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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alb a priest's long, white vestment.
almuce amice a college hood, worn by certain religious orders.
beretta berretta biretta birretta a square cap worn by Roman Catholic ecclesiastics.
calotte a Roman Catholic skullcap.
capouch capuccio capuche capuchin a pointed hooded cloak worn esp. by Capuchin friars.
cassock a close-fitting ankle-length clergyman's garment.
cassocked wearing a CASSOCK.
chasuble a sleeveless ecclesiastical garment.
chimar chimer chimere a loose sleeveless robe worn by Anglican bishops.
chrisom christom a white robe put on newly baptised child.
cilice a haircloth shirt worn by Roman Catholics as a penance.
cingulum a girdle, as of a priest's alb > CINGULA.
clericals clerical garb.
cope a semicircular, sleeveless, hooded vestment worn over the alb or surplice by priests at certain Christian ceremonies.
cotta a short surplice > COTTAS or COTTAE.
cowl a large loose hood, esp of a kind worn by a monk; (verb) to cover with a cowl.
dalmatic an ecclesiastical robe or other outer vestment.
encolpion a reliquary; a cross worn on the breast.
encolpium a reliquary; a cross worn on the breast > ENCOLPIUMS or ENCOLPIA.
ephod a sleeveless garment worn by priests in ancient Israel.
fannel fannell a narrow strip of material worn on the left sleeve by a priest.
fano fanon fanum a liturgical garment worn by the Pope when celebrating a solemn pontifical mass.
flabellum a fan; especially, the fan carried before the pope on state occasions, made in ostrich and peacock feathers > FLABELLUMS or FLABELLA.
gremial a cloth laid on a bishop's knees to keep his vestments clean from oil at ordination.
guimpe a wide cloth covering neck and shoulders worn by nuns.
ihram the scanty white cotton garment worn by Muslim pilgrims to Mecca.
izar a long cotton outer garment (usually white) worn by Muslim women.
kamelaukion a tall cylindrical hat worn by Orthodox priests.
kippa kippah a religious skullcap.
maniple a clerical vestment used during the sacrament, a narrow strip worn on the left arm.
mitre miter a high, pointed headdress, cleft crosswise on top and with two ribbons hanging from the back, worn by archbishops and bishops; (verb) to join with a mitre joint.
mozetta mozzetta a short cape with an ornamental hood worn by Catholic prelates > MOZETTAS or MOZETTE; MOZZETTAS or MOZZETTE.
muscatorium a FLABELLUM, a fan; especially, the fan carried before the pope on state occasions, made in ostrich and peacock feathers > MUSCATORIA.
omophorion an Eastern bishop's vestment like the pallium > OMOPHORIA.
orarion in the Orthodox Church, a deacon's stole.
orarium in the Orthodox Church, a deacon's stole > ORARIA.
orfray orphrey gold or other rich embroidery on clerical robes.
orphreyed embroidered with ORPHREY, gold.
pallium a white woollen vestment like a double Y, embroidered with crosses, worn by the Pope > PALLIA or PALLIUMS.
parament a rich ecclesiastical robe > PARAMENTA or PARAMENTS.
phaelonion an Eastern vestment like a chasuble > PHAELONIONS.
phelonion an Eastern vestment like a chasuble > PHELONIA or PHELONIONS.
pluvial a cope or ceremonial mantle.
pontificals the formal clothes of a priest, bishop, or pope.
rochet rocquet a close-fitting surplice-like vestment worn by bishops and abbots.
saccos an Eastern bishop's vestment > SACCOI or SACCOSES.
sakkos an Eastern bishop's vestment > SAKKOI or SAKKOSES.
sanbenito in the Spanish Inquisition, a yellow scapular-shaped garment, with a red St Andrew's cross before and behind, worn by a confessed and penitent heretic > SANBENITOS.
scapular scapulary a loose sleeveless vestment falling in front and behind, worn by certain religious orders and devout persons.
soutane a Roman Catholic priest's CASSOCK.
sticharion a vestment like an alb worn by Orthodox priests > STICHARIONS.
stole a narrow ecclesiastical vestment worn on the shoulders, hanign down in front.
stoled wearing a STOLE.
subucula in the early English church, a kind of cassock worn under the alb > SUBUCULAS.
succinctorium a band embroidered with an Agnus Dei, worn hanging from the girdle by the Pope on some occasions > SUCCINCTORIA or SUCCINCTORIUMS.
sudarium a cloth for wiping sweat, esp the veil or handkerchief of St Veronica, believed to have retained miraculously the image of Christ's face > SUDARIA.
sudary a SUDARIUM.
superhumeral an ecclesiastical garment worn over the shoulders.
surplice a loose-fitting ankle length overgarment worn by clerics.
surpliced wearing a SURPLICE.
tallis the traditional prayer shawl worn by Jewish men > TALLISIM or TALLISES.
tallit the traditional prayer shawl worn by Jewish men > TALLITIM, TALLITES, TALLITOT or TALLITS.
tallith the traditional prayer shawl worn by Jewish men > TALLITHES, TALLITHIM, TALLITHS, TALLITOTH, TALEYSIM or TALLAISIM.
tika tilak a red mark or pendant on the forehead of Hindu women, originally of religious significance but now also worn for ornament.
tippet an ecclesiastical scarf.
tonsure the shaven crown worn by monks; a bald spot resembling same; (verb) to cut the hair in tonsure form.
tsitsith tzitzis tzitzit tzitzith tassels and fringes found on certain religious ceremonial garments.
tunicle a short ecclesiastical vestment worn by bishop or subdeacon.
uncowl to take off a cowl.
vakas vakass an Armenian EPHOD, a sacerdotal habit > VAKASES, VAKASSES.
vestiment a vestment, garb.
vestimental of or like a VESTIMENT, vestment
vestment a ceremonial garment, esp one worn in religious ceremonies.
vestmental relating to a VESTMENT.
vestmented wearing a VESTMENT.
vestural relating to VESTURE, clothing.
vesture clothing, esp. ecclesiastical; anything that covers or cloaks; (verb, arch.) to clothe.
whimple wimple a cloth covering for head and neck worn by nuns; (verb) to wrap in a whimple.
woolward wearing wool next the skin, esp. as a penance.
yamalka yamulka yarmelke yarmulka yarmulke a Jewish religious skullcap.
zizit the tassels on the four corners of a Jewish prayer shawl.
zizith the tassels on the four corners of a Jewish prayer shawl.
zucchetto a round skullcap worn by Catholic clergy to indicate rank > ZUCCHETTOS or ZUCCHETTI. [Ital. zuccha, gourd].
zuchetta a round skullcap worn by Catholic clergy to indicate rank > ZUCHETTAS.
zuchetto a round skullcap worn by Catholic clergy to indicate rank > ZUCHETTOS.