Date: 3pm, Sunday 1st November
Venue: Zoom

27 members attended the meeting, with 25 able to vote.

Committee members present were: Stewart Brodie, Laura Finley, Chris Harrison, Wayne Kelly, Nuala O'Rourke, Peter Thorpe, Mike Whiteoak, Natalie Zolty

  1. Chair's report: this was accepted without comment.
  2. Treasurer's report: this was accepted without comment.
  3. Election of Committee members: all members of the Committee were willing to stand again and this was passed with 24 votes for and 1 abstention.
  4. Karen Willis was confirmed as Independent Examiner for the year 2020.
  5. This item was subject to motion 1, so the meeting moved on.
  6. Motions: Chris Harrison spoke in support of the proposed motion.

    Motion 1: That the cost of membership for 2021 only be fixed for ALL members at a base rate of £6 with optional overpayment.

    There was a query as to whether there will be a suggested overpayment. It was explained that the £6 membership fee would keep the ABSP solvent if all current members renew. Overpayments are to cover the loss from non-renewers. The website link will include options for overpayments of £5, £10 and £20. It was also suggested that the ABSP should put out a request to members for further financial aid in the future, if needed.

    The motion was carried with 31 votes FOR (including 6 proxy votes).

  7. AOB:

    Appreciation was shown for the online events run during the pandemic, but it was felt that, as there had been none recently, interest in the game might fade. It was pointed out that the ABSP league is running, and while more ISC events would be ideal, the time commitment has proved onerous for the organisers. It was suggested that volunteers be sought to help with the organisation of such tournaments (perhaps to be trained by current organisers).

    Nuala O'Rourke stated that she and James Burley will be organising a one day event (Mike O'Rourke Memorial) in early December.

    Pete Thorpe and James Burley will be running an Ilford event in late November.

    Yahoo! Groups will end on 15th December so the posting of ratings updates will not be available to be received as emails. It was agreed that the Committee should investigate a new group on Googlegroups. This should be set up and announced on the Yahoo group before December 15th.