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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

antimacassar a cover to protect the back or arms of furniture.
arras a tapestry, esp one covering a wall.
arrased covered with an arras.
awning a rooflike canvas cover.
awninged furnished with an awning.
bathmat a mat for a bathroom.
bedclothes the covering (as sheets and blankets) used on a bed.
bedcovering linen etc. used to cover beds.
bedliner a protective covering for the bed of a truck.
bedquilt a quilt for a bed; a coverlet.
bedroll a sleeping-bag or bedclothes rolled up so as to be easily carried by a camper, etc.
bedsheet a sheet for a bed.
bedskirt drapery attached to a bed frame.
bedspread a coverlet for a bed.
bedtick a tick or bag made of cloth, used for inclosing the materials of a bed.
berber a type of carpet.
bergama a kind of rug made in Bergama.
blanket a covering, usually of wool or a similar synthetic fabric (verb) to cover uniformly
blankie a child's blanket.
blanky a child's blanket.
bolster a long pillow; (verb) to support.
chik (Hindi) a slatted blind.
cocomat a mat made of coconut fibre.
cosie a cover for a teapot.
counterpane a bed coverlet.
coverlet the uppermost cover of a bed or of any piece of furniture.
coverlid the uppermost cover of a bed or of any piece of furniture.
coverslip a loose cover for a duvet.
cozey a cover for a teapot.
cozie a cover for a teapot.
crumbcloth a cloth laid under a table to keep crumbs from the carpet.
curtain to provide with a hanging piece of fabric.
cushionet a little cushion.
dhurrie (Hindi) a cotton rug made in India.
doona (Aust.) a continental quilt (orig. a trademark).
doormat a mat placed in front of a door.
dorser a covering for the back of a throne.
dosser a covering for the back of a throne.
drapet (Spenser) a cloth covering.
durrie (Hindi) a cotton rug made in India.
dustcover a cover to protect against dust.
dustsheet a sheet to protect against dust.
duvet (Fr.) a quilt stuffed with eiderdown.
eiderdown the soft down of the eider duck; a bedcover, usually quilted.
flokati (Mod. Gr.) a handwoven Greek rug.
futon (Japanese) a kind of mattress.
hammock a hanging cot.
handtowel a towel for wiping the hands.
hearthrug a rug spread in front of a hearth.
kantha (Bengali) an embroidered cloth quilt.
kelim (Turkish) a pileless woven rug traditionally made in the Middle East.
khilim (Turkish) a pileless woven rug traditionally made in the Middle East.
kilim (Turkish) a pileless woven rug traditionally made in the Middle East.
lambrequin (Fr.) a veil over a helmet; a strip of drapery over a window or doorway.
laptray a tray with a cushioned underside designed to rest on the lap.
lilo (Tradename) an inflatable mattress.
manchester household linen or cotton goods, such as sheets and towels.
mattress a large pad filled with resilient material used on or as a bed.
numdah (Urdu) an embroidered felt rug made in India.
paillasse (Fr.) a hard straw mattress.
palliasse (Fr.) a hard straw mattress.
pand (Scots) the valance of a bed.
paperhanging decorative paper used for covering interior walls.
pillow a cushion for the head (verb) to rest on a pillow
pillowcase a removable covering for a pillow.
pillowslip a cover for a pillow.
quillow a quilt made into a pillow.
quilt to stitch together with padding in between.
ruglike like a rug.
rya a type of Scandinavian rug.
slipcover a cover for a book that slips on and off; (verb) to cover with a slipcover.
softgoods clothing and soft furniture.
tablecloth a covering spread over a dining table before the tableware is set.
tapestry a wall hanging; (verb) to cover with tapestry.
tapis (Fr.) a tapestry; formerly, the cover of a council table.
tatami (Japanese) a Japanese straw floor mat.
tester a canopy over a bed.
throwover a piece of material that is placed over an object to provide decoration, protection, or warmth.
tieback a length of ribbon used to tie a curtain to one side.
traycloth a cloth for covering a tray.
twilt a quilt; (verb) to quilt.
underfelt an underlayer of felt used in carpeting.
underpad a layer of soft foam laid under carpeting.
upholstery material used to make a soft covering esp for a seat.
valance a drapery hung along the edge of a bed, table or canopy; (verb) to drape with a valance.
velarium (Lat.) an awning over an auditorium.
venetian a kind of blind.
vitrage (Fr.) a thin curtain for windows or glazed doors.
wagga (Aust.) a blanket or bed covering made out of sacks stitched together.