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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alebench (Arch.) a bench in or before an alehouse.
almirah (Hindi) a wardrobe, a chest of drawers.
ambo an early Christian raised reading-desk or pulpit.
andiron an iron bar used to support the end of a log in a fire.
armchair a chair with armrests.
armoire (Fr.) a large decorative wardrobe or chest.
armrest a support for the arm.
backrest a back support.
backsplash a vertical surface (as of tiles) designed to protect the wall behind a stove or countertop.
bahut (Fr.) an ornamental, usually round-topped chest or cabinet.
barstool a stool in a barroom.
barware barroom equipment.
bathtub a tub in which to bathe.
beaufet (Obs.) a sideboard, cupboard.
beauffet (Obs.) a sideboard, cupboard.
bedboard the base of a bed.
bedchair a chair with adjustable back, for the sick, to support them while sitting up in bed.
bedframe the frame of a bed.
bedhead the headboard of a bed.
bedless without a bed.
bedlike like a bed.
bedplate a foundation framing or piece, by which the other parts are supported and held in place.
bedpost a post of a bed.
bedrail a rail round a bed.
bedstand a table next to a bed.
bedstead a support for a bed.
berbice as in berbice chair, a type of armchair with long arms that can be folded inwards to act as leg rests. No -S.
berceau (Fr.) a cradle, a covered walk.
bergere (Fr.) a type of easy chair or sofa with cane back and arms.
bibelot (Fr.) a small household ornament or decorative object, a knickknack.
bink a bench.
bookcase a case which holds books.
bookend a support for a row of books; (verb) to place something at either end of.
bookrack a rack for books.
bookrest a rack for books.
bookshelf a shelf for books.
bookstand a stand or support for holding up a book in reading.
boughpot (Arch.) a pot for boughs as an ornament.
bowpot a pot for boughs as an ornament.
brassbound covered with brass eg a chest.
breakfront a kind of cabinet with center beyond ends.
bureau (Fr.) a writing-desk with drawers for papers etc.
cabinet a piece of furniture with shelves and drawers.
cabriole (Fr.) a curved furniture leg ending in a ball.
cachepot (Fr.) an ornamental container used to conceal a flowerpot.
campstool a small canvas stool for outdoor use.
canterbury a stand with divisions for holding books or music.
castered having casters, small swivelling wheels.
chair a movable seat for one person; (verb) to install in office.
chairback the part of a chair that supports the sitter's back.
charpai (Urdu) a string framed bed.
charpoy (Urdu) a string framed bed.
chenet (Fr.) an andiron.
chesterfield a sofa.
cheval as in cheval glass, a full-length mirror that can be swivelled. No -S.
chiffonier (Fr.) a chest of drawers.
chiffonnier (Fr.) a chest of drawers.
chifforobe a combination of wardrobe and chest of drawers.
chiminea a freestanding fireplace for outdoor use.
closestool a stool holding a chamberpot.
coatrack a rack for hanging coats on.
coatstand a stand for hanging coats on.
commode (Fr.) a chamberpot enclosed in a chair or box with a cover.
coppy (Dial.) a small stool.
copydesk an editor's desk in a newspaper office.
cracket a low stool, often one with three legs.
credence a small table for holding sacred vessels.
credenza (Ital.) a long sideboard.
creepie a low stool; a stool of repentance.
crib a child's bed; (verb) to confine closely.
crossbench a bench laid crosswise.
cupboard an item of furniture or a recess fitted with a door, used for storage; (verb) to store.
cuspidor (Port.) a spittoon.
cuspidore (Port.) a spittoon.
davenport a small ornamental writing desk; a large sofa.
deckchair a chair, usually folding and made of canvas and wood, such as passengers sit or lie on deck in.
desk a writing table.
desse (Spenser) a desk.
deuddarn (Welsh) a Welsh dresser or sideboard in two stages.
devonport a small ornamental writing desk; a large sofa.
