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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abattoir (Fr.) a slaughterhouse.
aerodrome a place for aircraft.
airdrome an aerodrome.
arsenal a government establishment for the storage or manufacture of weapons and ammunition.
ashery a place where potash or pearl ash is made.
bakery a place where baked goods are sold.
banco (Ital.) a bank, esp that of Venice.
bellfoundry a place where bells are made.
bindery a workplace where books are bound.
bismar (ON) in Orkney and Shetland, a kind of steelyard.
bleachery a place or an establishment where bleaching is done.
bloomery a factory where iron bars are manufactured.
boatport an enclosure for boats.
boatyard a marina.
boilery a place and apparatus for boiling, as for evaporating brine in salt making.
boneyard a place where the bones of dead animals are deposited; (sl.) a cemetery.
bookbindery a place where books are bound.
brewery a place for brewing.
brickkiln a kiln where bricks are made.
brickyard a place where bricks are made.
brownfield denoting a site that has previously been developed for urban or industrial use; (noun) such a site.
calendry a place where calendering is done.
cannery a place where food is canned.
carbarn a garage for buses.
cattery a place where cats are looked after.
catworks the assemblage of motors and catheads providing power for secondary activities on drilling platforms.
coalpit a pit where coal is dug.
colliery the place where coal is dug; a coal mine, and the buildings, etc., belonging to it.
condensery a condensed milk-factory.
copshop (Sl.) a police-station.
cornmill a flour-mill.
countinghouse a building, room, or office used for keeping books and transacting business.
customhouse an office or residence for customs officials.
customshouse an office or residence for customs officials.
daftar (Hindi) in India, an office, esp a military orderly room.
daycentre a building used for daycare.
distillery the building and works where distilling, esp of alcoholic liquors, is carried on.
dockland a district round about docks.
dockside a district round about docks.
dockyard a shipyard.
douane (Fr.) a customhouse.
dumpsite the location of a dump.
dyeworks a place where dye is manufactured.
factory a building or group of buildings in which goods are manufactured.
farmery the buildings and yards necessary for the business of a farm.
fernery a place for rearing ferns.
firehall a fire station.
firehouse (Obs.) a fire station; a house with a fireplace.
floatel a platform or boat containing the sleeping quarters for workers on an oil-rig.
flotel a platform or boat containing the sleeping quarters for workers on an oil-rig.
foundry a place where metals are cast.
frigorifico (Spanish) a slaughtering and meat-freezing establishment.
fullery the place or the works where the fulling of cloth is carried on.
fumatorium (Lat.) a place for smoking or fumigation.
fumatory a place for smoking or fumigation.
gashouse a gasworks.
gasworks a factory where gas is produced.
ginhouse a building where cotton is ginned.
ginnery a place where cotton is ginned.
grapery a building or inclosure used for the cultivation of grapes.
graveyard a burial ground.
greenfield a site free from existing developments.
grindery a place where knives, etc, are ground.
gristmill a mill for grinding grain; esp grists, or portions of grain brought by different customers.
jobcentre a centre for employment.
junkyard a place where junk is stored.
knackery a knacker's yard.
lab (Short for) a laboratory.
laboratory a place equipped for experimental study in a science or for testing and analysis.
laundry a collection of clothes to be washed.
laystall a place for depositing dung or rubbish.
limekiln a kiln for roasting lime.
lubritorium a place in a garage or service station where motor vehicles are lubricated.
lumberyard a yard where a stock of lumber is kept for sale.
manufactory a place where something is made.
maquila (Spanish) a manufacturing plant in Mexico that produce parts for assembly in the United States.
maquiladora (Spanish) a manufacturing plant in Mexico that produce parts for assembly in the United States.
masthouse a building in which vessels' masts are shaped, fitted, etc.
microbrewing production by a microbrew.
milkshed a shed in which cows are milked.
mill a machine for grinding by crushing between hard, rough surfaces; (verb) to grind by mechanical means.
minilab a photo developing retail outlet.
minimill a small scale steel mill.
molendinary belonging to a mill; (noun) a mill.
nailery a manufactory where nails are made.
newsstand a stand from which newspapers are sold.
nightspot a nightclub.
oilfield an area of mineral oil production.
packinghouse an establishment for slaughtering livestock and processing packed meat.
perfumery a place where perfumes are made.
pottery pots and earthenware collectively; a place where pottery is manufactured.
refinery a place where crude material is refined.
rettery a place or establishment where flax is retted.
ropery a place where ropes are made.
ropewalk a long narrow shed or alley for twisting strands into a rope.
ropework a place where ropes are made.
rosery a place where roses are cultivated.
saltern a saltworks.
saltery a factory where fish is salted for storage.
saltwork a place where salt is made.
sawmill a place where logs are sawed.
sawpit a pit in which wood is sawn.
scrapyard a place where old iron or useless material is collected.
semiworks a manufacturing plant operating on a limited commercial scale to provide final tests of a new product or process.
shipyard a place where ships are built or repaired.
slaughterhouse an establishment where animals are butchered.
smeltery a house or place for smelting.
smiddy (Scots) a smithy; (verb) to smithy.
smokehouse a building where meat or fish is cured by subjecting it to a dense smoke.
snailery a place where edible snails are bred.
spacelab a laboratory in space where scientific experiments are performed.
spence a place where provisions are kept; a buttery.
spense a place where provisions are kept; a buttery.
steamie (Scots) a public laundry.
stemmery a large building in which tobacco is stemmed.
stillhouse (US) a distillery.
sugarhouse a factory etc. where sugar or maple syrup is made.
sweatshop a factory or shop using sweated labour.
switchyard an enclosed area for the switching facilities of a power station.
tana (Hindi) an Indian police station.
tanna (Hindi) an Indian police station.
tannah (Hindi) an Indian police station.
tannery a place where leather is tanned.
tanyard an inclosure where the tanning of leather is carried on; a tannery.
tawery a place where skins are dressed.
technopole a place where high-technology industries are located.
thana (Hindi) an Indian police station.
thanah (Hindi) an Indian police station.
thanna (Hindi) an Indian police station.
thannah (Hindi) an Indian police station.
tilery a place where tiles are made or burned; a tile kiln.
timberyard a yard where wood is stored.
toolroom that part of a factory occupied by toolmakers.
tryworks a type of furnace.
typefoundry a place where type is cast.
walkmill a fulling-mill.
washateria a laundrette.
washery a location where industrial washing takes place.
washeteria a laundrette.
waukmill a fulling-mill.
waulkmill a fulling-mill.
woodyard a yard in which wood is cut and stored.
workhouse (Hist.) a place for old people who can no longer support themselves.
workplace a place of work.
workshop a room or building where work is done; (verb) to hold a workshop.
worksite an area where work takes place.