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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

allee (Fr.) an avenue, walk or garden path.
allotment a piece of ground let out for spare-time cultivation.
arable suitable for ploughing; (noun) ploughed land.
arbored furnished with an arbor, a bower of trees.
arboret (Obs.) a shrubbery.
arbour a bower or shady retreat, with sides and roof formed mainly by trees and climbing plants.
arboured equipped with an arbour, a bower of trees.
arish (Dial.) a stubble field.
arrish (Dial.) a stubble field.
backland a piece of land at the back of an established property.
backyard an area at the rear of a house.
bagh (Hinglish) a garden.
barn a building for storing hay, straw etc. (verb) to store in a barn
barnyard a yard near a barn.
barton a farmyard.
bowery (US) a farm.
chinampa (Nahuatl) a floating garden of earth piled on rafts of twigs.
coldhouse a plant frame or greenhouse without artificial heat.
coolhouse a greenhouse kept at a cool temperature.
cornfield a field in which corn is growing.
cornland ground suitable for growing grain.
cornloft a loft for corn; a granary.
courtyard a court or enclosed ground attached to a building, usually a large house.
creamery a place where butter and cheese are made, or where milk and cream are put up in cans for market.
croft a small piece of arable land; (verb) to expose cloth to the elements in the course of bleaching it.
cropland land on which crops are grown.
cutover (US) land cleared of trees.
dooryard (US) a yard about the door of a house.
dungheap a heap of dung.
dunghill a heap of manure.
dungmere a manure-pit.
ejido (Spanish) a piece of land farmed communally in Mexico.
erf a S. African garden plot.
estancia (Spanish) a Spanish-American cattle-estate.
farm a tract of land devoted to agriculture; (verb) to manage and cultivate as a farm.
farmhouse the farmer's house attached to a farm.
farmland cultivated land.
farmstead a farmhouse with buildings belonging to it.
farmyard an area surrounded by farm buildings.
fazenda (Port.) a hacienda, a coffee plantation.
feedlot a plot of land on which livestock is fattened.
feedyard a place where cattle are kept and fed.
fenceline the continuous extent of fence encompassing a tract of land, especially on a ranch.
fencewire wire used in making fence.
fencerow the land occupied by a fence.
ferm (Spenser) a farm, lodging.
foodland land for the production of food.
foodshed the area through which food is transported from farm to consumer.
garden a piece of ground on which flowers, etc are cultivated, adjoining a house; (verb) to cultivate a plot of ground.
gardenless without a garden.
garth (ON) a small yard surrounded by a cloister.
grainfield a field where grain is grown.
granary a storehouse or repository for grain, esp after it is thrashed or husked.
greenway a piece of undeveloped land in a city.
hacienda (Spanish) a landed estate, a ranch.
hardscape in the practice of landscaping, the built environment including paved areas like streets & sidewalks, structures, walls etc.
hardscrabble relating to a piece of barren or barely arable soil; (noun) great effort made in the face of difficulties.
hayfield a field where grasses for hay are grown.
headrig (Scots) a headland in a ploughed field.
herbar (Spenser) a herb-garden.
herbary a garden of herbs; a cottage garden.
homestead a dwelling-house with outhouses and enclosures immediately connected with it.
hopfield a field where hops are grown.
hothouse a greenhouse; (verb) to rear intensively.
ing a meadow, esp one beside a river.
kailyaird a cabbage patch, a kitchen garden.
kailyard a cabbage patch, a kitchen garden.
kaleyard a cabbage patch, a kitchen garden.
kibbutz (Hebrew) in Israel, an agricultural settlement.
kolhoz (Russian) a collective or cooperative farm in the former USSR.
kolkhos (Russian) a collective or cooperative farm in the former USSR.
kolkhoz (Russian) a collective or cooperative farm in the former USSR.
kolkoz (Russian) a collective or cooperative farm in the former USSR.
latifondo a great landed estate.
latifundio (Lat.) a great landed estate.
latifundium (Lat.) a great landed estate.
lawn a smooth space of ground covered with grass (verb) to turn into lawn
lawned having a lawn.
lawny having a lawn; like a lawn.
lea a meadow or pasture.
leasow (OE) a pasture; (verb) to pasture.
leasowe (OE) a pasture.
leaze a pasture.
ley a meadow or pasture.
linch an unploughed strip as a boundary between two fields.
linchet an unploughed strip as a boundary between two fields.
lynchet an unploughed strip as a boundary between two fields.
meadow a tract of grassland.
meadowy of or pertaining to meadows > MEADOWIER, MEADOWIEST.
middenstead the site of a midden.
milpa (Spanish) in Central America and Mexico, a small cultivated field, usually of corn or maize.
minipark a small park.
mixen a dunghill.
olitory (Arch.) a potherb, a kitchen garden.
onstead a single farmhouse; a steading.
orchard an area for the cultivation of fruit trees.
orchat (Obs.) an orchard.
padang (Malay) a field, esp a playing field.
paddy a rice field.
park a piece of land in a town for public recreation (verb) to leave a vehicle in a location for a time
parkish like a park.
parkland a grassland region with isolated or grouped trees.
parklike resembling an outdoor recreational area.
parkly like a park.
parrock (Scots) a croft, or small field; a paddock; (verb) to confine in a parrock.
parterre (Fr.) a flower garden in which beds and paths form a pattern.
pasturage the business of feeding or grazing cattle.
pastural relating to pasture.
pasture grass for grazing; (verb) to put to grazing.
pastureland land used for pasture.
pightle a small enclosure; a croft.
plaas (Afrikaans) a farm.
platband (Fr.) a border of flowers in a garden, along a wall or a parterre.
pleasance (Arch.) a pleasure ground or specialized part of a garden.
ploughgate (Scots) plowland.
ploughland land under the plough.
plowland land under the plough.
potager (Fr.) a garden laid out in a decorative way.
ranch an establishment for raising livestock; (verb) to work on a ranch.
ranchette a small ranch.
ranchland the land occupied by a ranch.
ranchlike like a ranch.
ricefield a field used for growing rice.
rickyard a farmyard or enclosure where ricks are stored.
roji (Japanese) a form of Japanese garden design.
rosarium (Lat.) a rose garden.
rosebed a part of a garden where roses grow.
saeter (Norwegian) an upland pasture that provides summer pasture.
sawah (Malay) an irrigated paddy-field.
seedbed a piece of ground for receiving seed.
shamba (Swahili) in E. Africa, any plot, farm or smallholding used for growing crops.
sheepwalk a range of pasture for sheep.
showring a cattle-show ring.
showyard a yard where cattle etc. are shown.
silo a container for grain; (verb) to put or keep in a silo.
smallholding a small-scale farm.
sovkhoz (Russian) a Soviet state-owned farm.
stackyard a yard or inclosure for stacks of hay or grain.
staddle a support for a haystack.
superfarm a very big farm.
vinery a hothouse for rearing vines.
vineyard an area planted with grapevines.
viticetum a plantation of vines.
weedery a place full of weeds or for growing weeds.
wheatfield a field of wheat.
woodlot a piece of land reserved for the growing of timber.
yaird a garden.