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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abuna an Ethiopian PATRIARCH.
adelantado a governor of a province; a commander > ADELANTADOS.
aga agha a Turkish commander.
alcade alcaide alcalde alcayde the governor of a fortress.
altesse alteza altezza highness.
ameer amir emir emeer an Eastern ruler.
the office of AMEER, an Eastern ruler.
amir see AMEER.
amirate see AMEERATE.
antiking a usurping king.
archducal of or pertaining to an ARCHDUKE or archduchy.
archduke a prince of the imperial family of Austria > ARCHDUKES.
ardri ardrigh a title given to the High King of Ireland.
atabeg atabek a Turkish ruler or high official. [Turkish ata, father, + beg, prince].
ataman hetman a chief of the Cossacks.
autarch an absolute ruler.
bashaw a title formerly given to a Turkish governor or high-ranking military official.
bashawism the state of being a BASHAW.
bashawship the office of BASHAW.
beglerbeg the governor of a province of the Ottoman empire, next in dignity to the grand VIZIER.
bey a Turkish governor.
burgrave the commander of a German town or castle.
caboceer a W. African headman.
cacique cazique a West Indian or American Indian chief.
caid kaid qaid a North African chief.
a Turkish governor.
an Eastern ruler. [Arabic khalifah, successor].
califate caliphate khalifate khilafat khalifat the office of CALIF.
caliph see CALIF.
caliphal relating to a CALIPH.
caliphate see CALIFATE.
capitano a head-man > CAPITANI or CAPITANOS.
capo the head of a branch of the Mafia > CAPOS or CAPI.
castellan the governor of castle or fortification.
catapan the governor of Calabria and Apulia for the Byzantine emperor. [Gk. katepano ton axiomaton, one placed over the dignities].
caudillo in Spanish-speaking countries, a military or political leader > CAUDILLOS.
cazique see CACIQUE.
the eldest son of a tsar, heir to the tsardom.
cesarevna tsesarevna the wife of a tsar's eldest son.
cesarewich see CESAREVICH.
cesarewitch see CESAREVICH.
chagan an early form of KHAN.
cham a prince or chief; a governor.
chatelain the governor of castle or fortification.
chatelaine a female CHATELAIN.
cheverye chiefery chiefry an Irish chieftaincy.
chief a leader; (adj.) main, principal > CHIEFER, CHIEFEST; CHIEFLY.
chiefdom the office of chief.
chiefery see CHEVERYE.
chiefess a female chief.
chiefling a minor chief.
chiefry see CHEVERYE.
chiefship the office of chief.
chieftain the head of a clan; a leader or commander.
chieftainess a female CHIEFTAIN.
chieftainry the office of CHIEFTAIN.
chieftainship the rank of CHIEFTAIN.
chiliarch the commander or chief of a thousand men.
cid a chief, captain or hero.
coarb comarb the head of a family in an Irish sept; an ecclesiastical successor.
coleader one who leads together with someone else.
comarb see COARB.
consul either of two annually elected magistrates who jointly exercised supreme authority in the Roman Republic.
coprince one of two princes ruling jointly.
coruler a joint ruler.
cosmocrat a ruler of the world.
czar ksar tsar tzar a Russian ruler, emperor.
czardom tsardom tzardom the office of CZAR.
czarevich tsarevich the wife of a CZAR.
czarevna tzarevna the daughter of a czar.
the empress of Russia.
czarism the office of CZAR.
czaritsa see CZARINA.
czaritza see CZARINA.
dato datto a landowner or chief in northern Borneo, the Philippines, and some adjacent areas > DATOS, DATTOS. [Malay datok, elder].
dauphin the title of the eldest son of the king of France, and heir to the crown.
dauphine dauphiness the title of the wife of the dauphin.
delphin relating to the Dauphin of France, or to an edition of the classics prepared for his use.
despot a ruler with absolute power and authority; a person exercising power tyrannically.
dey formerly, the PASHA of Algiers.
diadochi the generals who became monarchs of the various kingdoms into which the empire was split after the death of Alexander the Great.
