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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bemadam to address as madam > BEMADAMS, BEMADAMING, BEMADAMED.
bor an East Anglian form of address meaning neighbour.
bwana (Swahili) a master, sir.
dom a title given to certain monks.
effendi in the Eastern Mediterranean, a title of respect for high-ranking people.
frau (German) used of or to a married woman.
fraulein (German) used of or to an unmarried woman.
goody an archaic title for a goodwife > GOODIES; (adj.) goody-goody > GOODIER, GOODIEST.
gov guv governor.
hizzoner used as a title for a mayor.
hodja khodja khoja an Eastern term of respect > a Muslim teacher or professor.
huzoor an Indian potentate, a title used by Indians in respectful address. [Arabic hudur, the presence].
khodja see HODJA.
khoja see HODJA.
kumari miss (as a title of respect) > KUMARIS.
lud lord, used when addressing a judge.
ludship lordship, used when addressing a judge.
madam to address as madam > MADAMS, MADAMING, MADAMED.
madame an address to a married woman > MADAMES or MESDAMES; (verb) to address as madame > MADAMES, MADAMING, MADAMED.
mademoiselle a French title of respect for an unmarried woman.
madonna a respectful form of address to an Italian woman, or in literal renderings of Italian speech.
mamselle (French) miss.
marm a form of address to a woman, = ma'am.
marse (Southern US) master.
massa (Southern US) master.
memsahib an Indian honorific, lady sahib.
meneer mijnheer mynheer the Dutch equivalent of Mr. or Sir; hence, a Dutchman.
mester master, head of the house.
mevrou a title of respect equivalent to Mrs.
mijnheer see MENEER.
miladi milady a term of address for a rich or aristocratic English lady > MILADIS, MILADIES.
milor milord a term of address for a rich or aristocratic Englishman.
mister a title prefixed to a man's name; (verb) to address as mister > MISTERS, MISTERING, MISTERED.
monseigneur a French title of respect given to princes and prelates > MESSEIGNEURS.
monsieur (French) Mr > MESSIEURS.
mounseer (arch.) = MONSIEUR.
mynheer see MENEER.
nkosi term of address to a superior > NKOSIS.
oubaas a person who is senior to you in rank > OUBAASES.
saheb sahib an Englishman or other European as addressed or spoken of by Indians.
sahiba sahibah a lady SAHIB.
sama (Japanese) a title given to an exalted person.
senhor (Spanish) a mode of address for a man > SENHORES or SENHORS.
senhora (Spanish) a mode of address for a woman > SENHORAS.
senhorita (Spanish) a mode of address for an unmarried woman.
senor (Spanish) a mode of address for a man > SENORES or SENORS.
senora (Spanish) a mode of address for a woman.
senorita (Spanish) a mode of address for an unmarried woman.
sensei sensi (Japanese) a teacher.
shri sri a title of respect, sir. [Skr. shri, majesty].
sieur sir; -- a title of respect used by the French.
signieur = SEIGNEUR, a lord, especially of manor.
signior (Italian) sir, Mr: the English form and pronunciation for the Italian Signor and the Spanish Señor > SIGNIORS or SIGNIORI.
signor (Italian) a mode of address, sir.
signora (Italian) lady.
signore (Italian) gentleman > SIGNORES or SIGNORI.
signorina (Italian) miss; -- a title of address among the Italians > SIGNORINAS or SIGNORINE.
signorino (Italian) a young man, young gentleman > SIGNORINI.
sir (verb) to address as "sir" > SIRS, SIRRING, SIRRED.
siree sirra sirrah sirree a mode of address, sir.
sri see SHRI.
stirra stirrah (Irish) a respectful mode of address.
tannie (S. Afr.) aunt, a title of respect for older women.
thee to address as thee, e.g. to thee and thou > THEES, THEEING, THEED.
thou to address as THOU > THOUS, THOUING, THOUED.
towkay (Chinese) sir, master.