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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

archgenethliac (Browning) in a derogatory sense, the greatest of genethliacs or astrologers.
astrologic related to astrology.
astrological relating to astrology.
astrologically (Adv.) ASTROLOGICAL, relating to astrology.
astrologist one who affects to tell fortunes from the stars.
astrology the study of the supposed influence of the movements and positions of the stars and planets.
biquintile the aspect of planets when they are twice the fifth part of a great circle (i.e. 144 degrees) from each other.
constellation the configuration of stars esp at one's birth.
constellational of or like a constellation.
constellatory of or like a constellation.
cynosure a center of attraction or attention.
decan one of three equal 10-degree divisions of a sign of the zodiac.
decile an aspect or position of two planets, when they are distant from each other a tenth part of the zodiac, or 36.
dispositor in astrology, a planet that disposes or controls another.
genethlialogy the art of casting horoscopes.
moonchild someone born under the Cancer star sign.
quintile the aspect of planets when separated by the fifth part of the zodiac, or 72.
satellitium a group of three or more planets lying in one sign of the zodiac.
sextile the aspect of two planets which are one-sixth of a circle (60 degrees) apart in the sky.
sideral sent from the stars, said esp of a malign influence.
synastry comparison of the horoscopes of two or more people.
trine triple; in astrology the aspect of two planets when 120 apart; (verb) to put in trine.
triones (Lat.) the seven stars of the Plough.
zodiac an imaginary belt in the heavens through which the ecliptic passes centrally, and which forms the background of the motions of the sun, moon and planets.