The ABSP committee is reponsible for determining the qualifying criteria for the following:

- England Qualifiers for WESPAC
- the invitees to the ABSP Masters

England Qualification for WESPAC 19 - Goa.

16 places available, 12 will be decided by peak ratings system and 4 wildcards from BMSC 18 and NSC 18. The wildcards will be available to the top 2 English finishers in the BMSC and NSC this year - therefore booking an early place, which should hopefully encourage entries.

The remaining 12 will be through a slightly modified peak system.

The period will run from this coming weekend to June 30th 2019, split into July-Oct, Nov-Feb, Mar-June.

Players will need to play 50 games over the Qualifying Period and to record a peak rating in at least 2 of the 3 sub periods of 4 months (playing at least 7 games). They will also need to be resident in England during the qualifying period, and for the previous year.

If they have played in all 3 sub-periods then the highest 3 ratings of the peaks AND their final rating will count towards their average peak, if they have only played in 2, then the 2 peaks plus the LOWEST of their final rating and lowest peak will count towards the average (note that is not their lowest rating in the period just their lowest of the two peaks or final).

This does mean potentially that the lowest peak will count twice, but this to encourage play in all three sub-periods without ruling people out completely.

ABSP Masters 2020:

The qualification criteria for the 2020 ABSP Masters:

- the qualifying year starts on April 1st 2019 and runs to March 31st 2020, split into 3 four-month periods - April to July, August to November and December to March.

- players must be a paid-up ABSP member at 31st March 2020

- a minimum of 7 games is required per period (minimum of 60 for the qualifying year);

- ties will be split on most recent peak, then the highest peak.

- the top sixteen ABSP members are invited (no residency requirements).

Updated 3/6/2019