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Tournament Calendar

This calendar is maintained by Peter Thorpe. Please direct all queries/corrections to him or to the webmaster, Stewart Brodie.

New players are especially welcome at all events. Come along and play! We have some hints & tips for players who are new to tournaments. Plus, new players can enter their first one-day tournament for FREE! Contact the organiser of the event for more details.

Tournaments are open to anyone, but it will always cost you a bit more if you are not a member of ABSP or a member in good standing of a recognised national body with which the ABSP has agreed reciprocal membership benefits. Click here to join the ABSP.

Tournaments with the date in yellow have been recently added to the calendar.

Tournaments in pink are also designated NSC Qualifiers.

N.B.Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, if the 2020 National Scrabble Championship is still able to take place, it is planned to be a single division, open tournament with no qualification necessary. Therefore, there are no more 2020 tournaments marked as NSC qualifiers.

Tournaments annotated with the logo are WESPA-rated. For a full list of WESPA-rated international tournaments, see the WESPA Calendar. Tournaments with the blue background are not ABSP-rated, but are major world championship level events.

News of ongoing events can be found on CentreStar page. If you would like to add a link to your tournament on Centrestar index page please advise Peter (see email link above).

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and UK government advice as of 21st March 2020, the ABSP is not approving any tournaments for rating for the time being.

Events will be annotated on this calendar with Event Name when they are confirmed cancelled.

Players should assume that all listed events will be cancelled until further notice.

The list of cancelled future events will be retained here for longer than usual in order that contact details for tournament organisers remain available for players seeking advice. Tournament organisers will contact registered players directly about refunds or potential rescheduling.

Date Event Rds Contact Telephone / website
Jul 26th Ilford (entry form) 8 Kevin Synnott
Aug 16th Aberdeen, entry form) 7 Neil Scott 01224 639291
Aug 23rd Mind Sports Olympiad - Event moved online and to 7th/8th August 7 Steve Perry 01367 244757
Aug 28th-29th British Matchplay Scrabble Championships Warm Up (entry form) 11 Wayne Kelly 01925 483530
Aug 29th-31st British Matchplay Scrabble Championships (entry form) 25 Wayne Kelly 01925 483530
Sep 4th Continental Scrabble Championship Early Bird (Berlin) (entry form) 4 Peggy Fehily Tournament website
Sep 5th-6th Continental Scrabble Championship Main Event (Berlin) (entry form) 15 Peggy Fehily Tournament website
Sep 12th-13th Broadstairs Autumn Tournament Special (BATS) (entry form) 15 Nicky Huitson 07887 996396
Sep 12th-13th Waterford Scrabble Tournament (Information) 15 Event Organiser +353 (0)87 6868410
Sep 13th Swindon Rotary (entry form) 7 Steve Perry 01367 244757
Sep 20th North Pennines (Allendale) (entry form) 7 Christine Tudge 01434 685936
Sep 20th BEST 2020 Closing Date! (entry form, July 13th update) ~ Chris Harrison 07746 583979
Sep 26th Warrington Weekender Saturday (entry form) 7 Wayne Kelly 01925 483530
Sep 27th Warrington Weekender Sunday (entry form) 7 Wayne Kelly 01925 483530
Sep 27th Ilford (entry form) 8 Kevin Synnott
Oct 3rd-4th National Scrabble Championship Finals (Bristol) (entry form) 16 Wayne Kelly 01925 483530
Oct 11th Luton (entry form) 8 Rosalind Wilson 01582 507249
Oct 18th Ilford (entry form) 8 Kevin Synnott
Oct 18th Leicester (entry form) 8 Barry French 07538 936982 (daytime)
Nov 28th Warrington Round Robin (entry form) 7 Wayne Kelly 01925 483530
Nov 29th Ilford (entry form) 8 Kevin Synnott
Dec 20th Ilford (entry form) 8 Kevin Synnott
Jan 29th-31st Isle of Wight (entry form) 10 + 10 Steve Perry 01367 244757
May 1st-2nd Broadstairs Viking Seaside Special 15 Nicky Huitson 07887 996396
May 8th-9th Manx Scrabble Championship 2021, Isle of Man 15 Gillian Street 07624 322773
Aug 27th-28th British Matchplay Scrabble Championships Warm Up 11 Wayne Kelly 01925 483530
Aug 28th-30th British Matchplay Scrabble Championships 25 Wayne Kelly 01925 483530

The above list contains those events approved for ratings purposes by the Tournament Coordinator, plus other significant Scrabble events. Please email us with any omissions or errors.

Further details are given, in a standard format, for most one-day tournaments; click on the event to see more. Weekend tournaments usually have too much information to give in a standard format; click on the event to download the entry form if it is available. Prospective entrants are requested to get in touch with the organiser if they would like any further information. For some matches the number of rounds is a 'best of' figure, for example the BEST Quarter-Finals are 'best of 15 games'. This is shown by ~15 in the Rounds column.

Unless specified otherwise, the details for the tournaments assume the following:

  • Positions are determined on wins and then spread (winning margins)
  • If you are a new player, you will usually be placed in the lowest division for your first event. If you would like to play in a higher group please speak to the organiser in advance.
  • Entries are at the sole discretion of the Tournament Organiser
  • You must always include a SAE with a postal entry for application
  • Please arrive on time