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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abrosia fasting.
alible nourishing.
aliment food, nourishment; (verb) to feed, nourish.
anthropophagy cannibalism.
apician of or pertaining to luxurious eating.
apositic relating to apositia, loss of appetite.
aristology the science of dining.
autocoprophagy eating one's own feces.
autophagous related to autophagy, sustenance by self-absorption of the tissues of the body.
autophagy sustenance by self-absorption of the tissues of the body.
bacteriophagy the eating of bacteria.
bantingism slimming by avoiding food containing much farinaceous, saccharine, or oily matter.
begnaw to gnaw.
bibation tippling.
bibbery tippling.
binge to overindulge in food or drink.
birler one who birls, carouses.
bitable that can be bitten.
biteable that can be bitten.
breakfaster one who takes breakfast.
breastfeed to feed by breast.
browst (Scots) a brewing.
bubbler (Tradename) a kind of drinking fountain.
bumper a cup or glass full to the brim; (verb) to drink bumpers.
byrl to carouse.
cacotrophy bad or inadequate diet.
champ to bite or chew.
champer one who champs, or bites.
chaw to chew esp tobacco.
chawer one who chaws.
chew to crush or grind with the teeth.
chewer one who chews.
chewy hard to chew.
chomp to chew vigorously.
chomper one who chomps.
chow (Coll.) food; (verb) to eat.
chowdown the act of eating a large quantity of food, esp for competitive purposes.
chugalug to drink without pause.
chump a thick lump, a blockhead; (verb) to munch.
cibation (Obs.) the seventh of the twelve processes employed by alchemists in the search for the philosopher's stone, 'feeding the matter'; taking food, feeding.
clem to starve.
comestible edible; (noun) something edible.
commensal eating at the same table (noun) one who eats at the same table
commensally (Adv.) COMMENSAL, eating at the same table.
coprophagy feeding on dung.
cranch to crunch.
crapulence the sickness occasioned by intemperance; surfeit.
crapulent suffering from overindulgence in food or drink.
crapulently (Adv.) CRAPULENT, suffering from overindulgence in food or drink.
crapulosity the state of being crapulous.
crapulous suffering from overindulgence in food or drink.
crapulously (Adv.) CRAPULOUS, suffering from overindulgence in food or drink.
crapulousness the state of being crapulous.
craunch (Dial.) a crunch (verb) to crunch
creophagy the act of eating meat.
cud food chewed again by a ruminating animal.
deglutition the power or act of swallowing.
deglutitive relating to deglutition.
deglutitory relating to deglutition.
degust to taste, relish.
degustate to taste, relish.
degustation the action or an instance of tasting esp in a series of small portions.
degustatory relating to degustation.
delibate (Obs.) to sip.
devour to eat up voraciously.
devourer one that devours.
devouringly (Adv.) DEVOURING.
devourment the act of devouring.
digester one who digests.
digestor one who digests.
dinner the chief meal of the day; (verb) to dine.
dinnerless having no dinner.
drink to swallow liquid.
drinkable capable of being drunk (noun) something drinkable
drinkably (Adv.) DRINKABLE, capable of being drunk.
dysphagy difficulty in swallowing.
eat to consume by mouth ) ET.
eatable that can be eaten; (noun) something that can be eaten.
eaten (PaP.) EAT, to consume by mouth.
eater one that eats.
edacity ravenousness, voracity.
edibility the quality of being edible.
edible able to be eaten; (noun) a thing to eat.
edibleness suitableness for being eaten.
endophagous exhibiting endophagy, cannibalism within a tribe.
endophagy cannibalism within a tribe; eating away from within.
engorge to gorge, to glut.
entomophagy the eating of insects.
epulation feasting, indulging in fine food.
esculent edible; (noun) something edible.
esurient hungry, greedy.
esuriently (Adv.) ESURIENT, hungry, greedy.
exophagous relating to exophagy, cannibalism outside one's own group.
exophagy cannibalism outside one's own group.
faster one who fasts.
feaster one who feasts.
garlicky like or tasting of garlic.
gastronomic relating to gastronomy.
gastronomical relating to gastronomy.
gastronomically (Adv.) GASTRONOMICAL, relating to gastronomy.
gastronomy the study of fine dining.
gluggable of wine, easy and pleasant to drink.
gluttonise to eat to excess.
gluttonize to eat to excess.
gnaw to chew with the teeth.
gnawable that can be gnawed.
gnawer one who, or that which, gnaws.
gobble to eat hastily.
goloptious (Sl.) delicious, voluptuous.
goluptious (Sl.) delicious, voluptuous.
gorge the throat; a deep narrow valley; (verb) to eat greedily.
gorgeable that can be gorged.
gorgedly (Adv.) GORGED, glutted.
gulch a ravine; (verb) to swallow greedily.
gulosity (Arch.) enormous appetite; greediness.
gustable capable of being tasted; (noun) something capable of being tasted.
gustation the act of tasting.
gustative relating to gustation, tasting.
gustatorily (Adv.) GUSTATORY, pertaining to the sense of taste.
gustatory pertaining to the sense of taste.
handfeed to feed by hand.
hippophagy feeding on horses.
hoppy tasting of hops.
hungerful hungry.
hyperphagia eating too much.
hyperphagic relating to hyperphagia, eating too much.
imbibe to drink.
imbiber one that imbibes.
inedibility the state of being inedible.
inedible not fit to be eaten.
inedibly (Adv.) INEDIBLE, not fit to be eaten.
