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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

ark a chest or coffer; (verb) to put in an ark > ARKS, ARKING, ARKED.
bandbox a box for holding bands, caps, millinery etc.
barrique a wine barrel.
bento obento a Japanese LUNCHBOX.
billfold a wallet.
bin a container for storing or displaying goods; a stand or case with compartments in which to store bottled wine in a wine; (verb) to put in a bin.
bonbonniere a fancy box for holding sweets.
box to put into a box; to strike with the hand or fists > BOXES, BOXING, BOXED.
boxy like a box > BOXIER, BOXIEST.
boxiness the state of being BOXY, like a box.
boxlike like a box.
breadbox a box for keeping bread in.
briefcase a small case for carrying briefs, or for documents in general.
buist a box, a tar-box; an owner's mark on sheep and cattle; (verb) to mark with this > BUISTS, BUISTING, BUISTED.
caisson a vehicle or chest for holding ammunition. [Fr. caisson, a large chest].
cakebox a container for a cake.
canister a small container, usu. of metal, used for tea, shot, etc; (verb) to put in a canister > CANISTERS, CANISTERED, CANISTERING.
cannister a CANISTER, small container, usu. of metal, used for tea, shot, etc.
cardcase a case or wallet for carrying business or credit cards.
carton a container made of cardboard, or (for holding liquids) of waxed paper or plastic; (verb) to put in a carton > CARTONS, CARTONING, CARTONED.
case a covering, box or sheath; (verb) to put in a case.
cask a hollow round container for holding liquor, made of wooden staves bound with hoops; (verb) to put in a cask.
cashbox a box for keeping cash on.
casket to enclose or store in a casket > CASKETS, CASKETING, CASKETED.
cassolette a perfume-box with perforated lid.
cassone a large chest, carved and painted > CASSONES (although the Italian plural is cassoni).
cellaret cellarette a case or drawer for holding wine bottles.
chaufer chauffer a metal box for holding fire.
chest a large strong box; (verb) (esp in football) to hit or direct (the ball) with one's chest.
clackbox the box containing the clack valve of an engine.
coalbox a box for keeping coal in.
coffer a chest for holding money or treasure, a strongbox; (verb) to put in a strongbox.
coffin a box for a dead body; (verb) to put into a coffin > COFFINS, COFFINING, COFFINED.
coffret a small coffer; a presentation box.
crate a strong metal, plastic, wooden or wickerwork case with partitions, for carrying breakable or perishable goods; (verb) to put in a packing box > CRATES, CRATING, CRATED.
dabba in Indian cookery, a round metal container used to transport hot food.
debe (Swahili) a tin.
embox to set in a box > EMBOXES, EMBOXING, EMBOXED.
etui etwee a small ornamental case for holding e.g. needles.
farebox a box where fares can be placed.
feedbox a box for animal feed.
firebox a chamber for the fire in a steam engine etc.
flybook a case like a book used to hold fishing flies.
glovebox a compartment in a car for gloves etc.
hanaper a case for a HANAP, a drinking goblet; a receptacle for treasure etc.
hatbox a box for keeping a hat in.
haybox a box for keeping hay in, for animals to eat from.
hellbox a printer's receptacle for broken type.
holster a case for a pistol.
holstered kept in a holster. N.B. no HOLSTERING*.
icebox a cabinet for cooling food.
inro a small container for pills and medicines. No —S.
kalamdan qalamdan a Persian writing-case
lacunar lequear a sunken coffer in a ceiling.
larnax a terracotta chest of ancient Greece > LARNAKES.
letterbox a box or slot for receiving mail; a box for posting mail.
lunchbox a box for carrying a packed lunch.
mailbox a box for holding postal items.
matchbox a small box.
mocock mocuck a N. American birch-bark box or basket.
moneybox a box for keeping money in.
notecase a case for holding notes.
paintbox a box containing paints.
papeterie a stationery-case.
pegbox a box for keeping pegs in.
pepperbox a pepper-pot.
petara pitara(# pitarah in India, a travelling box for clothes.
pillbox a box for pills; a small round brimless hat.
pincase a case for pins > PINCASES.
pitara see PETARA.
pitarah see PITARA.
pix pyx a box at the Mint in which sample coins are kept for testing; PYX is also a verb > to test the weight and fineness of coins.
pochette a pocket notecase or wallet.
poorbox a box, esp. in a church, used to collect alms for the poor.
portfolio a case or pair of boards for holding loose papers.
postbox a mailbox.
pouncet a box with a perforated lid, for sprinkling pounce, or for holding perfumes.
pyxis a little box for jewels > PYXIDES.
qalamdan see KALAMDAN.
reliquary a small box or shrine used to hold relics.
safe a metal box, often set in a wall, secure against fire, thieves, etc.
saggar sagger a clay box in which pottery is packed for baking; (verb) to pack in a SAGGAR.
saggard seggar a SAGGAR, a clay box in which pottery is packed for baking.
saltbox a box for holding salt, esp. one with a sloping clapper lid, once used in burlesque music.
scabbard a holder for a bladed weapon, such as a sword; (verb) to put in a scabbard.
scrine scryne a chest for records.
seedbox a box for seeds.
sheath a case for a sword; (verb) to put in a sheath.
shoebox a cardboard box for shoes.
showbox a showman's box out of which he takes his materials.
skippet a flat box for protecting the seal of a document.
snaptin a container for food.
snuffbox a receptacle for snuff.
soapbox a box or crate for holding soap.
solander a case for maps, plates, etc., made to resemble a book and having the front cover and fore edge hinged. [From Daniel Charles Solander (1736-1782), the Swedish naturalist who invented it.]
soundbox part of a gramophone supporting the diaphragm.
standish a stand, or case, for pen and ink.
stocklock a lock with a wooden case.
strongbox a box for holding valuables.
suitcase a flat, rectangular piece of luggage.
suiter a suitcase holding a specific number of suits.
sweatbox a narrow box or cell in which a prisoner is placed for punishment.
tantalus a case in which alcohol decanters are visible but locked up > TANTALUSES.
teabox a box for tea.
thunderbox a chamberbox enclosed in a box or stool.
tin a usu. airtight container or box of tin; (verb) to coat with tin.
tinderbox a box for holding tinder.
toolbox a box for holding tools.
toolcase a case for tools.
toybox a box for toys.
toychest a chest for toys.
trashcan a rubbish bin.
tuckerbox tuckbox a box for carrying food in.
unbox to take out of a box > UNBOXES, UNBOXING, UNBOXED.
vasculum a botanist's collecting case > VASCULA or VASCULUMS. [L. vasculum, diminutive of vas, a vessel].
wallet a flat folding case
woodbin a bin for keeping wood in.
woodbox a box for keeping firewood in.
workbox a box to hold tools etc.
yakhdan a box used for carrying ice on the back of a pack animal. [Persian yakh, ice + dan, box].