dictator one that dictates, exercises absolute rule.
dictatress a female DICTATOR.
dictature the office of a dictator.
dominator a ruler or ruling power.
duce a leader > DUCI or DUCES.
dux a leader > DUCES or DUXES.
dynast a hereditary ruler.
dynastic relating to a dynasty.
dynasty a succession of rulers from the same line of descent.
ecclesiarch (arch.) a ruler of the church.
emeer see AMEER.
emeerate see AMEERATE.
emir see AMEER.
emirate see AMEERATE.
emperise emperize to play the emperor.
emperor the ruler of an empire.
empress the wife of an emperor.
eparch in ancient Greece, the governor or prefect of a province; in modern Greece, the ruler of an EPARCHY.
ethnarch the governor of a province or people.
foreking a preceding king.
fuehrer fuhrer (Germ.) a leader.
gauleiter a chief official of a district under the Nazi regime; an overbearing wielder of petty authority.
gerent one that rules or manages.
gospodar hospodar a prince or governor, especially of Moldavia or Wallachia.
gouvernante governante a female governor or ruler.
governor one that governs.
governorship the office of governor.
gubernator a powerful man in government.
gubernatorial belonging to a governor (esp. the Governor of an American state) or the office of governor.
harmost a Spartan governor of a subject city or province.
harmosty the office of HARMOST, a Spartan governor of a subject city or province.
headman a chief, a leader (in primitive societies).
hegemon a person in authority.
heptarch a member of a HEPTARCHY, government by seven persons.
hetman a Cossack headman or general > HETMANS or HETMEN. [Polish, prob. f. G Hauptmann (earlier Heubtman) headman, captain.]
hetmanate the office of HETMAN, the head or general of the Cossacks.
hetmanship the office of a HETMAN.
hierarch a person who has authority in sacred matters; an ecclesiastical ruler or potentate; a chief priest.
hospodar see GOSPODAR.
imperator a commander; an emperor.
imperial commanding > IMPERIALLY; (noun) an emperor or member of an imperial family > IMPERIALS.
induna a tribal councillor or leader, esp. of an impi. [Zulu 'the captain'].
inkhosi inkosi a traditional leader of a Zulu clan > INKHOSIS, INKOSIS, AMAKOSI or AMAKHOSI.
interrex one who rules during an interregnum; a regent > INTERREGES.
jarl a chief; an earl; in English history, one of the leaders in the Danish and Norse invasions.
jarldom the office of JARL.
jefe (Spanish) a chief.
kabaka a Ugandan emperor.
kaid see CAID.
kaimakam see CAIMAC.
kaiser an emperor.
kaiserdom the office of KAISER.
kaiserin the wife of a kaiser.
kaisership the office of KAISER.
kalif see CALIF.
kalifate the office of KALIF.
kaliph see CALIF.
kaliphate see CALIFATE.
keasar kesar a KAISER, an emperor.
khalif see CALIF.
khalifa khalifah a CALIPH, a Senussi leader, the Mahdi's successor.
khalifat see CALIFATE.
khalifate see CALIFATE.
khan (Turkish) a prince or chief; a governor.
khanate the dominion or jurisdiction of a KHAN.
khediva the title of the Viceroy of Egypt's wife.
khedival khedivial relating to a KHEDIVE, the title of the Viceroy of Egypt. Also KHEDIVIAL.
khedivatekhediviate the office of KHEDIVE, the Viceroy of Egypt.
khedive the title of the Viceroy of Egypt.
khedivial see KHEDIVAL.
khediviate see KHEDIVATE.
khilafat see CALIFATE.
king a male hereditary chief ruler; (verb) to make king; to provide with a king > KINGS, KINGING, KINGED.
kinghood the state of being a king; kingship.
kingless without a king.
kinglihood king-liness.
kinglike resembling a king.
kingling a little king, a kinglet (a weak or petty king).
kingly like a king > KINGLIER, KINGLIEST.
kingship the power or position of a king.
ksar see CZAR.