divan a couch or bed without a head- or footboard.
doorplate a plate on a door with a householder's name on it.
doorstop an object to stop a door shutting.
duchesse (Fr.) a table-cover or centrepiece.
easel a three-legged frame.
easeled mounted on an easel.
ecritoire (Fr.) a writing-desk.
encoignure a piece of furniture made to fit into a corner.
endiron an iron bar used to support the end of a log in a fire.
epergne (Fr.) a branched ornamental centrepiece.
escritoire (Fr.) a writing-desk.
escritorial relating to an escritoire.
estrade (Fr.) a low platform or dais.
etagere (Fr.) a display stand with shelves for small objects or ornaments, etc.
fauteuil (Fr.) an enclosed seat in theatre.
fingerplate a plate to protect a door from dirty fingers.
fireback a cast iron back to a fireplace.
fireboard a mantelpiece.
firedog a support for wood in a fireplace.
fireguard a protective wire frame or railing in front of a fire.
firescreen a screen placed in front of a fire.
flatpack an item of furniture in a carton to be assembled.
floorboard a board in a floor.
footbath a bath for the feet.
footlocker a small trunk designed to be placed at the foot of a bed (as in a barracks).
footstool a stool for placing one's feet on when sitting.
footstooled with one's feet on a footstool.
furniment (Spenser) furnishing.
furniture movables, either for use or ornament, with which a house is equipped.
fusuma (Japanese) a Japanese sliding door > FUSUMAS.
gaddi (Marathi) the cushioned throne of an Indian ruler.
gadi (Marathi) the cushioned throne of an Indian ruler.
gateleg a table with extensions supported by movable legs.
gueridon (Fr.) a small ornate table or stand.
hallan (Scots) a partition or screen between the door and a fireplace in a cottage.
hallstand a stand in a hall for umbrellas etc.
harewood stained sycamore wood, used for making furniture.
hatpeg a peg for hanging hats on.
hatrack a board with pegs for hanging hats on.
hatstand a stand for hats.
headboard a board at the head of a bed.
headchair a high-backed chair with a headrest.
headrest a support for the head.
highboy (US) a tallboy, a tall chest of drawers.
highchair a chair for a child to sit at table.
homeware crockery, furniture etc with which a house or room is furnished.
humpty a low padded seat, a pouffe.
inkstand an inkwell.
jacuzzi a kind of large bath which uses underwater jets of warm water to massage the body.
jalousie (Fr.) an outside shutter with slats.
jalousied fitted with jalousies, an outside shutter with slats.
jardiniere (Fr.) an ornamental stand or receptacle for plants, flowers, etc., used as a piece of decorative furniture in room; a garnish for meat of cooked vegetables.
kaas a large cupboard.
kang (Chinese) a sleeping platform.
kitset in New Zealand, a self-assembly furniture kit.
kneehole the space beneath a desk or bureau for the knees.
kneeler a cushion, hassock, or low bench used for kneeling on, esp in prayer.
kniferest a support on which a carving knife or carving fork is placed at the table.
lampshade a decorative or protective cover designed to moderate or direct the light of a lamp or light bulb.
lapboard a board used on the lap as a substitute for a table, as by tailors.
leglan (Scots) a milking-pail.
leglen (Scots) a milking-pail.
leglin (Scots) a milking-pail.
linenfold a representation of linen laid in vertical folds, of Flemish origin in the 15th century and used by Tudor woodcarvers, mainly for decorating panelling, doors, and chests.
loper one of a pair of sliding hinged pieces of metal acting as supports for eg a desktop.
lounger a comfortable sometimes adjustable couch or extending chair designed for someone to relax on.
loveseat an armchair for two people.
lowboy a table-like chest of drawers.
mantelpiece a mantel with its side elements.
mantelshelf the ornamental shelf over a fireplace.
minibar a small fridge in a hotel room.
