING, changing direction.
verticity the power of turning.
volutation the action of rolling.
volution a revolving movement.
vorticose like a vortex, whirling.
wheeler one who wheels, or turns.
whirl a rapid rotary motion (verb) to revolve rapidly
whirlabout anything that whirls around; a whirligig.
whirler one who whirls.
whirlingly (Adv.) WHIRLING.
wiggler one who wiggles.
windring (Shakesp.) winding.
wrench to twist suddenly and forcibly.
wrick to twist; to sprain; to strain.
wriggle a turn or twist (verb) to turn or twist in a sinuous manner
wriggler one who wriggles.
wriggly given to wriggling.
writhe to squirm or twist in pain.
writhen (Arch.) twisted, convoluted.
writher one that writhes.
writhingly (Adv.) WRITHING.
wry twisted (verb) to give a twist to
wryly (Adv.) WRY, twisted to one side.
wryness the quality of being wry.
wrythen (Arch.) twisted, convoluted.
zag a new line, or sharp change, of direction on a zigzag course; (verb) to change direction on a zigzag course.
zig a new line or sharp change of direction on a zigzag course; (verb) to change direction on a zigzag course.
zigzag a short sharp turning (verb) to move in zigzag fashion
zigzaggedness the state of being zigzag.
zigzagger one who zigzags.
zigzaggery the state of being zigzag.
zigzaggy having sharp turns.