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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

ansaphone another name for a telephone answering machine.
answerphone a device that automatically answers incoming telephone calls.
autodial to dial a telephone number automatically.
bluejacking the sending of unsolicited messages over Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones.
calltime time available for use in making calls on a mobile phone; the time used on a single phone call.
cameraphone a combined camera and phone.
camphone a combined camera and mobile phone.
cardphone a public telephone from which calls are made using a prepaid plastic card.
careline a telephone service set up by a company or other organization to provide its customers or clients with information about its products or services.
carphone a phone for use in a car.
cellphone a portable telephone for use in a cellular radio system.
cellular consisting of, characterized by or containing cells or compartments; (noun) a cellular phone.
cordless without a cord; (noun) a cordless telephone.
detectophone a secret telephone for eavesdropping.
dial the face of a watch or clock; (verb) to dial eg a telephone.
dialer one who dials.
dialler one who dials.
erlang a unit of traffic intensity in a telephone system.
freephone a telephone service whereby an organization pays the cost of certain incoming calls.
handphone in SE Asia, a mobile phone.
helpdesk a department providing advice by telephone.
helpline an often free telephone line by means of which people with a particular problem may contact advisers who will help them deal with it.
minicom a device used by deaf people allowing typed telephone messages to be sent and received.
mobcast to broadcast over mobile phones.
mobe (Sl.) a mobile phone.
mobey (Sl.) a mobile phone.
mobie (Sl.) a mobile phone.
mobisode an episode of a TV show made for downloading and viewing on mobile phones.
moblog a log comprising mobile phone messages.
moby (Sl.) a mobile phone.
monomode designating a very fine optical fibre (less than 10 micrometres in diameter), used in telecommunications.
monotelephone a telephone that transmits sounds of one pitch only.
octothorp the symbol # on a telephone or keyboard (hash mark, pound sign, number sign).
payfone a coin-operated public telephone.
payphone a coin-operated public telephone.
phonathon a telephone-based fundraising campaign.
phone (Short for) phone; (verb) to telephone.
phonecam a digital camera incorporated in a mobile phone.
phonecard a card used to make phone calls.
phoner one who phones.
phreak equipment to obtain free telephone calls; (verb) to use such equipment.
phreaker one who uses equipment to obtain free telephone calls.
phreaking making illegal phone-calls.
picturephone a device which allows speakers on the telephone to see each other.
pocketphone a mobile phone.
radiotelephone an apparatus for carrying on wireless telephony by radio waves; (verb) to telephone (someon) by radiotelphone.
radiotelephonic relating to the radiotelephone.
rechip to change the electronic identity of (a stolen mobile phone).
redial to dial again.
ringtone a tune played by a mobile phone when a call is received.
robocall a telephone call from an automated source that delivers a prerecorded message to a large number of people.
scrambler a telephone device for scrambling a conversation.
sexting the act of sending text messages of a sexual nature.
smartphone a portable device combining a mobile phone and a computer.
speakerphone a combination microphone and loudspeaker device for two-way communication by telephone lines.
superphone a telephone with a high-speed processor that can perform many of the functions of a computer.
switchgirl a women who operates a telephone switchboard.
talktime the total amount of time available to the user of a telephone to make calls.
teleconnection connection by telephone line.
telepheme a message by a telephone.
telephone an instrument for reproducing sound at a distance, esp by means of electricity; (verb) to contact someone by telephone.
telephoner one who telephones.
telephonic of, relating to, or conveyed by a telephone.
telephonically (Adv.) TELEPHONIC, of, relating to, or conveyed by a telephone.
telephonist a telephone switchboard operator.
telephony the art or science of making telephones; the working or use of a telephone.
telepoint a device located in a public place that activates cordless phones.
teleselling selling by telephone.
telework to work at home communicating with the office by telephone or computer.
textonym one of several words that may be keyed into a mobile phone by pressing the same sequence of buttons.
textphone a phone that can transmit text messages.
theatrophone (Hist.) a telephone connecting callers to a theatre so they can listen to a live performance there.
toothing the practice of trying to initiate sex with strangers using Bluetooth phone technology.
touchtone (Tradename) having a pushbutton rather than a dial; (noun) a touchtone phone.
trimphone (Tradename) a phone designed in the 1960s.
trunking a system of sharing a number of radio channels between users of eg mobile phones.
videophone a telephone equipped for transmission of video as well as audio signals so that users can see each other.
videotelephone a telephone with accompanying means of transmitting a picture of each speaker.
viewdata a communications system by which information can be received and requested by a telephone line, and shown on a video display unit.
viewphone a phone that enables the caller to be seen as well as listened to.
vishing the practise of making voip telephone calls in an attempt to elicit confidential information for financial gain.
visiophone a videophone.
voicemail the facility of leaving recorded messages by telephone.
voip a system for converting analogue signals to digital so that the telephone calls may be made over the internet.
wireline a telegraph or telephone line.
wiretap to tap a phone wire so as to listen in to conversations.
wiretapper one that taps telephone or telegraph wires.