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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

ambition aspiration after success or advancement; (verb) to be ambitious of, desire strongly.
appetence strong craving or powerful desire.
appetency strong craving or powerful desire.
appetent having strong desires.
appetible desirable.
appetition (Arch.) direction of desire.
appetitive having or giving an appetite.
aspire to have an earnest desire or ambition.
aspiring desiring, aiming at.
aspiringly (Adv.) ASPIRING.
besoin (Fr.) need, want, desire.
brame (Spenser) a fierce longing.
conation mental effort towards a goal, desire, purpose.
conational relating to conation, mental effort towards a goal.
conative relating to purposeful action or desire.
covet to desire greatly.
covetable that may be coveted.
coveter one who covets.
covetingly (Adv.) COVETING.
covetise (Obs.) covetousness; ardent desire.
covetous very desirous; eager to obtain.
covetously (Adv.) COVETOUS, eager to obtain.
crave to desire greatly.
craver one who craves.
cupidinous full of desire, amorous.
cupidity avarice, greed.
desiderate to desire; to feel the want of.
desideration the act of desiderating.
desiderative implying desire; (noun) something desirable.
desideratum (Lat.) something considered necessary or desirable.
desiderium longing or yearning.
desirable to be desired (noun) something desirable
desirableness the state of being desirable.
desirably (Adv.) DESIRABLE, to be desired.
desire to wish for.
desireless free from desire.
desirer one who desires.
desirous desiring.
desirously (Adv.) DESIROUS, with desire.
desirousness the state of being desirous.
egence the state of needing, or of suffering a natural want.
egency the state of needing, or of suffering a natural want.
envier one who envies.
grein (Scots) to long, yearn.
hanker to want, yearn for.
hankerer one who hankers.
hunger desire for food (verb) to crave
hungerly (Shakesp.) hungry, hungrily.
long extending for a considerable distance ) LENGER, LONGEST or (obs.) LENGEST, LONGLY; (adv.) for a long time; (verb) to desire strongly
longing a strong desire.
longingly (Adv.) LONGING, having a strong desire.
lust strong desire (verb) to have an intense desire
mindedness an inclination to do something.
moreish such that one wants more.
morish such that one wants more.
necessitous needful, in need.
necessitously (Adv.) NECESSITOUS, needful, in need.
needer one who needs.
needful necessary (noun) something that is needful
needfully (Adv.) NEEDFUL, necessary.
nill (Arch.) not to will; to refuse.
outwill to surpass in willing.
outwish to surpass in wishing.
pine any tree of the north temperate coniferous genus Pinus (verb) to yearn intensely
prerequire to require beforehand.
prevenancy courteous anticipation of others' wishes.
requere (Spenser) to require.
require to have need of.
requirer one who requires.
requisite required (noun) something necessary
requisitely (Adv.) REQUISITE.
undesired not desired.
undesiring not desiring.
undesirous not desirous.
unwanted not wanted.
unwill to annul or reverse by an act of the will.
unwish (Shakesp.) to wish not to be.
unwishful not wishful.
velleity volition at its faintest.
volition the act of will.
volitional relating to volition.
volitionally (Adv.) VOLITIONAL, relating to volition.
volitionary relating to volition.
volitionless without volition.
wanderlust (Ger.) an urge to travel from place to place.
wanna (Coll.) want to.
want to have a desire for.
wanter one who wants.
will to decide upon used as an auxiliary followed by a simple infinitive to express futurity, inclination, likelihood, or requirement 2d person WOULD, WOULDEST, or WOULDST.
willer one who wills.
willing ready to comply.
willingly (Adv.) WILLING, ready to comply.
wish to feel an impulse toward attainment or possession of something.
wisher one who wishes.
wishful desirous.
wishfully (Adv.) WISHFUL, desirous.
wishless without a wish.
wiss to wish.
wistful yearning.
wistfulness the state of being wistful.
wistly (Shakesp.) longingly.
would the desired, the intended.
wull (Dial.) to will.
yearn to have a strong or deep desire.
yearner one who yearns.
yearning a strong or deep desire.
yearningly (Adv.) YEARNING.
yen a Japanese unit of currency; (verb) to desire or yearn.