leaderene a female leader, esp. a dominant one.
lord a master, a feudal superior > LORDLY; (verb) to act as a lord > LORDS, LORDING, LORDED.
lording lordling a petty lord.
lordkin a little lord.
lordlike like a lord.
lordling see LORDING.
lordly having the manner of a LORD > LORDLIER, LORDLIEST.
lordship the power of a lord.
lucumo an Etruscan priest or prince > LUCUMOS or LUCUMONES.
maharaja maharajah a king or prince in India ranking above a RAJAH, especially the sovereign of one of the former native states.
maharanee maharani the wife of a MAHARAJAH.
mameluke mamluk one of former Turkish slaves that held the Egyptian throne from 1250 to 1517.
mikado the popular designation of the hereditary sovereign of Japan > MIKADOS.
mir a Muslim ruler > MIRS; a Russian farming community > MIRS or MIRI.
mocuddum mokaddam muqaddam (Arabic) a leader, headman.
monarch an absolute ruler.
monarchal pertaining to a MONARCH, ruling alone > MONARCHALLY.
monarchic pertaining to a MONARCH, ruling alone.
monarchise monarchize to play the sovereign; to act the monarch.
mpret a former title of the ruler of Albania. [L. imperator, emperor].
mudir a local governor.
mudiria mudirieh the province or office of a MUDIR, a local governor.
muqaddam see MOCUDDUM.
mutessarif the head of a Turkish SANJAK, a district or a subvision of a VILAYET.
mutessarifat the office of a MUTESSARIF.
nabob a provincial governor of the Mogul empire in India; a person of great wealth or prominence.
nabobery being like a NABOB.
nabobess a female NABOB.
nabobish like a NABOB.
nawab a governor of India under the British.
nizam the title of the native sovereigns of Hyderabad, in India, since 1719.
nizamate the office of a NIZAM.
oba in West Africa, a chief or ruler.
ochlocrat a mob ruler.
omniarch an almighty ruler.
omrah (Arabic) a Muslim lord.
overking a king who has sovereignty over inferior kings or ruling princes.
overlord a lord over other lords; (verb) to rule as an overlord.
pacha pasha an honorary title given to officers of high rank in Turkey, as to governers of provinces, military commanders, etc.
pachadom pashadom the office of PACHA.
padishah padshah a chief ruler; monarch; sovereign. [Persian pad, master, + shah, king].
palatine a high officer having royal authority over a region. [After Palatine, the name of the centermost of the seven hills on which ancient Rome was built. Roman emperors built their palaces on this hill].
palsgrave a count palatine.
panjandrum a potentate, a powerful ruler > PANJANDRA or PANJANDRUMS.
paramount supreme > PARAMOUNTLY; (noun) an overlord; a supreme ruler or proprietor > PARAMOUNTS.
pasha see PACHA.
pashadom see PACHADOM.
patriarch a man who is the head of a family.
peishwa peishwah peshwa the chief minister of the Mahrattas.
pendragon (a title for) an ancient British or Welsh prince holding or claiming supreme power, a chief leader or ruler. [Welsh = chief leader in war, f. pen head, chief + dragon dragon, f. L dracon- dragon, the standard of a cohort].
pentarch a member of a pentarchy, government by five people.
peshwa see PEISHWA.
pharaoh a title of an ancient Egyptian ruler; a tyrant.
pharaonic of or pertaining to the Pharaohs, or kings of ancient Egypt.
pheazar perhaps for VIZIER.
phylarch the chief of a PHYLE, or tribe.
porphyrogenite a Byzantine emperor's son, born in the purple.
potentate a powerful ruler; a monarch.
praefect a prefect.
praeses preses a president or chairman.
premier a prime minister; (verb) to present a play for the first time.
president the head of a state, board, council etc.
presidentess a female PRESIDENT.
prez president > PREZES.
prince the son of a king; (verb) to play the prince > PRINCES, PRINCING, PRINCED.
princehood the state of being a PRINCE.
princekin princelet princleing a petty prince, a young prince.
princeliness the state of being PRINCELY.
