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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alcarraza (Arabic) a vessel of porous earthenware, used for cooling liquids by evaporation from the exterior surface.
ashcan a dustbin.
ashpan a tray under a grate to catch the ashes.
ashtray a receptacle for tobacco ashes.
backet (Scots) a shallow wooden trough for carrying ashes.
barrelage barrels taken collectively.
barrico (Spanish) a small cask.
basin a large bowl.
bedpan a toilet pan.
bedwarmer a metal pan containing hot coals, formerly used to warm a bed.
bidet (Fr.) a shallow oval basin used for washing esp the genital and anal regions.
bin a large container; (verb) to place into a bin.
bouget (Spenser) a budget, a sack.
bowget (Obs.) an ancient water vessel consisting of a yoke with two leather pouches or skins attached.
breadbin a household container for bread, usually quite small.
bucket a vessel for holding water etc.; (verb) to hurry.
can a container of tinplate; (verb) to store in such a container to be able
canbank a recycling receptacle for used cans.
carboy a large green bottle encased in wicker.
carboyed enclosed in a carboy.
carrycot a cot for carrying a baby in.
casette a plastic case containing a reel of magnetic tape, often with prerecorded material on it.
cask a hollow round container for holding liquor, made of wooden staves bound with hoops; (verb) to put in a cask.
castor a kind of bottle or cruet.
caudron (Spenser) a cauldron.
chamberpot a container for urine etc.
chinois (Fr.) a cone-shaped sieve.
coalhole a compartment for storing coal.
cogue (Scots) a small wooden bowl.
colander a perforated vessel used as a strainer in cookery.
containerize to ship by containerization.
coolamon (Aborig.) a shallow vessel made of wood or bark used by Australian aborigines to hold water etc.
corncrib a ventilated building for storing corn.
cratch a manger or open frame for hay.
crewe (Arch.) a pot.
cullender a perforated vessel used as a strainer in cookery.
diable (Fr.) an unglazed earthenware casserole.
diota (Greek) a two-handled ancient vase.
dumpbin a bin for rubbish.
dumpster (Tradename) a large skip for refuse.
dustbin a trash can.
dustpan a pan for holding swept dust.
envelope a paper container.
firepan a metal vessel for holding fire.
fishbowl a bowl in which live fish are kept.
fleshpot a pot for cooking meat.
flowerpot a pot for a flower.
gallipot a small glazed earthenware jar used by druggists.
gasholder a storage tank for storing gas.
girnel (Scots) a granary; a large chest or vat for storing grain.
gluepot a utensil for melting glue, consisting of an inner pot holding the glue, immersed in an outer one containing water which is heated to soften the glue.
hopper a container for grain.
hoppercar a container for grain.
humidor (Lat.) a receptacle for saliva.
inkholder a container for ink; the reservoir of a fountain-pen.
inkhorn ostentatiously learned, pedantic; (noun) a small portable vessel for holding writing-ink.
inkpot an inkwell.
inkwell a small container for ink.
jamjar a jar for holding jam.
jampot a pot containing jam.
jar a wide-mouthed container; (verb) to put in jars; to give an unpleasant shock to.
jerrican a kind of petrol-can.
jerry (Coll.) a chamberpot.
jerrycan a kind of petrol-can.
keeve a large tub.
keg a small cask; (verb) to put in kegs.
keir a bleaching-vat.
kench a bin for salting fish.
kier a bleaching-vat.
kieve a large tub.
kist (Scots) a chest; (verb) to coffin.
lachrymary a vessel containing, or intended to contain, tears.
lachrymatory a narrow-necked vase; a tear-bottle.
lacrimal relating to tears; (noun) a gland that produces tears.
lacrimary a vessel containing, or intended to contain, tears.
luggie (Scots) a hooped dish with one long stave.
lunchpail a container for lunch.
manger a trough or box from which horses or cattle eat.
oilcan a can for holding oil.
oilcup a small cuplike container for dispensing lubricating oil.
pail a watertight cylindrical container.
paintpot a pot for holding paint.
pancheon a wide-brimmed, shallow vessel into which milk was poured and left to settle, so that the cream could separate.
panchion a wide-brimmed, shallow vessel into which milk was poured and left to settle, so that the cream could separate.
panlike resembling a pan, a container used for cooking.
phial a container for liquids, esp now a small bottle; (verb) to put or keep in a phial.
po (Short for) chamberpot.
pooter a suction bottle for collecting insects and other small invertebrates.
pot a utensil used for cooking or storing; (verb) to cook or put in a pot.
potjie (Afrikaans) a three-legged iron pot used for cooking over a wood fire.
potty crazy (noun) a chamberpot, esp a small easily portable one for use by a young child
pressfat a vat for collecting wine or oil from the press.
puncheon a cask; a liquid measure of from 70 to 120 gallons.
purdonium a kind of coal-scuttle introduced by a Mr Purdon.
receptacle that in which anything is or may be received.
receptaculum (Lat.) a receptacle.
recrate to crate again.
reliquaire (Fr.) a receptacle for relics.
rosebowl a bowl for keeping roses in.
saltcellar a small vessel of glass or other material, used for holding salt on the table.
saltpan a large pan for making salt by evaporation.
sauceboat a container from which sauce is poured over food.
shottle (Scots) a small drawer, esp in a cabinet.
situla (Lat.) a vessel resembling a bucket in shape.
smokepot a container for giving off smoke.
soapdish a dish for holding soap.
spittoon a vessel for spitting into, usually round and shallow and sometimes with a funnel-shaped cover.
spudgel a bucket attached to a long pole.
steane to line eg a well with stone.
stewpot a covered pot for cooking meat etc.
sucrier (Fr.) a table vessel for sugar.
swingbin a rubbish bin with a lid that opens when pushed and swings shut.
tank a large basin or cistern; (verb) to store in a tank.
teaboard a tea tray.
teakettle a kettle used for making tea.
terreen a large vessel for holding eg soup.
tinpot the pot of molten tin into which a sheet of iron is dipped in the manufacture of tin plate.
toolholder a holder for tools.
towsack a sack made from tow.
tub an open container, orig of wooden staves and hoops (verb) to bathe in a tub
tublike like a tub.
tun a large cask; (verb) to put in a tun.
tureen a large vessel for holding eg soup.
uncasked not contained in a cask.
vase a rounded, decorative container.
vassail (Scott) vessel.
vat a large vessel or tank; (verb) to put or treat in a vat.
vessail (Scott) a vessel.
vial a container for liquids esp now a small bottle; (verb) to put in a vial ) VIOLD.
vinegarrette a small decorative bottle or box with a perforated top, used for holding smelling salts, etc.
viold (Milton) vialled, put in a vial.
wardian as in wardian case, a type of glass container for housing delicate plants. No -S.
washtub a tub for washing clothes; a washtub converted into a musical instrument like a double-bass by stretching a string across it.
wastebin a rubbish bin.
whippit a small canister of nitrous oxide.
woodhole a place where wood is stored.