The Internet Scrabble Club hosts standard Scrabble games, with several different challenge rule and timing options. All of the standard gameplay is available free of charge to all users. ISC contributors have access to additional features for a small charge (approximately $29 per annum, but shorter and longer options are available), including the ability to match the ISC bots and access to the Examiner bot to help with game reviews.

This is a list of ABSP members who play on Internet Scrabble Club and their aliases.

If you're an ABSP member who is not on here and should be, please let us know. To join the ABSP, see the membership sign-up and renewals page.

a7evo7 Mike Evans
aalii Paul Allan
adrastea Beverley Robertshaw
affrodizzy Mick O'Brien
agoryliver Gary Oliver
aphasiac Rik Kennedy
aphis Andrew Fisher
arbuddhdev Anand Buddhdev
archilowe Mike Willis
b46 Adrienne Berger
bargepole David Carrod
bensmum Debbie Heaton
Bluff1964 Peter Thorpe
bobblin Bob Lynn
Brug Bridget Wardell
Bviolett Bob Violett
Cadberry Lyn Kendall
cal79 Calum Edwards
camking Stewart Brodie
catlincoln Carolyn Emery
cazzacazza Caroline McLaughlin
cerberus Roy Miller
chawk308 Chris Hawkins
chills888 Christine Bluett
chivas Graham Bonham
colfran Frankie Latham
compton Viv Beckmann
custardK Matthew Pinner
dadge Adrian Bailey
dante Jared Robinson
dapperbabe Heather Laird
dav50 David Hoyle
decolady Nicky Huitson
deljos1 Jojo Delia
diggerboy1 Carl Barnes
diPPydoLLy Kim Hands
drareg Gerry Gleeson
drfccolin Colin Northmore
dweeb David Webb
dystopian Ian Coventry
eldan Elie Dangoor
ElieD Elie Dangoor
elyob Vince Boyle
EskimoNel Celine McCart
evilbudgie Craig Beevers
fatmed06 Mohamed Kamara
finnmccool Victoria Kingham
flummox June Edwards
fruitbat Neil Rowley
glucoside Philip Aston
goatboy Russell Smith
grapefruit Janet Bonham
hakam Raymond Tate
harshanl Harshan Lamabadusuriya
hatouli Brigitte Brath
herve Hervé Bohbot
hightower9 Stu Harkness
hulksmash Gary Jones
iamb Amy Byrne
ivorybusn2 Breda O'Brien
JackTwo Jack Mitchell
jaggery John Grayson
Jaguars Joshua Moisey
Jamjar Jeannette Matelot
jayem Judith Moore
jellygood1 Angie Brodie
jfrizelle Jennie Frizelle
josephmcg Joseph McGinley
JRMatthews John Matthews
juney25 June Boagey
kanbutsu Stephen Hunt
karlos Karl Kwiatkowski
kateess Kate Sweetlove
kathysuddi Kathy Richland
KRayment Kevin Rayment
ladino Peter Thomas
lettuce Linda Vickers
limey Alec Webb
lindipops Linda Moir
lowlife Paul Coyle
madhatter2 Andrew Eames
magichour Phil Robertshaw
managram Neil Green
mandates Paul Steadman
maryj Mary Jones
MASKED7 Sandie Simonis
mcisback Maurice McParland
mglovesfun Martin Gardner
mikelsc Mike Holland
min Evelyn Wallace
mistress8 Sarah-Jane Holden
mrjburley James Burley
MrMuggles Ian Nichol
mrphil Phil Appleby
NatalieZed Natalie Zolty
nitsua Austin Shin
niyibayo Adeniyi Adebayo
Nufc1892 Michael Murray
nworbamme Emma Brown
Optomist1 Alison Holmes
pandrop Sandra Hoffland
philopig Rose Kingdom
Picardo Elizabeth Hull
pips Janet Phillips
pipsy Janet Phillips
pisces43 Jackie McLeod
PlayerA Bob Berry
pooh Helen Gipson
Powerslave Shane O'Neill
rafdom Rafal Dominiczak
redsnapper Robert Richland
ReubenM Reuben Moisey
richwood Richard Woodward
rkscrabble Rory Kemp
Roderick Rod Winfield
Rootie21 Ruth Flack
scwabble Len Moir
smallig Simon Gillam
smashsmash Orla Judge
sonic3211 Chris Davies
stellacake Stella Burley
struggler Marjorie Struggles
sunnyboy65 Alan Abela
SydB Syd Berger
taghairm Paul Allan
Ted Ted Anscomb
Tesscam Theresa Camilleri
TFunster Colin Nicol
thrimsa Alan Smith
toast Margaret Staunton
Tokoloshe Stewart Holden
TommyTank Barry French
tooly Ivan Swallow
tuatua Peggy Fehily
TwiggyR Ruth Cawsey
UrsulaM Nuala O'Rourke
vittel Jason Carney
von Yvonne Eade
wakeywakey Wayne Kelly
whitewitch Cathy Anderson
Wigwam123 Mick Healy
Wordsblade Steve Perry
WordsWhizz Chris Harrison
Yashin Pauline Johnson
Yracivc Chris Vicary
zomban Mike Chappell
zwijg Ita Kearney