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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alforja a saddlebag. [Arabic al-kurj, the saddlebag].
backpack a pack worn on the back; (verb) to hike with a pack on one's back.
bag a receptacle for containing something; (verb) to put into a bag.
baggie (tradename) a variety of thin strong sealable plastic bag, used primarily for storing food.
bagless without a bag.
baglike like a bag.
beanbag a small cloth bag containing dried beans and the like.
bedroll a sleeping-bag.
bergen a type of large rucksack.
bookbag a bag for carrying books > BOOKBAGS.
briefcase a small case for carrying briefs, or for documents in general
bulse a small bag for diamonds, gold dust etc.
bumbag a small bag, usu worn on a belt round the waist, orig used by skiers, etc.
cantina a pouch or bag at the pommel of a saddle.
carpetbag a travelling-bag made of carpeting (not a bag for carrying carpets!).
carryall an overnight bag, a holdall.
coalsack a sack for carrying coal.
cod a bag; the male genitals.
crumenal a purse.
daypack daysack a small rucksack for use on short walks.
dilli dilly a dilly-bag, an Australian aboriginal bag made of woven grass or fibre.
dorlach a bundle formerly carried on the person by Highland troops; a kit-bag; a portmanteau.
feedbag a bag for feeding horses.
fleabag a sleeping-bag; a seedy place.
footbag a small round bag with plastic pellets or other material and used in games that require it being kept aloft with the feet.
gamebag a bag for carrying game > GAMEBAGS.
gasbag a bag for holding gas; a talkative person.
gripsack a traveler's handbag.
gunnybag gunnysack a bag or sack made from gunny, a coarse jute fabric.
handbag a bag for small articles, carried esp by women; (verb) to attack, undermine > HANDBAGS, HANDBAGGING, HANDBAGGED.
hardbag a rigid container on a motorcycle > HARDBAGS.
hardpack a rigid rucksack.
haversack a bag worn over the shoulder for carrying provisions.
holdall a portable case or bag for miscellaneous articles.
jetpack a backpack with jets used for transport > JETPACKS.
kirbeh a water container made from animal hide.
kitbag a bag for holding kit.
knapsack a bag of canvas or other weatherproof material with shoulder-straps, carried on the back esp. by soldiers and hikers.
kyack a packsack.
litterbag a bag for litter.
mailbag a bag for holding mail.
mailpouch a pouch for holding mail.
mailsack a sack for holding mail.
manbag a bag for small articles carried by men > MANBAGS.
manpack a pack designed to be carried by one person.
matilda a hobo's swag or bundle.
moneybag a bag for holding money.
musette a small knapsack.
nosebag a food bag hung over a horse's head.
nunny as in nunny bag, a small sealskin haversack.
overnighter a person staying overnight; an overnight bag.
pack a backpack or rucksack; (verb) to put into a receptacle for transportation or storage
packsack a carrying bag worn on the back.
pak colloquial for pack > PAKS.
pikau (Maori) a rucksack.
pock poke (dial.) a bag, a pouch.
pocketbook a wallet for papers or money carried in the pocket; a small book for the pocket; a handbag.
pockmanky pockmantie a corrupt form of PORTMANTEAU, a travelling bag.
polybag to put into a polythene bag > POLYBAGS, POLYBAGGING, POLYBAGGED.
portmanteau a travelling bag > PORTMANTEAUS or PORTMANTEAUX.
portmantle a PORTMANTEAU.
portmantua a PORTMANTEAU.
postbag a bag for holding mail.
pouch a pocket, purse, bag; (verb) to form a pouch.
prepack to pack in advance.
purse a small bag for money etc.; (verb) to pucker.
purselike like a purse.
ragbag a bag for storing scraps of cloth.
repack to pack again.
reticule a woman's workbag, or a little bag to be carried in the hand, originally of network
rucksack a KNAPSACK.
sabretache a SATCHEL suspended from a cavalry officer's belt.
sack a large bag made of coarse fabric, thick paper, etc; (verb) to dismiss from an employment.
sachet a small bag containing potpourri or other scented material; a bag for holding handkerchiefs, etc.
saddlebag a bag carried at, or attached to, the saddle.
sandbag a bag containing sand; (verb) to stun with a bag of sand.
satchel a small carrying bag.
satcheled carrying a satchel.
schoolbag a satchel, a bag for carrying school books.
scrip a small bag; a satchel.
seabag a bag used by a sailor.
spleuchan a pouch, as for tobacco.
spongebag a bag for holding a toilet sponge.
swag a bundle of possessons carried by someone on foot.
teabag a bag containing tea leaves for infusion.
toolbag a bag for holding tools.
trundler a golf bag, a shopping trolley.
tuckerbag a bag used to carry food in the bush or by jolly swagmen.
valise walise an overnight travelling-bag.
washbag a small bag for carrying toiletries > WASHBAGS.
wineskin a bag for holding wine, made out of a skin.
workbag a bag for holding implements or materials for work.
ziplock of a plastic bag, having seams that may be pressed together to form a seal; (verb) to seal with a ziplock.