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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

albergo (Ital.) an inn, auberge.
alehouse a public house.
aparthotel a hotel in which self-catering service apartments are available for rent.
auberge (Fr.) an inn.
barrelhouse a cheap saloon.
beanery (US sl.) a cheap restaurant.
beerhall a large drinking place.
bistro (Russian) a small bar or restaurant.
bistroic of or like a bistro, a small bar or restaurant.
boatel a waterside hotel, catering esp for boat-owners.
bodega (Spanish) a wine-cellar.
boite (Fr.) a nightclub.
botel a waterside hotel, catering esp for boat-owners.
bottega (Ital.) a wineshop.
bousingken (Obs.) in thieves' slang, a low drinking shop.
brasserie (Fr.) a restaurant serving alcoholic beverages, esp beer, as well as food.
brewpub a combined pub and small-scale brewery.
bunkie a small separate building for guests.
buvette (Obs.) in France, a small refreshment bar at the roadside.
caf a cafeteria or cafe.
cafe a coffee house or a small, inexpensive restaurant.
cafeteria a restaurant where customers serve themselves, or are served from, and usually pay at, a counter before sitting down to eat.
caff (Sl.) cafe.
campsite an area suitable for camping.
cantina (Spanish) a bar or saloon; a wineshop.
caravansarai a kind of unfurnished inn or extensive enclosed courtyard where caravans stop.
caravansary a kind of unfurnished inn or extensive enclosed courtyard where caravans stop.
caravanserai a kind of unfurnished inn or extensive enclosed courtyard where caravans stop.
carvery a type of buffet service restaurant where the main course meat is served from the joint on request.
choltry (Malay) a caravanserai; a shed used as a place of assembly.
choultry (Malay) a caravanserai; a shed used as a place of assembly.
coffeehouse an establishment that sells coffee and usually other refreshments and that commonly serves as an informal club for its regular customers.
cookhouse a place where cooking is carried out.
cookshack a shack used for cooking.
cookshop an eating house.
creperie (Fr.) a restaurant specialising in pancakes.
dhaba (Hindi) a roadside cafe or stall.
doggery a cheap saloon, a dive.
dosshouse a very cheap lodging-house.
dramshop a shop or barroom where spirits are sold by the dram.
eaterie a dining establishment.
eatery a dining establishment.
ecolodge a tourist accommodation facility designed to have minimal impact on the environment, often constructed as part of an environmental project.
estaminet (Fr.) a small cafe; a bistro.
flophouse (US) a cheap hotel, a dosshouse.
fonda (Spanish) a tavern.
foodery a restaurant.
gasthaus (German) a small hotel in Germany.
gastropub a pub that specializes in providing food and wine of a standard more typical of a fine restaurant than a traditional pub.
gite (Fr.) in France, a farmhouse offering holiday accommodation.
grillery a place where food is grilled.
groggery a low public-house.
grogshop a place where grog is sold.
hospitale (Spenser) lodging.
hostel a residence for students or for some class or society of people, esp one run charitably or not for profit; (verb) to stay at a hostel.
hosteler a person who lives in or uses a hostel, esp a youth hostel.
hosteller a person who lives in or uses a hostel, esp a youth hostel.
hostelry an inn.
hostry (Spenser) a hostelry; an inn or lodging house.
hotel a public lodging.
hoteldom the world of hotels.
imaret (Turkish) a lodging house for Mohammedan pilgrims.
inn a hostelry; (verb, arch.) to put up at an inn.
innless without an inn.
innyard the courtyard surrounding an inn.
luncheonette a small restaurant serving light lunches.
minshuku (Japanese) a Japanese guesthouse.
motel a roadside hotel.
munga (NZ) an army canteen.
niterie (Coll.) a nightclub.
nitery (Coll.) a nightclub.
nosherie (Coll.) a cafe or restaurant.
noshery (Coll.) a cafe or restaurant.
parador (Spanish) a type of tourist accommodation, eg a converted castle, in Spain.
pensione (Ital.) a boarding-house.
porterhouse a house where malt liquor (as porter) is sold.
posthouse an inn, orig where horses were kept for posting.
pothouse an alehouse.
potshop a small public house.
pousada (Portuguese) a traditional hotel in Portugal or Portuguese speaking countries.
pub a public house; (verb) to visit a pub.
pubco a company that operates a chain of pubs.
rathskeller (Ger.) a usually basement tavern or restaurant.
restaurant a business establishment where meals or refreshments may be purchased.
roadhouse a roadside public house.
rubbidy (Aust. sl.) a pub.
rubbity (Aust. sl.) a pub.
ryokan (Japanese) a traditional Japanese inn.
shebean an illicit liquor shop.
shebeen an illicit liquor shop; (verb) to keep in a shebeen.
shebeening keeping in a shebeen.
snackette a snack bar.
speakeasy an illicit bar for selling alcohol.
steakhouse a restaurant specialising in steak.
taphouse a tavern.
taqueria (Spanish) a Mexican restaurant serving mainly tacos.
tavern a place where liquor is sold to be drunk on the premises.
taverna (Mod. Gr.) in Greece, a type of guesthouse with bar.
teahouse an establishment where tea is served.
tearoom a restaurant serving tea.
teashop a tearoom.
terrasse (Fr.) a paved area outside a French cafe > TERRASSES.
trat (Short for) a trattoria, an Italian restaurant.
tratt (Short for) a trattoria, an Italian restaurant.
trattoria (Ital.) an Italian restaurant.
tray the three in cards or dice.