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Last updated: 9th September 2019

Links to websites of interest
Internet Scrabble Club - play online here! For more details of the ISC (members and handles etc) go to the ISC page
Centre Star - the UK's Scrabble game library
Zyzzyva - The Last Word in Word Study
Quackle - Crossword Game and Analysis Tool


Aerolith is a single player anagramming game popular with a lot of Scrabble players. Inspired by the now defunct JumbleTime, César Del Solar created and programmed the website, which allows players to practice their word finding skills against the clock. The game incorporates word definitions, hooks and other useful information as well as being playable with different lexicons. You can find Aerolith at

Elise is another free crossword game, artificial intelligence and analysis tool (WARNING: not updated since CSW12) .

International Scrabble Organisations

UK Scrabble Clubs and Organisations
Brighton and Hove Scrabble Club
Cambridge Scrabble Club
London Scrabble League
Romford Scrabble Club
Scottish Scrabble Association
Southern Counties Scrabble League
West Berkshire Scrabble Club

Overseas Scrabble Clubs and Organisations
National Scrabble Association (North America)
Singapore Scrabble Association (Toucanet)
Netherlands English Scrabble Club
Scrabble SA (The South African Scrabble Scene)
Bahrain Scrabble League - excellent gulf region site
ASPA (Australian Scrabble Players Association)
NZASP (New Zealand Association of Scrabble Players)
Malta Scrabble Club
Nigeria Scrabble

Scrabble Products:
Rack&Tile – for all your Scrabble requirements.
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Protiles - excellent quality smooth tournament tiles

Samtimer - Sam Kantimathi's digital game timers, Protiles, board wheeler, Scrabble rug

Adjudicator3000 - Gene Tyszka's digital Scrabble clocks, boards and tile racks

Other links:
The Koala Clinic - excellent Australian site for improving your game
Apterous Wiki - Website covering everything about the Channel 4 program Countdown