Tournament Calendar

Tournaments are open to anyone, but it will always cost you a bit more if you are not a member of ABSP or a member in good standing of a recognised national body with which the ABSP has agreed reciprocal membership benefits. Click here to join the ABSP.

New players are especially welcome at all events. Come along and play! We have some hints & tips for players who are new to tournaments. Plus, new players can enter their first one-day tournament for FREE! Contact the organiser of the event for more details.

Colour and annotation key: tournaments updated recently are highlighted ; tournaments with the wespa annotation are rated by wespa (also see the full WESPA Calendar); tournaments in pink and marked with the NSCQ annotation are qualifiers for the UK National Scrabble Championship, and tournaments with the blue background and marked with the non-ABSP annotation are not ABSP-rated, but are major world championship level events. The dates for tournaments may be marked as provisional prior to confirmation of the event to allow players to save the date. Events that are taking place outside the United Kingdom are also indicated with flags.

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This calendar contains only recent and future events - the previous events calendar lists all the tournaments from the past few years.

Tournament entrants are reminded that, for the time being, organisers may need to impose pre-conditions, such as pre-event testing, or restrictions due to ongoing situation with COVID-19 to comply with local requirements or the venue's requirements. These will be stated on entry forms, but there is always the chance that late changes are required. We ask that you respect the decisions of organisers in these matters, which will often be outside of their control.

August the fourteenth 2022ManudenUpdated on August the twelvth 20228roundsJames Burley 
August the twenty first 2022Mind Sports Olympiad 2022Updated on August the eleventh 20227roundsJames Burleywebsite
August the twenty sixth and twenty seventh 2022British Matchplay Scrabble Championships Warmup wespa rated11roundsWayne Kelly0 7 7 7 3 0 2 7 2 7 4
August the twenty seventh to the twenty ninth 2022British Matchplay Scrabble Championships wespa rated25roundsWayne Kelly0 7 7 7 3 0 2 7 2 7 4
September the tenth 2022Glasgow7roundsRoss Mackenzie0 7 9 3 2 0 8 0 5 6 6
September the eleventh 2022Southampton7roundsJames Burley 
September the eighteenth 2022Ilford8roundsJames Burley 
September the twenty fourth 2022Leicester7roundsJames Burley 
October the eighth 2022Cumbernauld7roundsAileen Morrison0 7 9 7 4 2 7 1 9 0 4
October the ninth 2022Luton7roundsJames Burley 
October the fifteenth 2022Wolverhampton7roundsJames Burley 
October the twenty ninth 2022Newcastle7roundsJames Burley 
November the twelvth 2022Norwich7roundsJames Burley 
November the nineteenth 2022EdinburghUpdated on August the fifth 20227roundsAmy Byrne0 1 3 1 6 6 1 3 8 6 9
December the twenty ninth and thirtieth 2022Twixmas 202215roundsJames Burley 
January the twenty seventh to the twenty ninth 2023Isle of WightUpdated on August the ninth 2022 IOW Tours0 1 9 8 3 4 0 5 1 1 6

This calendar is maintained by the webmaster, Stewart Brodie. Please direct all queries/corrections to him. The above list contains those events approved for ratings purposes by the Tournament Coordinator, plus other significant Scrabble events. Please email us with any omissions or errors.

Further details are given, in a standard format, for most one-day tournaments; click on the event to see more. Weekend tournaments usually have too much information to give in a standard format; click on the event to download the entry form if it is available. Prospective entrants are requested to get in touch with the organiser if they would like any further information. For some matches the number of rounds is a 'best of' figure, for example the BEST Quarter-Finals are 'best of 15 games'. This is shown by ~15 in the Rounds column.

Unless specified otherwise, the details for the tournaments assume the following:

  • Positions are determined on wins and then spread (winning margins)
  • If you are a new player, you will usually be placed in the lowest division for your first event. If you would like to play in a higher group please speak to the organiser in advance.
  • Entries are at the sole discretion of the Tournament Organiser
  • You must always include a SAE with a postal entry for application
  • Please arrive on time