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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adhan azan the Muslim call to prayer, made five times a day by a muezzin.
angelus a prayer said in morning, at noon and at sunset > ANGELUSES.
antiphon an anthem sung as a response during church service.
ave a recitation of the prayer to the Virgin Mary.
azan see ADHAN.
bede a prayer.
bene a prayer, a boon.
benedictus a short canticle beginning 'Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini' in Latin and 'Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord' in English > BENEDICTUSES.
benison a blessing, a benediction.
bhajan a Hindu religious song.
brachah brocho a Jewish blessing.
cantate the 98th Psalm, from its opening words.
canticle a non-metrical hymn, esp one used in a church service, such as the Magnificat.
canticum a canticle, a part-song in an ancient play > CANTICUMS.
cantoris to be sung on the cantorial or north side of a choir, as opposed to DECANI.
cantus a melody or chant, esp. in mediaeval ecclesiastical music > CANTUSES.
cathisma a short hymn used as response > CATHISMAS. [Gk. kathizein, to sit down].
confiteor a prayer of confession of sins.
daimoku a Nichiren Buddhist chant > DAIMOKUS.
darshan a blessing conferred by touching or seeing a holy person.
daven doven to utter Jewish prayers.
dirige a dirge.
doven see DAVEN.
doxological having the nature of a DOXOLOGY.
doxology a usually short hymn of praise to God, e.g. the Gloria in Excelsis.
epiclesis the act of calling on the Holy Spirit to consecrate the Eucharist > EPICLESES.
euchologion a formulary of prayers, esp. that of the Greek Church > EUCHOLOGIA.
euchology a formulary of prayers, esp. that of the Greek Church.
euouae evovae a Gregorian cadence > EUOUAES, EVOVAES. [From the vowels in 'seculorum Amen' heard in the doxology 'Gloria Patri'].
gospelly like gospel music.
hallel a Jewish holiday prayer of thanks-giving Psalms.
habdalah havdalah havdoloh a Jewish ceremony or prayer that marks the end of the Sabbath.
hymn a song of praise, esp to God, but also to a nation, etc.; (verb) to sing a hymn
hymnic relating to hymns, or sacred lyrics.
hymnless without hymns.
hymnodical relating to a HYMNODY.
hymnody hymns collectively; hymn-singing.
hymnologic relating to HYMNOLOGY.
hymnology the study of hymns.
introit a psalm or hymn chanted at approach to altar of celebrant priest; the first part of the Roman Catholic Mass.
introital relating to an INTROIT, the first part of the Roman Catholic Mass.
invitatory a psalm or anthem sung before prayer during church service.
isodicon in the Greek Church, a TROPARION or short anthem sung while the gospel is being carried through the church > ISODICA.
kaddish a Jewish prayer recited daily and by mourners > KADDISHIM or KADDISHES.
khotbah khotbeh khutbah an address or public prayer read from the steps of the pulpit in Mohammedan mosques.
kiddush a ceremony of prayer and blessing over wine, performed by the head of a Jewish household at the meal ushering in the Sabbath > KIDDUSHES. [Hebrew qiddush, sanctification].
kyrie a religious petition for mercy.
litany a type of prayer in which a series of lines are spoken alternately by a leader and a congregation.
liturgic pertaining to, of or the nature of, a liturgy > LITURGICS.
liturgical pertaining to, of or the nature of, a LITURGY > LITURGICALLY.
liturgism the study of LITURGICAL forms.
liturgy the rite of the Eucharist; an order of public service. [Gk. leitourgia].
magnificat a CANTICLE in praise of the Virgin Mary.
matin mattin a morning prayer service.
maximus a method rung on twelve bells > MAXIMUSES.
minyan the minimum number of people required by Jewish law to be present for a religious service to be held i.e. ten male adults > MINYANS or MINYANIM.
miserere the psalm usually appointed for penitential acts, being the 50th psalm in the Latin version. [Lat. 2nd person sing. imp. of misereri to have mercy, to pity, from miser, wretched. The hymn starts with this word].
noel a Christmas CAROL.
nones a prayer service held at 3 p.m.
orison a short prayer.
outpray to exceed or excel in prayer.
paean a song of thanksgiving. [L. from Gk. Paian, physician to the gods. The earliest musical paeans were hymns of thanksgiving and praise that were dedicated to Apollo; the word then became generalised].
paeanism the chanting of a PAEAN.
paternoster the Lord's Prayer, or a recital of it.
pernoctate to pass the night in vigil or prayer.
plainchant plainsong unmeasured, unaccompanied music sung in unison in ecclesiastical modes from early times.
pooja poojah puja pujah a Hindu act of worship or prayer.
postlude a closing piece of music; especially an organ voluntary at the end of a church service.
prayerful given to prayer > PRAYERFULLY.
prayerless not using prayer; habitually neglecting prayer to God.
preces prayers, esp in preces and responses.
psalm a hymn or religious song; (verb) to sing psalms.
psalmic of or pertaining to a psalm.
psalmodic psalmodical relating to a PSALMODY.
psalmodise psalmodize to practice psalmody.
psalmody the act of singing psalms in church services.
psalter the Book of Psalms, a musical setting for this, or selection from it.
psalterian relating to a PSALTER.
puja see POOJA.
pujah see POOJA.
qawwali a form of devotional Sufi music > QAWWALIS.
requiem a lament or mass for the dead.
requiescat a prayer for the dead.
responsory a set of responses sung or said after liturgical reading.
shahada shahadah the Islamic declaration of faith, repeated daily.
sticheron a short hymn > STICHERA.
synapte in the Greek church, a litany.
tasbih a form of Islamic prayer that involves the repetitive utterances of short sentences glorifying God.
tersanctus the hymn beginning Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus, which forms the conclusion of the Eucharistic preface > TERSANCTUSES.
tractus a psalm sung instead of the Alleluia in Lent > TRACTUSES.
trisagion an ancient hymn consisting of the words 'O Holy God, holy and mighty, holy and immortal, have mercy on us'; loosely, the Tersanctus > TRISAGIONS.
troparion in the Greek Church, a stanza or short hymn > TROPARIA.
unpray to revoke or annul by prayer, as something previously prayed for.
venite the 95th psalm.
vesperal an office-book containing the psalms, canticles, anthems, etc., with their musical settings, used at vespers.
versicle a short verse in church service normally followed by response.