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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aleatoric dependent on chance, luck, or an uncertain outcome.
aleatory dependent on chance, luck, or an uncertain outcome; (noun) aleatoric music.
chancey risky, uncertain.
charily (Adv.) CHARY, cautious.
chariness caution, wariness.
chary discreetly cautious or sparing.
dicker to haggle, to hesitate or dither.
dither a state of irresolution (verb) to act nervously or indecisively
ditherer one who dithers.
dithery given to dithering.
doubt a state of uncertainty; (verb) to be uncertain about.
doubtable capable of being doubted.
doubtably (Adv.) DOUBTABLE, capable of being doubted.
doubter one that doubts.
doubtful worthy of doubt (noun) something doubtful eg a starter in a race
doubtfully (Adv.) DOUBTFUL, worthy of doubt.
doubtfulness the state of being doubtful.
doubtingly (Adv.) DOUBTING.
doubtless without doubt.
doubtlessly (Adv.) DOUBTLESS.
doubtlessness the state of not being in doubt.
dubiety doubtfulness.
dubiosity the state of being doubtful.
dubious doubtful.
dubiously (Adv.) DUBIOUS, doubtful.
dubiousness the state of being dubious.
dubitable liable to be doubted; uncertain.
dubitably (Adv.) DUBITABLE, liable to be doubted.
dubitancy (Obs.) doubt.
dubitate to doubt; to hesitate.
dubitation the act of doubting.
dubitative relating to doubt or incertitude.
dubitatively (Adv.) DUBITATIVE, relating to doubt or incertitude.
falter to hesitate.
falterer one who falters.
falteringly (Adv.) FALTERING.
hesitance wavering, doubt.
hesitancy wavering, doubt.
hesitant tending to hesitate.
hesitantly (Adv.) HESITANT, tending to hesitate.
hesitate to hold back in uncertainty.
hesitater one who hesitates.
hesitatingly (Adv.) HESITATING.
hesitation the action of hesitating.
hesitative showing, or characterized by, hesitation.
hesitator one who hesitates.
hesitatory hesitating.
iffily (Adv.) IFFY, dodgy, chancy.
iffy (Coll.) dodgy, chancy IFFILY.
incertain (Obs.) uncertain; doubtful.
indubious (Arch.) not dubious.
indubitability the quality of being beyond question or dispute or doubt.
indubitable that cannot be doubted.
indubitably (Adv.) INDUBITABLE, that cannot be doubted.
irresolution vacillation.
mammer (Shakesp.) to hesitate, stand muttering.
misfaith (Arch.) distrust.
misgive to make or be apprehensive or suspicious.
peradventure by chance; (noun, obs.) doubt, uncertainty.
qualmless having no qualms.
qualmy full of qualms.
shillyshally to be indecisive.
skepticism an undecided, inquiring state of mind.
stoiter (Scots) to stagger.
styte (Scots) to stagger; of a fish, to leap above the surface of the water.
suspensive tending to suspend, or to keep in suspense.
suspensively (Adv.) SUSPENSIVE, tending to suspend, or to keep in suspense.
swither (Scots) to be undecided.
tarrow (Scots) to hesitate, be unwilling.
undoubtful not doubtful.
undoubting not doubting.
undoubtingly (Adv.) UNDOUBTING, not doubting.
vacillatingly (Adv.) VACILLATING.
vacillation an act or instance of vacillating.