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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bield (Scots) a shelter (verb) to give shelter
bieldy (Scots) sheltering.
cache a secret store; (verb) to hide away.
camouflage to conceal or disguise by camouflage.
camouflagic relating to camouflage.
conceal to keep from sight or discovery.
concealable that can be concealed.
concealer one who conceals.
concealingly (Adv.) CONCEALING.
concealment the act of concealing.
cootch to hide, to cuddle up.
covert secret > COVERTER, COVERTEST; (noun) a hiding place.
covertly (Adv.) COVERT, secret.
covertness the state of being covert.
coverture covering; shelter.
coverup the suppression of some secret or scandal.
cryptadia (Greek) things to be kept hidden.
cryptic hidden, secret.
cryptical hidden, secret.
cryptically (Adv.) CRYPTIC, hidden, secret.
cwtch (Welsh) to hide, to cuddle up.
dearn secret; lonely (noun) secrecy, hiding; (verb) to darn
dearnly (Adv.) DEARN, secret, lonely.
delitescence latence.
delitescent hidden, latent.
dern secret; lonely (noun) secrecy, hiding; (verb) to keep hidden
disguisable that can be disguised.
dissemble to hide true feelings, motives, or the facts.
dissembler one who dissembles, hides true feelings.
dissemblingly (Adv.) DISSEMBLING.
doggo still and quiet, as in to lie doggo.
embosk to conceal with foliage.
embower to place in a bower; to shelter with trees.
embowerment the act of embowering.
encave (Shakesp.) to hide.
enshelter (Shakesp.) to give shelter to.
feal faithful; loyal; (verb) to conceal.
funkhole a place of retreat for shelter or refuge.
harborer (US) one who, or that which, harbors.
harborless (US) without a harbor.
harbour a refuge, shelter; (verb) to shelter.
harbourer one who or that which harbours.
haven a shelter, a refuge; (verb) to shelter.
hele (Dial.) to hide, conceal.
hell any place of vice and misery; (verb) to hide, conceal.
hidable that can be hidden.
hidden concealed; obscure.
hiddenly (Adv.) HIDDEN, concealed.
hiddenmost most tucked away, most hidden.
hiddenness the state of being hidden.
hide a place of concealment; an animal's skin; (verb) to conceal to remove the hide from
hideaway a hideout.
hideless without a hide.
hideout a place of concealment.
hider one who hides.
hidling (Scots) in secret.
hidlings (Scots) in secret.
hidlins (Scots) in secret.
imbosk (Obs.) to conceal, as in bushes.
imbower to place in a bower; to shelter with trees.
incave (Shakesp.) to hide.
incog (Short for) incognito, a person concealing his identity.
incognita (Ital.) a woman who is unknown or in disguise.
inshelter to place in shelter.
latescent becoming latent or hidden.
latitancy the act or state of lying hid, or lurking.
latitation a lying in concealment.
lurkingly (Adv.) LURKING, lying in wait.
obreptitious done or obtained by trickery, or by concealing the truth.
occult secret (verb) to hide or make disappear
occultation a concealing, esp of one of the heavenly bodies by another.
occulter something or someone that occults.
occultly (Adv.) OCCULT, secret.
occultness the state of being occult.
overgrass to grass over, conceal with grass.
refuge a shelter; (verb, arch.) to shelter.
scog (Scots) shadow, shelter; (verb) to shelter.
scoog (Scots) shadow, shelter; (verb) to shelter.
scoug (Scots) shadow, shelter; (verb) to shelter.
scug (Scots) shadow, shelter; (verb) to shelter.
sculk (Obs.) to hide, evade, move stealthily.
secret hidden (noun) something hidden
secretness the state of being secret.
semisecret partly secret.
shelter a protection (verb) to provide cover or protection for
sheltery affording shelter.
shroudy affording shelter.
skog to shelter.
skug (Scots) shadow, shelter; (verb) to shelter.
skulk to hide, evade, move stealthily.
skulking stealthy (noun) the act of skulking
skulkingly (Adv.) SKULKING.
smokescreen a cloud of smoke raised to conceal movements.
stash to stow in hiding.
tappice to lie low; to hide.
unconcealed not concealed.
unconcealing not concealing.