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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

assay a test, a trial; (verb) to put to the proof, to make trial of.
assayable that may be assayed.
assayer one that assays.
attempt to make an effort to do or accomplish.
attemptable that can be attempted.
attempter one who attempts.
benchmark a surveyor's mark cut on rock; (verb) to test by a benchmark.
endeavor to try.
endeavorer one who endeavours.
endeavour to try.
endeavourer one who endeavours.
essay a written composition less elaborate than a dissertation or treatise; an attempt; (verb) to try.
essayer one who essays.
fand (Scots) to try or attempt.
kemp coarse hair (verb) to strive for mastery
outstrive to surpass in striving.
peirastic experimental; tentative.
peirastically (Adv.) PEIRASTIC, experimental.
persevere to continue steadfastly; to keep on striving.
persevering continuing steadfastly.
perseveringly (Adv.) PERSEVERING.
pingle (Scots) to strive, to struggle with difficulties.
pree (Scots) to make a trial of, esp by tasting or kissing.
preeve (Obs.) to prove.
pretest to make a preliminary test of.
preve (Obs.) to prove.
prief (Scots) proof.
priefe (Scots) proof.
prieve to prove, test.
reattempt to attempt again.
restrive to strive anew.
retest to test again.
strive to try hard ) STRIVED, STRIVEN.
striven (PaP.) STRIVE, to try hard.
striver one who strives.
strivingly (Adv.) STRIVING.
subtest a subdivision of a test.
tentative cautious (noun) something done as an experiment or trial
tentatively (Adv.) TENTATIVE, cautious.
test any critical trial (verb) to subject to an examination
testability the ability to be tested.
testee a person undergoing a test.
trial a judicial examination; (verb) to make a trial of.
trialist a person taking part in a trial or test.
triallist a person taking part in a trial or test.
trier one who tries.
trior (Obs.) a trier.
try an attempt; (adj.) choice, purified; (verb) to attempt; to make an effort ) TRIDE.
tryer one who tries.
tryingly (Adv.) TRYING, annoying.
undertake to attempt.