princely like a prince > PRINCELIER, PRINCELIEST.
princess a non-reigning female member of a royal family > PRINCESSLY.
principate principality; supreme rule.
principe a prince > PRINCIPI.
proconsul an officer who discharged the duties of a consul without being himself consul; a governor of, or a military commander in, a province.
proconsular relating to a PROCONSUL.
qaid see CAID.
qaimaqam see CAIMAC.
quaestor questor an ancient Roman public treasurer or assistant military commander.
queen a female monarch; (verb) to make a queen of.
queencraft craft or skill in policy on the part of a queen.
queendom the dominion of a queen.
queenhood the state, personality, or character of a queen.
queenless having no queen.
queenlet a small queen.
queenlike .
queenly like a queen > QUEENLIER, QUEENLIEST.
queenship the state, rank, or dignity of a queen.
quisling a puppet leader supported by foreign power. [From Vidkun Quisling, a Norwegian].
quislingism being a QUISLING.
raja rajah an Indian ruler.
rajahship rajaship the territory, rank, or title of a RAJA.
rajpramukh the head of a state or states union in the Democratic Republic of India.
rana a Rajput prince.
ranee rani an Indian queen.
rangatira (Maori) a leader or chief.
rani see RANEE.
ras an Ethiopian prince > RASES.
ratoo ratu a local chief or ruler in Indonesia or Fiji.
regent one who rules for a limited period, on behalf of a king or queen who is a minor, absent, or ill.
regental relating to a REGENT, a person invested with royal authority by or on behalf of another.
regentship the office of a regent.
regina a queen > REGINAS or REGINAE.
reginal of or relating to a queen.
regnancy the condition or quality of being regnant; rule.
regnant reigning, used postpositively > as, a queen regnant.
royalet a petty or powerless king.
royalty the status or power of a monarch.
rulership being a ruler.
sachem an Indian chief; a Tammany leader. [Algonquin].
sachemic relating to a SACHEM, an Indian chief; a Tammany leader.
sachemship the office or condition of a SACHEM.
sagamore a N. American Indian chief.
sardar sirdar a native chief in Hindostan; a headman.
sarpanch an elected head of a village council in India > SARPANCHES. [Hindi sar, head + panca, five].
satrap a governor of a province in ancient Persia; a subordinate ruler or official. [Gk. satrapes].
satrapal of or pertaining to a SATRAP, or a SATRAPY.
serkali (in Africa) the Government; white rulers > SERKALIS.
shah (a title of) the monarch of Iran (Persia).
shahdom the domain of a SHAH.
shaikh sheik sheikh shaykh an Arab chief.
sheikdom sheikhdom the domain of a sheik.
sheikha the chief wife or consort of a sheikh.
shogun a hereditary military governor of Japan.
shogunal relating to a SHOGUN, a hereditary military governor of Japan.
shogunate the office or dignity of a SHOGUN, a hereditary military governor of Japan.
sirdar see SARDAR.
soldan soudan suldan souldan sultan the monarch or chief ruler of a Muslim country, esp. that of Turkey.
sophy a ruler of Persia.
soudan see SOLDAN.
souldan see SOLDAN.
sovereign a supreme ruler or head, a monarch.
sovereignty the office of sovereign.
sovran sovereign > SOVRANLY.
sovranty sovereignty.
stadholder stadtholder a Dutch viceroy or provincial governor.
starosta a village headman; a Polish noble holding a STAROSTY or domain bestowed by the crown.
subchief one below a chief.
suffete one of the chief administrative officials of ancient Carthage. [L. sufes, -etis, from a Punic word].
suldan see SOLDAN.
sultan see SOLDAN.
sultana a female SULTAN.
sultanate the rule or dominion of a sultan; sultanship.
sultaness a SULTANA.
sultanic pertaining to a sultan.
sultanship the office or dignity of a sultan.
supremo a supreme head, a leader with unlimited powers > SUPREMOS.
suzerain an OVERLORD.
tanaiste the deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland.
