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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aerie a bird of prey's nest.
aeried having aeries, eg of a crag.
aerily (Adv.) AERY, airy.
aery like air (noun) a bird of prey's nest
aiery a bird of prey's nest.
apiary a home for bees.
aquarial of or pertaining to an aquarium.
aquarian of or pertaining to an aquarium; (noun, arch.) one who keeps an aquarium.
aquarium (Lat.) an artificial pond or tank (usu. with transparent sides) for keeping live aquatic plants and animals.
aviarist the keeper of an aviary.
aviary a large enclosure for live birds.
ayrie a bird of prey's nest.
beavery a place where beavers are kept.
beehive a hive for bees.
beeyard an apiary.
birdcage a cage for birds.
birdhouse a nesting-box; an aviary.
brooder a heated building or enclosure for rearing young chicks.
byre a cow barn.
cavie (Scots) a hencoop or cage.
cete a group of badgers.
cocoonery a building or apartment for silkworms, when feeding and forming cocoons.
columbarium (Lat.) a vault with niches for storing urns; a dovecote or pigeon house.
columbary a dovecote; a pigeon house.
corfhouse (Scots) a salmon-curing house.
cowhouse a building in which cows are stalled.
cowshed a shelter for cows.
croove (Scots) a pen or sty.
cruive (Scots) a pen or sty.
cruve (Scots) a pen or sty.
deeryard an area where deer herd in winter.
den the hollow lair of a wild animal; (verb) to retire to a den.
dogtown a prairie dog community.
dolphinarium a place where dolphins are kept.
doocot (Scots) a dovecote.
dooket (Scots) a dovecote.
dovecot a small compartmented raised house or box for domestic pigeons.
dovecote a small compartmented raised house or box for domestic pigeons.
drey a squirrel's nest.
drylot an enclosure for livestock.
ecurie (Fr.) a stable.
eggery (Arch.) a place where eggs are laid.
eyrie a bird of prey's nest.
eyry a bird of prey's nest.
formicarium an anthill, an ant colony.
formicary an anthill.
froggery frogs collectively; a place where frogs abound.
gannetry a place for gannets.
goosery a place for keeping geese.
hatchery a place where eg fish are kept for spawning.
hencoop an enclosure in which hens are kept.
henhouse a place for keeping hens.
hennery an inclosed place for keeping hens.
heronry a place for herons.
hive a box or basket in which bees live and store up honey; (verb) to put into a hive.
hiveless destitute of a hive.
hivelike like a hive.
holt the lair or den of an animal, esp an otter.
hutch a coop or cage for small animals; (verb, Milton) to hoard up.
insectarium a vivarium for insects.
insectary a place for keeping living insects.
keavie (Scots) a hencoop or cage.
kennel a house for a dog; (verb) to keep in a kennel.
lair the den or retreat of a wild animal; (verb) to go to a lair.
lairage a place of accommodation where cattle are housed or 'laired'.
menagerie (Fr.) a collection of wild animals.
mistal (Dial.) a cowshed.
mousery a place where mice habitually gather.
nestlike like a nest.
nidal pertaining to a nest or nidus.
nidify to build a nest.
nidus (Lat.) a nest or breeding-place; fig. a source or origin.
oceanarium an enclosed part of the sea in which dolphins, porpoises etc. are kept for display.
ophidiarium a snake-house.
owlery a place inhabited by owls.
penfold a place in which stray cattle or domestic animals are confined.
penguinery a breeding place, or rookery, of penguins.
penguinry a place where penguins live.
perchery a barn in which hens are allowed to move without restriction.
pheasantry a place for keeping and rearing pheasants.
pigeonry a place for pigeons; a dovecote.
piggery a place where swine are kept.
pigpen a pigsty.
pigsty a place where pigs are kept.
pinfold a place in which stray cattle or domestic animals are confined; (verb) to impound.
rabbitry a place where rabbits are kept.
ranarium (Lat.) a place for rearing frogs.
rathole a hole for rats.
rattery a place where rats are kept.
reptilium a place where live reptiles are kept for show.
rookery a place where rooks nest; a warren of streets.
sealery a place where seals are killed.
seaquarium an oceanarium.
sett a badger's home.
sheepcot a small enclosure for sheep.
sheepcote a small inclosure for sheep.
sheepfold a pen for sheep.
snakepit a pit filled with snakes.
stie (Obs.) a sty; (verb) to keep in a sty.
sty a home for a pig; (verb) to keep in a sty.
swannery a place for swans.
swinery a place where pigs are kept.
termitarium (Lat.) a termite nest.
termitary a nest or mound of termites.
terrarium (Lat.) a vivarium for small land animals.
vespiary a nest or colony of wasps.
vivarium (Lat.) an artificial enclosure for keeping live animals.
vivary (Arch.) a vivarium, an artificial enclosure for keeping live animals.
viver (Dial.) a fishpond.
volary an aviary.
warren a rabbit community.
waspnest a nest of wasps; also fig. a set of hostile circumstances.
woolshed a large shed for shearing sheep and storing wool.
wormery a place where worms are bred.
zoo a garden or park where animals are kept.
zooey relating to a zoo.