necessaire (Fr.) a dressing-table; a workbox.
nightstand a bedside table.
ottoman (Turkish) a low, stuffed seat.
oven an enclosed compartment in which substances are heated; (verb) to cook in an oven.
ovenlike like an oven.
overmantel an ornamental structure set on a mantelshelf.
papasan a chair shaped like a boat.
pelmet a fringe or valance for hiding a curtain rod.
pembroke a small four-legged table with hinged flaps.
piecrust a style of edging for tabletops, trays etc.
playpen a cage for small children.
portiere (Fr.) a curtain hanging across a doorway.
portiered having a portiere, a curtain hanging across a doorway.
pressback relating to wooden chairs of the Victorian period, having a pattern pressed into the crest rail and/or splat by means of a steam press.
priedieu (Fr.) a low desk with a book-space above and a foot-piece for kneeling in prayer.
recamier (Fr.) a backless couch.
recliner a kind of couch.
scrutoire (Fr.) an escritoire, a writing desk.
secretaire (Fr.) a writing desk.
sectional in sections (noun) a piece of furniture made up of modular units
sectionally (Adv.) SECTIONAL.
semainier (Fr.) a chest of drawers.
settee a long seat with a back.
shoji (Japanese) a translucent paper screen forming a sliding door or partition in a Japanese house.
shopboard a bench or board on which work is performed.
sideboard a piece of dining-room furniture for holding plates etc.
sidechair an upright wooden chair without arms.
sidetable a small table at the side of a room.
smokeboard a board suspended in front of a fireplace to prevent the smoke coming out into the room.
sofa a long, upholstered seat.
sofabed a sofa that converts into a bed.
stepstool a stool able to be used as a step.
stool a seat without a back; (verb) to put forth shoots.
strapontin (Fr.) a folding seat in a theatre.
sunbed a unit consisting of a couch with sunlamps for obtaining an artificial suntan.
sunkie (Scots) a little stool.
sunlounger an upholstered couch for sunbathing.
table a piece of furniture having a flat upper surface; (verb) to place on a table.
tabletop the top of a table.
taboret a low stool without a back or arms; a low stand or cabinet; an embroidery frame.
tabouret a low stool without a back or arms; a low stand or cabinet; an embroidery frame.
tabret (Hist.) a small tabor.
tabula (Lat.) a table; a tablet.
tallboy a kind of cupboard.
teacart a tea trolley.
teapoy (Hindi) an ornamental stand, usually with three legs, having caddies for holding tea.
tepoy (Hindi) an ornamental stand, usually with three legs, having caddies for holding tea.
toprail a top rail of e.g. an article of furniture.
traymobile (Aust.) a small table on casters used for conveying food, drink, etc.
trevet a stool or other thing supported by three legs.
trevis a stall partition; a stall.
tridarn (Welsh) a Welsh dresser having three tiers.
tringle a curtain rod for a bedstead.
unipod a one-legged support.
vanitory a unit consisting of a washbasin built into a dressing-table.
vargueno (Spanish) a cabinet or desk of a kind made at Vargas near Toledo.
vitrine a glass display case.
wangan (Am. Ind.) in a lumber camp, a chest for supplies, or the pay office.
wangun (Am. Ind.) in a lumber camp, a chest for supplies, or the pay office.
wanigan (Am. Ind.) in a lumber camp, a chest for supplies, or the pay office.
wannigan (Am. Ind.) in a lumber camp, a chest for supplies, or the pay office.
wardrobe a large cupboard for clothes; (verb) to keep in a wardrobe.
wardrop (Milton) a wardrobe.
washbasin a basin to wash one's hands and face in.
washstand a stand holding a washbowl.
waterbed a bed filled with water.
whatnot a type of display stand.
wingchair a chair with forward projections from the back.
worktable a table for holding working materials and implements; esp a small table with drawers and other conveniences for needlework, etc.
worktop a surface designed for working on.