inesculent (Arch.) inedible.
ingesta (Lat.) that which is introduced into the body by the stomach or alimentary canal.
inhaust (Arch.) to drink in.
innutrition lack of nutrition; the failure to give proper nourishment.
interdine to eat together.
leftover an unused or unconsumed portion.
lickerish (Obs.) dainty, tempting to the taste; lecherous.
lickerishly (Adv.) LICKERISH, dainty, tempting to the taste.
lickerishness (Obs.) the state of being lickerish.
liquorish (Obs.) dainty, tempting to the taste; lecherous.
liquorishly (Adv.) LIQUORISH, dainty, tempting to the taste.
liquorishness the state of being liquorish.
macerator a person who fasts and becomes emaciated.
malty containing or tasting of malt.
manducate to chew or eat.
manducation chewing.
manducatory relating to manducation.
masticate to chew; to knead mechanically.
mastication the act of masticating.
mealless without a meal.
monophagy the eating of one kind of food only.
moop (Scots) to nibble, munch.
moup (Scots) to nibble, munch.
mouthfeel the sensory perception of a particular food while chewing.
muckamuck (Coll.) food; (verb) to consume food.
munch to chew with a crackling sound.
muncher one who munches.
nibble to eat with small bites.
nibbler one who nibbles.
nibbling the act of nibbling.
nibblingly (Adv.) NIBBLING.
nosh (Yiddish) food; (verb) to eat.
nosher one who noshes, nibbles between meals.
nourishing sustaining.
nourishingly (Adv.) NOURISHING.
nourishment food, nutriment.
nouriture nourishment, nurture.
nourriture nourishment, nurture.
nutrition the act of nourishing; food.
nutritional relating to nutrition.
nutritionally (Adv.) NUTRITIONAL, relating to nutrition.
nutritious giving nourishment.
nutritiously (Adv.) NUTRITIOUS, giving nourishment.
nutritive relating to nutrition (noun) a substance that nourishes
nutritively (Adv.) NUTRITIVE, relating to nutrition.
onychophagy the habit of biting one's fingernails.
outdrink to drink more than.
outeat to eat more than.
outfast to surpass in fasting.
outfeast to exceed in feasting.
outgnaw to surpass in gnawing.
outsavor (US) to surpass in savor.
overdrink to drink to excess.
overeat to eat too much.
overeater one who overeats.
overfeed to feed to excess.
overgorge (Shakesp.) to gorge to excess.
oversup to sup to excess.
palate the roof of the mouth; (verb, Shakesp.) to relish.
pantophagy omnivorousness.
pap soft food for infants (verb) to feed soft pap food to infants
potability the state of being potable.
potable fit to drink; (noun) something fit to drink.
potation the activity of drinking.
potatory pertaining to (excessive) drinking.
quaff to drink, sup.
quaffable that can be quaffed.
quencher one who, or that which, quenches.
ravenousness the state of being ravenous.
rechew to chew again.
refeed to feed again.
refeeding the act of feeding again.
regaler one who regales.
regorge to disgorge; to regurgitate.
relish to enjoy.
retaste to taste again.
revictual to victual again.
ruminate to chew the cud.
ruminatingly (Adv.) RUMINATING.
sair (Scots) sore, very (verb) to savour
sapid pleasantly flavoured SAPIDER, SAPIDEST.
sapidity the state of being sapid, pleasantly flavoured.
sapor taste, flavour.
saporific flavourful.
saporous flavourful.
sapour taste; flavour.
sar (Scots) to savour.
savoriness the quality of being savory.
savorous having a savor.
savour flavour, relish (verb) to relish the taste of
savourer one who savours.
savourless without savour.
scrummy (Coll.) scrumptious.
sip a small mouthful of liquid; (verb) to drink in small mouthfuls.
sippable capable of being sipped.
sipper one who sips.
sipple to sip often.
skoff to devour; to plunder.
slurp a noisy swallow (verb) to eat or drink noisily
snarf (Coll.) to eat or drink greedily.
sourness the state of being sour.
starver one who starves.
stodge dense sticky stuff (verb) to cram, stuff or gorge with food
sup a small mouthful; (verb) to take liquid into the mouth.
swallow a gulp; a migratory bird; (verb) to take through the mouth and esophagus into the stomach.
swallower one who swallows.
swig a draught of liquid; (verb) to drink deeply or rapidly.
swigger one who swigs.
tangy having a fresh or sharp taste.
thirst the desire to drink (verb) to feel a desire or need to drink
thirstful thirsty.
thrist (Spenser) thirst (verb) to thirst
tift (Scots) a slight quarrel; (verb) to be in a huff.
tipple an alcoholic drink; (verb) to drink alcohol constantly in small quantities.
toothsome attractive; palatable.
toothsomely (Adv.) TOOTHSOME, attractive; palatable.
umami (Japanese) a savoury flavour, the taste of monosodium glutamate.
undereat to eat too little.
uneatable that cannot be eaten.
uneaten not eaten.
unfed not fed.
ventripotent taking a greedy delight in eating.
victual provision; in plural, food; (verb) to provide with food.
vittle (Dial.) to victual.
wairsh tasteless, insipid, unsalted.
waucht (Scots) a large draught; (verb) to drink in large draughts.
waught (Scots) a large draught of any liquid; (verb) to drink in large draughts.
wersh (Scots) tasteless, insipid, unsalted.
williewaught (Scots) a deep draught of alcohol.