The following people are responsible for bringing this website to you, and have the thanks of the ABSP committee and membership for their efforts...

Cath Byrne --- for voluntarily giving up so much of her spare time to design the original website.

Stewart Holden --- for writing content, collecting and scanning the pictures in the Photo Gallery and former webmaster duties.

John Grayson --- for independently maintaining the Ratings section to 2015.

Rachel Bingham --- for creating the new Ratings Database.

Craig Beevers --- for independently creating the current and previous website design.

Graeme Thomas --- for doing much of the ground work in setting up the site.

Pete & Laura Finley, Allan Simmons, Stewart Holden, Mauro Pratesi, Christina French and David French --- for most of the photographs in the ABSP Photo Gallery.

Ian Finley --- for creating a prototype website design, which greatly influenced the previous design.

Thanks also to the large number of other people who have provided ideas and suggestions and/or helped to test the website whilst it was being set up. Wherever possible we have tried to credit intellectual and photographic property accordingly, but if there are any omissions then please let us know.