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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alcaiceria (Spanish) a bazaar.
automat a restaurant or shop where hot dishes are obtained from slot machines.
bakeshop a bakery.
bazaar (Persian) an Eastern marketplace.
bazar (Persian) an Eastern marketplace.
bookshop a store where books are sold.
bookstall a stall for the sale of books.
bookstore a bookshop.
bootery a shoe store.
boutique (Fr.) a shop, or department in a store, selling (esp fashionable) clothes or accessories.
boutiquey like a boutique.
brewhouse a brewery.
brickfield a brickyard.
chandlery the business of, premises of, or goods sold by a chandler.
checkout the cash desk where goods bought in a supermarket, etc are paid for.
chophouse in China, a customs house.
chowk (Hindi) a marketplace.
clearinghouse an establishment maintained by banks for settling mutual claims and accounts.
coalyard a yard where coal is stored.
confectionary a place where sweets are made.
crame (Scots) a booth for selling goods.
curriery a currier's shop or trade.
cyclery a bicycle shop.
dairy an establishment dealing in milk products.
deli (Short for) a delicatessen.
delly (Coll.) a delicatessen (adj.) like a dell
dep a convenience store.
depanneur (Fr.) a convenience store in French Canada.
depository a place where anything is deposited.
drivethrough a shop or restaurant designed so that customers can be served without leaving their cars.
drugstore (US) a chemist's shop.
duddery a place where rags are bought and kept for sale.
duka (Swahili) in E. Africa, a shop, store.
emporium (Lat.) a shop, esp one that sells unusual or fancy goods.
entrepot (Fr.) a place, such as a warehouse, port, or trading center, to which goods are brought for distribution to other parts of the world.
etalage (Fr.) a display, esp of goods in a shop window.
flypitch a market stall for which an operator has no licence.
forum (Lat.) a marketplace; a place for discussion.
galleria (Ital.) a shopping arcade.
giftshop a shop selling presents.
ginshop (Arch.) a shop or barroom where gin is sold as a beverage.
godown (Malay) a warehouse.
groceteria (US) a self-service grocery store.
haberdashery a shop selling small sewing articles.
heelbar a shop or counter where shoes, etc are repaired.
hong (Chinese) a Chinese warehouse or foreign mercantile house in China; (verb, obs.) to hang.
hypermarket a very large self-service store.
hypermart a very large self-service store.
kirana in India, a small, usually family-owned shop selling groceries and other sundries.
launderette a self-service laundry.
laundrette a self-service laundry.
librairie (Fr.) a bookshop.
louma a weekly market in rural areas of developing countries.
luckenbooth (Scots) a shop or booth esp in 18th century Edinburgh.
mandi (Hindi) a big market.
market a periodic gathering of people for the purposes of buying and selling; (verb) to offer for sale.
marketplace an open square or place in a town where markets or public sales are held.
megamall a very large shopping mall.
megastore a large supermarket.
mercado (Spanish) a market.
mercat (Scots) market; trade.
microbrewery a small brewery making specialty beer in limited quantities.
minimarket a small supermarket.
minimart a small supermarket, convenience store.
offie (Sl.) an off-licence.
offy (Sl.) an off-licence.
patisserie (Fr.) a shop which sells fancy cakes etc.
pawnshop a place where things are pawned.
pharmacy a drugstore.
pizzeria (Ital.) a place where pizzas are sold.
ramada (Spanish) an outdoor eating area with roof but open sides.
rialto a theatrical district; a marketplace.
salering a ring where eg cattle are sold.
saleroom a room where goods for sale, esp at auction, are displayed.
salesroom a room where goods for sale, esp at auction, are displayed.
saleyard an enclosure in which livestock for auction are kept.
servo (Aust. sl.) a service station.
shebang a room, house, shop; an affair as in 'the whole shebang'.
shopfront the front of a shop.
shophouse (in Southeast Asia) a store opening onto the sidewalk and also used as the owner's residence.
shoppe a small store.
showplace a place visited or shown as a sight.
sook (Arabic) an Arab marketplace; (verb) to suck.
souk (Arabic) an Arab marketplace; (verb) to suck.
stockyard a large yard with pens where cattle are kept for slaughter, market etc.
submarket a subordinate market.
suk (Arabic) an Arab marketplace.
sukh (Arabic) an Arab marketplace.
superbazaar in India, a large department store or supermarket, esp one set up as a cooperative store by the government.
superbazar in India, a large department store or supermarket, esp one set up as a cooperative store by the government.
superette a small local supermarket.
supermarket a selfservice retail market selling esp foods and household merchandise.
supermart a big supermarket.
superstore a very large store often offering a wide variety of merchandise for sale.
suq (Arabic) an Arab marketplace.
swagshop a place where cheap trashy goods are sold.
sweetshop a shop that sells sweets.
tagareen (Dial.) a junk shop.
tallyshop a shop where goods are sold on credit to be paid for by instalments.
tolsel a tollbooth; a merchants' meeting place, or exchange.
tolsey a tollbooth; a merchants' meeting place, or exchange.
tolzey a tollbooth; also, a merchants' meeting place, or exchange.
toyshop a shop where toys are sold.
tripery a place where tripe is prepared or sold.
truckstop a place providing fuel, oil and service facilities for truck drivers.
tryste a market.
tuckshop a confectioner's shop.
vintry a place where wine is sold.
warehouse a building or room for storing goods; (verb) to store in a warehouse.
warehousing storage in a warehouse.
winery a place where wine is prepared.
wineshop a shop where wine is sold.