taoiseach toisech toshach orig. a Celtic nobleman; now, the Prime Minister of Ireland.
tenno the formal title of an Emperor of Japan > TENNOS.
tetrarch a Roman governor of the fourth part of a province; hence, any subordinate or dependent prince; also, a petty king or sovereign.
thearchic divinely sovereign or supreme.
theocrat a divine or deified ruler.
tithingman the chief man of a tithing; one elected to preside over the tithing > TITHINGMEN.
toiseach see TAOISEACH.
toisech see TAOISEACH.
toparch a ruler of a district. [Gk. topos, place, + archein, to rule].
toshach see TAOISEACH.
triarch a TRIUMVIR, a member of a TRIUMVIRATE, a ruling body of three men.
trierarchal relating to a TRIERARCH.
triumvir a member of a TRIUMVIRATE, a ruling body of three men > TRIUMVIRI or TRIUMVIRS.
triumvirate a body of triumvirs.
triumviry a triumvirate.
tsar see CZAR.
tsardom see CZARDOM.
tsarevich see CZAREVICH
tsarevitch see CESAREVICH.
tsarevna see CZAREVNA.
tsarina see CZARINA.
tsaritsa see CZARINA.
tsaritza see CZARINA.
tsesarevich see CESAREVICH.
tsesarevitch see CESAREVICH.
tsesarevna see CESAREVNA.
tsesarewich see CESAREVICH.
tsesarewitch see CESAREVICH.
tuchun a Chinese military governor.
tycoon the title by which the Shoguns of Japan were known to foreigners; a business magnate.
tycoonate the SHOGUNATE, the office or dignity of a SHOGUN, a hereditary military governor of Japan.
tycoonery the state of being a TYCOON.
tyran a tyrant; (verb) to tyrannize > TYRANS, TYRANED, TYRANING.
tyranne a tyrant; (verb) to tyrannize > TYRANNES, TYRANNING, TYRANNED.
tyranness a female tyrant.
tyrannic tyrannical like a tyrant. Also TYRANNIC.
tyrannicalness the state of being TYRANNICAL.
tyrannise tyrannize to act like a tyrant towards.
tyranny the rule of a TYRANT.
tyrant (hist.) an absolute ruler.
tzar see CZAR.
tzardom see CZRDOM.
tzarevna see CZAREVNA.
tzarina see CZARINA.
tzaritza see CZARINA.
underking a sub-king.
unking to make not a king. N.B. there is no verb UNK*!
unlord to deprive of the rank or position of a lord.
unqueen to divest of the rank or authority of queen.
unprincely not princely > UNPRINCELIER, UNPRINCELIEST.
unqueenly not queenly > UNQUEENLIER, UNQUEENLIEST.
vaivode voivode waivode waiwode waywode woiwode originally, the title of a military commander in various Slavonic countries; afterwards applied to governors of towns or provinces
vaivodeship the office of VAIVODE.
vali wali a governor, esp. of a VILAYET.
veep veepee a vice-president.
a minister in various Muslim states.
vicegeral relating to a VICEROY.
vicegerent acting in place of another; having delegated authority.
viceregal of a viceroy, of a governor-general > VICEREGALLY.
viceregent a substitute for a REGENT.
vicereine the wife of a viceroy.
viceroy a ruler of a colony, province, etc., exercising authority on behalf of a sovereign.
viceroyalty viceroyship the office of a VICEROY.
visier see VEZIR.
vizier see VEZIR.
vizierate vizirate the office, dignity, or authority of a VIZIER.
vizierial vizirial of, pertaining to, or issued by, a VIZIER.
vizir see VEZIR.
vizirate see VIZIERATE.
vizirial see VIZIERIAL.
vizirship the office of VIZIR.
voivode see VAIVODE.
voivodeship the office of VOIVODE.
vozhd a supreme leader in Russia.
waivode see VAIVODE.
waiwode see VAIVODE.
wali see VALI.
warlord a military leader.
waywode see VAIVODE.
wazir see VEZIR.
wizier see VEZIR.
woiwode see VAIVODE.