Websites, games and other organisations of interest including game equipment suppliers

Software websites
  • Internet Scrabble Club - play real-time Scrabble online!
  • Centre Star - the UK's Scrabble tournament library
  • Collins Zyzzyva - The Last Word in Word Study
    (N.B. software download links on Collins website are broken at the moment - 29/11/2020)
  • Quackle - Crossword Game and Analysis Tool
  • Aerolith - single player anagramming, word finding game
  • Elise - another free crossword game, AI and analysis tool (CSW12 only!)

  • The Koala Clinic - excellent Australian site for improving your game
Other websites
  • Apterous Wiki - Website covering everything about the Channel 4 program Countdown

Scrabble Game and Tournament Equipment Websites

Rack and Tile

Rack&Tile – for all your Scrabble requirements.

We sell boards, tiles, racks, tile bags, score books, word lists, DVDs, gifts and much more.

Visit Rack&Tile to see our unique range of products.

Contact Jenny Burgess here | tel: 07964 278827


- excellent quality smooth tournament tiles


Sam Kantimathi's digital game timers, Protiles, board wheeler, Scrabble rug


Gene Tyszka's digital Scrabble clocks, boards and tile racks

Last updated: 29th November 2020