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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aerogram a message by wireless telegraphy.
beacon a fire on high ground lit as a signal; (verb) to act as a beacon.
bullhorn (US) a loudhailer.
cablegram a message sent by a submarine telegraphic cable.
centimetric having a wavelength between one and ten centimetres.
central in the centre (noun) a telegraph exchange
ciphony the electronic scrambling of voice transmissions.
compand to clarify a signal by compressing then expanding volume.
compander a system of transmitting or reproducing sound by compressing and then re-expanding the volume-range.
compandor a system of transmitting or reproducing sound by compressing and then re-expanding the volume-range.
comsat (Short for) communications satellite.
contraplex having messages passing both ways simultaneously.
diplex relating to the simultaneous transmission of two messages over one wire in the same direction.
diplexer a device which enables two transmitters to operate simultaneously using the same aerial.
downlink a transmission from a spacecraft; (verb) to transmit from a spacecraft.
duobinary denoting a communications system for coding digital data.
duplexer a system allowing use of the same aerial for transmission and response.
flir an electronic heat sensor able to detect and display on a T.V.-like screen a distant scene despite darkness, smoke etc used esp in military aircraft.
genlock a device for synchronizing locally generated signals with those received from a distance; (verb) to maintain synchronization between two signals using the genlock technique.
gosport a communication device in an aeroplane.
helio a signalling mirror.
heliogram a message sent by reflecting the sun's rays with a mirror.
heliograph an apparatus for signalling by means of a movable mirror which reflects flashes of sunshine; (verb) to signal by heliograph.
heliographic relating to heliography.
heliographical relating to heliography.
heliography the practice of signalling by heliograph.
heliostat an instrument using a mirror to reflect sunlight in a fixed direction, used for studying the sun or signalling messages.
heliostatic relating to a heliostat.
hotline a direct communications system for immediate contact.
inphase in the same phase.
intercom a type of communication system.
landline a communication line on land.
loudhailer a megaphone.
mailgram (Tradename) a message sent electronically to the post office; (verb) to send a message by mailgram.
marconi (Tradename) to communicate by wireless telegraphy.
marconigram a message sent by wireless telegraphy.
marconigraph a message sent by wireless telegraphy; (verb) to send a message by wireless telegraphy.
mase to act as a maser, a device used to amplify long-range radar and radio astronomy signals.
maser a device used to amplify long-range radar and radio astronomy signals.
mayday the international radiotelephonic distress signal.
message any communication sent from one person to another; (verb) to send or communicate as a message.
microsatellite a very small satellite.
minidish a small parabolic aerial for reception or transmission to a communications satellite.
minitrack (Tradename) a satellite tracking system.
monopulse a type of radar system used in gun control.
narrowband operating at a narrow range of frequencies; (noun) a narrowband device.
passband a frequency width that permits transmission with maximum efficiency.
phototelegram a telegram that is sent by means of phototelegraphy.
radiolocation position-finding by radio signals; radar.
radiophony the art or practice of using the radiophone.
radiosonde a radio transmitter, borne into and from upper atmosphere by balloon and parachute, sending out information on atmospheric conditions.
radiotelegram a telegram sent by radio.
radiotelegraphy signalling by radiotelegraph, wireless telegraphy.
radioteletype a teleprinter that receives and transmits by radio.
rawin a wind measurement made by tracking a balloon with radar.
satcom satellite communications.
satellitise to bring satellite(s) into use in (meteorology, broadcasting, etc).
satellitize to bring satellite(s) into use in (meteorology, broadcasting, etc).
semaphore a method of signalling with flags; (verb) to signal in this way.
semaphoric related to semaphore.
semaphorical related to semaphore.
semaphorically (Adv.) SEMAPHORICAL, related to semaphore.
signal notable (noun) an information of eg warning conveyed over a distance; (verb) to make a sign
signaler (US) one who signals.
signaller one who signals.
signally (Adv.) SIGNAL, notable.
smallsat a relatively small, inexpensive communications satellite.
squeg to oscillate intermittently.
squegger a squegging oscillator.
stopband a band of frequencies limited by a filter.
subaudio relating to low-frequency audio. No -S.
subcarrier a modulated frequency used to modulate, with others, a main carrier wave.
syncom one of a series of communication satellites in a synchronous orbit.
tannoy (Tradename) a public announcement system; (verb) to announce by tannoy.
telautographic relating to telautography.
telautography transmission by use of a Telautograph, a telegraph for reproducing the movement of a pen or pencil and so transmitting writings or drawings.
telecopy a message or document sent by fax.
telefax a fax, a facsimile of a document; (verb) to transmit by telefax.
telegram a message sent by telegraph; (verb) to transmit by telegram.
telegrammic of or like a telegram.
telegraphy the use or operation of a telegraph apparatus or system for communication.
teleseme a signalling apparatus with an indicator.
teletex a more advanced form of telex.
teletype (Tradename) a type of teleprinter; (verb) to send a typed message by telegraph.
telex (Tradename) an international system of telegraphy in which printed messages are transmitted and received by teleprinters using the public telecommunication lines; (verb) to send a message by telex.
vocoder an electronic device used in transmitting speech signals.
wilco in signalling, an indication of compliance ('I will comply').