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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aspergation the act of asperging.
asperge to sprinkle.
beflower to besprinkle or scatter over with, or as with, flowers.
bescatter (Arch.) to scatter over.
besnow to scatter like snow; to cover thick, as with snow flakes.
bespread to spread over.
besprent (Obs.) sprinkled over; strewed.
besprinkle to sprinkle over; to scatter over.
bestrew to strew, scatter.
bestrow to strew, scatter.
broadcast to scatter, send out, disseminate.
diffusible capable of being diffused.
diffusion the spread of ideas, disease, technology, etc..
diffusive having the quality of diffusing.
diffusively (Adv.) DIFFUSIVE, having the quality of diffusing.
disgregation separation; scattering.
disject to dismember, to scatter.
disperse to scatter.
dispersedly (Adv.) DISPERSED.
dispersive tending to disperse.
dispread to spread out, expand in different directions.
dispred (Spenser) to spread out.
dispredden (Spenser) 3rd person pl of dispred, to spread out.
dissipable capable of being scattered or dissipated.
dissipate to scatter or disperse.
dissipatedly (Adv.) DISSIPATED.
dung excrement, manure (verb) to spread with dung
expansible capable of being expanded.
expansibly (Adv.) EXPANSIBLE, capable of being expanded.
flurr to scatter.
inexpansible not expansible.
interfuse to pour or spread between or among.
interfusion the act of interfusing.
outspread to spread out.
overstrew to strew or scatter over.
patency the condition of being open, enlarged, or spread.
patulent spreading; wide-spreading; open.
patulous spreading; wide-spreading; open.
patulously (Adv.) PATULOUS, spreading.
patulousness the state of being patulous.
perfusive of a nature to flow over, or to spread through.
permeation the act of permeating.
pervasion the act of pervading.
respread to spread again.
scail (Scots) to scatter, disperse.
scatter a sprinkling (verb) to go or send in various directions
scatterable that can be scattered.
scatteration the act of scattering.
scatteredly (Adv.) SCATTERED.
scatterer one who scatters.
scattering dispersion; that which is scattered.
scatteringly (Adv.) SCATTERING.
scattery dispersed; sparse.
semination the act of sowing or spreading.
skail (Scots) to disperse, scatter.
speld (Scots) to spread open, sprawl.
spelder (Scots) to spread open, sprawl.
sperse (Arch.) to disperse.
spread extent, compass; (verb) to open or expand over a larger area ) SPRAD, SPRED, SPREDD or SPREDDE.
spreader one who spreads.
spreadingly (Adv.) SPREADING.
spred (Obs.) to spread.
spredd (Obs.) to spread.
spredde (Obs.) to spread.
spredden (PaP.) SPREDDE, to spread.
sprinkle a sprinkling; (verb) to scatter drops or particles on.
sprinkler a device for sprinkling eg a lawn; (verb) to water with a sprinkler.
straw the stalk of corn (verb) to scatter, spread
strew to scatter, spread.
strewage an assemblage of things strewn.
strewer one who strews.
strewment (Shakesp.) strewings.
strewn (PaP.) STREW, to scatter, spread.
strinkle (Scots) to sprinkle.
strow to scatter, spread.
strower one who strows.