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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acolouthos akolouthos akoluthos the head of the Varangian guard of the Byzantine emperors. [Gk. akolouthos, an attendant].
adjutant an officer who assists superior officers by communicating orders, conducting correspondence, etc.
adjutancy the office of an adjutant.
admiral a naval officer of high rank, spec. of the rank next below Admiral of the Fleet; the commander of a fleet or squadron.
admiralship the office of ADMIRAL.
admiralty the office of admiral.
akolouthos see ACOLOUTHOS.
akoluthos see ACOLOUTHOS.
ammiral (obs.) admiral.
bimbashi a military officer in Turkey > BIMBASHIS. [Turkish bin, thousand, + bas, head].
bombardier in the British army, a non-commissioned officer in the artillery.
bosun boatswain a ship's officer in charge of equipment and maintenance.
brevet the promotion of a military officer to a higher rank without a corresponding increase in pay; (verb) to promote without an increase in pay > BREVETS, BREVETING or BREVETTING, BREVETED or BREVETTED.
brevetcy the rank or condition of a brevet officer.
cadet a student at a military school.
cadetship the position, rank, or commission of a cadet.
capitan the chief admiral of the Turkish fleet.
capitayn (obs.) a captain.
captain a head or chief officer; the commander of a ship; the commander of a company of troops; (verb) to act as a captain over.
captaincy the office of a captain.
captainry the rank or condition of a captain.
centurion the leader of a Roman century, one hundred men.
cocaptain a joint captain; (verb) to captain jointly.
cockswain coxswain the steersman of a boat; a petty officer who has charge of a boat and its crew; (verb) to take charge of a boat and crew.
colonel a military officer.
colonelcy the office, rank, or commission of a colonel.
commander one who commands; an officer in the navy next in rank under a captain.
commandery the office or rank of a commander.
commodore an officer of a rank between an admiral and a captain; the senior captain in a fleet of merchant ships.
cornet up to 1871, a cavalry officer, later a sub-lieutenant.
cornetcy the commission or rank of a CORNET.
coronel (obs.) a colonel.
corporal in the army, a non-commissioned officer next below a sergeant in rank.
decurion in the Roman army, an officer over 10 soldiers.
ensign until 1871, the officer of lowest commissioned rank in the British infantry; an officer of lowest commissioned rank in the US navy.
ensigncy the rank or office of an ensign.
ensignship the state or rank of an ensign.
flugelman fugleman orig. a soldier placed usually on a flank during drill to serve as a guide for his company; now a leader generally.
general an army officer between a field marshal and lieutenant-general in rank; (verb) to act as a general > GENERALS, GENERALLING, GENERALLED.
generalate the office of a general.
generalcy the rank of general.
generalissimo the chief commander of an army.
goldstick a colonel of the Life Guards, who carries a gilded wand before his sovereign.
havildar the rank of sergeant in the Indian army.
hipparch in ancient Greece, a cavalry commander.
jamadar jemadar jemidar in the native army of India, an officer of a rank corresponding to that of lieutenant in the English army.
janty jauntie jaunty jonty a naval master-at-arms.
jaygee a military officer.
jemadar see JAMADAR.
jemidar see JAMADAR.
jonty see JANTY.
killadar the commandant of a fort or garrison.
lancejack a lance corporal.
lieutenant an official empowered to act for a higher official.
lieutenantry the office of lieutenant.
looey looie louie (coll.) lieutenant.
major a military officer below a lieutenant colonel; (verb) to do one's principal study in > MAJORS, MAJORING, MAJORED.
majorship the rank or office of a MAJOR.
mareschal a marshal.
marischal a marshal; (verb) to marshal > MARISCHALS, MARISCHALLING, MARISCHALLED.
marshal an officer of the highest military rank.
marshalcy the rank, office or department of a marshal.
midshipman formerly, the title of a young officer (orig quartered amidships) entering the navy.
midshipmate a MIDSHIPMAN.
naik the rank of CORPORAL in the Indian army.
navarch the commander of a fleet. [Gk. nauarchos, from naus, ship + arche, rule].
noncom a non-commissioned officer.
paladin a trusted military leader (as for a medieval prince), esp. each of the twelve bravest and most famous warriors of Charlemagne's court.
patroon a ship's captain; a holder of a grant of land from the Dutch governor of New York.
patroonship the office of PATROON.
penteconter a commander of a troop of fifty men.
plebe a freshman at a military or naval academy.
private not public > PRIVATER, PRIVATEST; PRIVATELY; (noun) a private soldier > PRIVATES.
ranker a person who serves or has served as a private soldier; an officer who has risen from the ranks.
reefer a MIDSHIPMAN.
ressaldar risaldar an Indian troop commander.
sarge (coll.) a sergeant.
seraskier a general or commander of land forces in the Turkish empire.
sergeancy the office or rank of a sergeant.
sergeant serjeant a noncommissioned military officer, the next rank above CORPORAL.
serjeancy the office or rank of SERJEANT.
shavetail (coll.) a second lieutenant.
snottie (coll.) a midshipman.
snotty a midshipman; (adj.) foul with snot > SNOTTIER, SNOTTIEST; SNOTTILY.
stickleader the leader of a stick of paratroops.
subadar subahdar subedar a native officer in an Indian regiment corresponding to a captain.
subahdary the office of a SUBAHDAR.
subahship the office of a SUBAHDAR.
subaltern a person holding a subordinate position; specif: a junior officer (as in the British army).
subedar see SUBADAR.
swaddie swaddy a soldier, esp. a militiaman.
taxiarch an Athenian military officer commanding a certain division of an army.
teleman a naval officer > TELEMEN.
topkick (coll.) a first sergeant.
trierarch the captain of a Greek trireme; an Athenian who outfitted and maintained a trireme as part of his civic duty.